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The Census was done in September 1935, and the Age: represents the age at last birthday is calculated for birthdates occuring between Jan. 1 and Aug 31, 1935 only. HH: Household. Comments are mine, made when I noticed differences recorded in the 1921 Census. This was transcribed from the microfilm copy of the 1935 Census at PANL. The information was transcribed by DOMINO HOWSE ~ October 2001. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
HH Surname Given Relation Status Age Comments
1 PERRY Reuben Head Married 48 United Church

PERRY Carry Wife Married 45

PERRY Nellie Daughter Single 17

PERRY Ernest Son Single 15

PERRY Norman Son Single 13

PERRY Thomas Son Single 10

2 HOWSE Joseph Head Married 29 United Church

HOWSE Mary E. Wife Married 20

HOWSE B. Laura Daughter Single 2

HOWSE E. Benjamin Son Single 8 mo.

HOWSE Charles Father Widowed 66 Census 1911, Charles born Oct. 1866

3 PARSONS Thomas Head Married 49 United Church

PARSONS Daisy Wife Married 40

PARSONS Benjamin Son Single 24

PARSONS Joseph K. Son Single 21

PARSONS Clara Daughter Single 19

PARSONS Lucy Daughter Single 17

PARSONS Ellen D. Daughter Single 13

PARSONS Ella B. Daughter Single 11

PARSONS Walter Son Single 7

PARSONS Redvers Son Single 1 mo.

4 HOUSE Alphaeus Head Married 50 Census 1911 gives "Oct. 1883" as date of birth,
while the Methodist Register of Births,
Glovertown, records Oct 10, 1884 as his D.O.B.

HOUSE Sarah Wife Married 48 Census 1911 gave "July 1885" as date of birth,
which indicates Sarah should be 50 on her last
birthday, 1935.

HOUSE Lloyd H. Son Single 20

HOUSE Douglas S. Son Single 18

HOUSE H. Martin Son Single 16

HOUSE Esther Daughter Single 14

HOUSE Vernard Son Single 12

HOUSE Charles G. Son Single 10

5 PARSONS Benjamin Head Married 48 United Church

PARSONS Eliza Wife Married 46

PARSONS Robert Son Single 14

PARSONS Baxter Son Single 19

PAYNE Selina Mother -in-Law Widow 77

6 PAYNE James Head Married 72 United Church

PAYNE Naomi Wife Married 68 Naomi born Nov. 1865, 1921 Census

PAYNE Wilson Head Married 33

PAYNE Bride Wife Married 29

PAYNE Hilda Daughter Single 8

PAYNE Miriam D. Daughter Single 6

PAYNE Dulcie Daughter Single 4

PAYNE Ida Jane Daughter Single 1

7 WELLS Benjamin Head Married 52 Salvation Army

WELLS Miriam S. Wife Married 51

WELLS James Son Single 23

WELLS Robert Son Single 18

8 WELLS Reginald Head Married 39 Salvation Army

WELLS Elizabeth Wife Married 39

WELLS Gertrude Daughter Single 18

WELLS Lucy Daughter Single 16

WELLS Benjamin Son Single 11

WELLS H. James Son Single 9

WELLS Howard Son Single 6

WELLS James Father Widowed 76

9 CHEEKS Thomas Head Married 42 United Church

CHEEKS Kathleen Wife Married 42

CHEEKS William Son Single 18

CHEEKS Frank Son Single 17

CHEEKS John Son Single 15

CHEEKS Jane Daughter Single 13

CHEEKS Harry Son Single 10

CHEEKS Gerald Son Single 8

WELLS Gerard Step-father Widowed 83

10 WARREN Job Head Married 36 United Church

WARREN Mary E. Wife Married 35

WARREN David son Single 6

WARREN Meta P. Daughter Single 1

WARREN Jonas Father Widowed 77

11 WARREN Samuel Head Married 49 United Church

WARREN Lily Wife Married 41

WARREN George Son Single 13

WARREN Blanche Daughter Single 10

12 SWEETAPPLE Japeth Head Married 69 United Church

SWEETAPPLE Selinana Wife Married 62

SWEETAPPLE Elbert (Albert) Son Single 32

SWEETAPPLE Kenneth Head Married 28

SWEETAPPLE Charlotte Wife Married 24

SWEETAPPLE Annie F. Daughter Single 9 mo.

13 SWEETAPPLE Benjamin Head Married 39 United Church

SWEETAPPLE Ellen Wife Married 40

SWEETAPPLE Raymond Son Single 12

SWEETAPPLE Clarence Son Single 8

SWEETAPPLE Thomas Son Single 5

SWEETAPPLE Susie Daughter Single 2 mo.

14 PERRY Robert Head Married 55 S. A.., Robert born Sept 1878, 1921 Census

PERRY Leah Wife Married 52

PERRY John Son Single 20

PERRY Edgar Son Single 15

14 PERRY Dawson Head Married 28 United Church

PERRY Violet Wife Married 25

PERRY Robert Son Single 2

PERRY Douglas Son Single 1

15 PERRY Arthur Head Married 26 Salvation Army

PERRY Effie Wife Married 23

PERRY Joan Daughter Single 3

16 WARREN Charles Head Married 50 United Church

WARREN Leah Wife Married 47

WARREN Alfred Son Single 21

WARREN John Son Single 19

WARREN Lizzie Daughter Single 15

WARREN C.Abraham Son Single 9

WARREN Flossie L. Daughter Single 5

WARREN Susannah Daughter Single 2

17 WELLS William Head Married 42 United Church

WELLS Effie Wife Married 29

WELLS Gladstone Son Single 4

WELLS Winny F. Son Single 1

18 SAMSON James Head Married 46 Church of England

SAMSON Caroline Wife Married 42

SAMSON Pheobe Daughter Single 13

SAMSON Lucy Daughter Single 12

SAMSON Effie G. Daughter Single 5

SAMSON Emily Daughter Single 2

SAMSON Clara H. Daughter Single 2 mo.

