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Will of William Dick Senior from Newfoundland will books volume 4 pages 50-51 probate year 1879

In re William Dick Sr deceased.

Salvage 25th June 1878.     Last will and testament of William Dick the elder of Salvage Bonavista Bay Newfoundland     I William Dick the elder aforesaid being at this present time by Gods good will and pleasure of sound mind & reckellection but poor bodily health do of my own free will and choice on this twenty fifth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy eight, make & direct the following disposals of all my worldly goods property money chattles and all I possess situated at Salvage or elsewhere such disposals to take place after my death but to be of no effect during my lifetime.     First I leave and bequeat my dwelling house together with all the furniture and household stuff (one feather bed excepted which I leave to Ruben son of Richard Dick) also the cabbage garden (so called) attached to my house To Benjamin Dick and Henry Dick sons of my late brother Edward     All other property which I possess I leave equally to the five brothers (viz) Benjamin Dick Richd Dick William Dick John Dick & Henry Dick sons of my brother Edward (late) aforesaid property and premises consisting of boats, nets, stores, stage, flake, cattle, gardens and all other fields & grass ground &c. What money I possess or that be remaining I leave one half of it to my sister Ann Martin or Chrispy the other half I leave to my other sister Martha Quinton less five pounds to be paid to Ann King (my niece) out of the last-named half money to the amount of about one hundred or two hundred pounds, I also direct that Thomas Dick son of the late Ruben Dick shall have means to live on said premises if desirous to do so     In witness hereof I affix my hand & seal. William his X mark & seal Dick (LS)     October 31st 1878.

I the elder William Dick as aforesaid being of sound mind but weaker of bodily health do of my own free will in addition to my former disposition I leave and bequeath to Rebecca Dick (now my nurse) the sum of ten pounds and to Mary Dick my aged sister in law I leave the sum of five pounds currency also ________ Dick daughter of William Dick of John a cripple child I leave the sum of two pounds and to Willm son of Joe Martin or Crespy (also a cripple) I leave the sum of two pound all currency money to be paid to them out of what money I now possess or may have at my death the balance of which I leave to my two sisters as aforesaid, after deducting my funeral expenses- grave stone &c.     Should either or both of my sisters be dead before this comes into opporation my nephews shall have eaqual of their proportion (viz) sisters sons.     Stanly son of Joe Burden Jun is to have a Bible containing my name.     In witness hereof I affix my hand & seal     William his X mark Dick-     In witness we also affix our hands James Burden Sen (LS)     James Burden Jun (LS)

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