JACOBS Lucy Mother Widow 72

19 WELLS Edric Head Married 37 United Church

WELLS Daisy B Wife Married 35

WELLS Eugene Son Single 14

WELLS Alma Daughter Single 12

WELLS Evelyn Daughter Single 9

WELLS Stella Daughter Single 7

WELLS Colin Son Single 2

WELLS Ada Daughter Single 1

WELLS Robert Father Widowed 64

20 DENTY Joseph Head Married 37 Salvation Army

DENTY Lizzie Wife Married 33

DENTY Hubert Son Single 11

DENTY William Son Single 7

21 DENTY Jessie Head Widow 64 Salvation Army

DENTY Caleb Son Single 30

DENTY Cecil Son Single 26

DENTY Louis Son Single 24

DENTY Garland Son Single 19

22 PARSONS Martin Head Married 53 United Church

PARSONS Irene Wife Married 50

PARSONS Frederick W. Son Single 29

PARSONS John. H. Son Single 24

PARSONS Llewellyn Son Single 23

PARSONS Myrtle Daughter Single 21

PARSONS Ethel B. Daughter Single 19

PARSONS Percie Son Single 17

PARSONS Alphaeus Son Single 15

PARSONS Guy F. Son Single 13

PARSONS Arthur Son Single 11

PARSONS Louis Son Single 8

PARSONS Harriett Mother Widow 76

23 PARSONS Edward Head Married 54 United Church

PARSONS Ellen Wife Married 53

PARSONS Maxwell Son Single 29

PARSONS Philip Son Single 25

PARSONS Ida Daughter Single 22

PARSONS James Son Single 20

PARSONS Sarah A. Daughter Single 17

24 PARSONS William Head Married 71 Salvation Army

PARSONS Lucy Wife Married 70

PARSONS Sylvester Cousin Single 44

25 BUTT Peter Head Married 54 United Church

BUTT Martha J. Wife Married 52

BUTT B. Grace Daughter Single 20

26 WELLS Alfred Head Married 38 Salvation Army

WELLS Emma Wife Married 31

WELLS Harold Son Single 9

WELLS Blanche Daughter Single 8

WELLS Cecil Son Single 7

WELLS Louis Son Single 3

WELLS Edgar Son Single 2

27 PERRY Baxter Head Married 37 United Church

PERRY Ida Jane Wife Married 36

PERRY Bessie Daughter Single 14

PERRY Arthur Son Single 12

PERRY Jeremiah Son Single 9

PERRY Clyde W. Son Single 6

PERRY Sophie J. Daughter Single 2

28 PERRY Gerald Head Married 48 Salvation Army

PERRY Jane Wife Married 43

PERRY E. Malcolm Son Single 21

PERRY B. Eileen Daughtrer Single 8

PERRY Eva M. Daughtrer Single 7

29 PERRY Peter Head Married 40 Salvation Army

PERRY Janet Wife Married 40

PERRY Joseph Brother Single 54

30 PERRY Noah Head Married 55 Salvation Army

PERRY Sarah Wife Married 47

PERRY Harry Son Single 24

PERRY Josie Daughter Single 21

PERRY John Son Single 18

PERRY Elias Son Single 14 twin

PERRY Walter Son Single 14 twin

31 PERRY Frederick Head Married 36 Salvation Army

PERRY Maggie Wife Married 37

PERRY Charles Son Single 13

PERRY Matilda Daughter Single 10

PERRY Margaret Daughter Single 6

PERRY William Son Single 3

PERRY Thomas Brother Single 37

32 OSBOURNE George Head Married 47 United Church

OSBOURNE Agnes Wife Married 50

OSBOURNE James Son Single 19

OSBOURNE Grace Daughter Single 11

OSBOURNE Randolph Son Single 7

33 PARSONS Andrew Head Married 40 Salvation Army

PARSONS Elizabeth Wife Married 44

PARSONS Tobias Son Single 23

PARSONS Earl Son Single 17

PARSONS Yvonne Daughter Single 13

PARSONS Russell Son Single 9

34 PARSONS Manuel Head Married 26 United Church

PARSONS Winnie Wife Married 22

PARSONS Raymond Brother Single 28

35 WELLS Darius Head Married 62 Salvation Army

WELLS Mary Jane Wife Married 56 Mary Jane born June 1874, 1921 Census

WELLS Kater Son Single 31

WELLS Thomas Son Single 23

36 WELLS Frederick Head Married 29 Salvation Army

WELLS Mildred Wife Married 33

WELLS Carletta Daughter Single 10

WELLS William James Son Single 8

WELLS Ivy Daphne Daughter Single 5

37 OSBOURNE Martin Head Married 41 United Church

OSBOURNE Mary Wife Married 37

OSBOURNE Edgar John Son Single 17

OSBOURNE Elizabeth Daughter Single 15

OSBOURNE Edward Son Single 13

OSBOURNE Frederick Son Single 11

OSBOURNE William G. Son Single 6

38 OSBOURNE Fred Head Widowed 74 Church of England

OSBOURNE John Son Single 43

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
PERRY #27 PERRY household should read Jemimah [daughter] not Jeremiah [son]. This is my sister. Martha Taylor [Perry]
PARSONS Thank You so much for all your efforts with the geneology web sites. I have now bwwn able to trace the Parsons line back to 1853. #34: Manuel and Winnie Parsons are not married but rather brother and sister. Neil Parsons

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