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1945 Census

Gooseberry Islands

It is the last census done for Gooseberry Islands. Its population had peaked in the census of 1891 with just under 400 residents. In 1911 it had a population of 237. That remained fairly stable until the census of 1935, when it had a population of 227. The Second World War brought a shift in employment from the usual occupation, fishing. By the end of the War, and the Census of 1945, the population was cut in half, with only 117 people in 20 households, remaining on both North and South Gooseberry Islands. Seven of these adults were already over 70 years of age, while there were just 8 children 5 years and under. During the next two years, 1946-'48, before Confederation with Canada in 1949, the last residents moved off the Islands to Glovertown, Hare Bay, and Middle Brook, in Bonavista Bay, as well as to Corner Brook and beyond. This was transcribed from the microfilm copy of the 1935 Census at PANL.
The information was transcribed by DOMINO HOWSE ~ October 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
1 PAYNE James Head Married 82 This Household moved to Hare Bay

PAYNE Naomi Wife Married 77

PAYNE Wilson Head Married 43

PAYNE Bridie Wife Married 39

PAYNE Hilda Daughter Single 18

PAYNE Dulcie Daughter Single 14

PAYNE Ida Daughter Single 11

PAYNE Wilson J. Son Single 9

PAYNE Lizzie Daughter Single 6

PAYNE Robert Son Single 1

2 WARREN Job Head Married 46 Family moved to Hare Bay

WARREN Mary Wife Married 36

WARREN David Son Single 17

WARREN Meta R. Daughter Single 11

WARREN Mary A. Daughter Single 9

WARREN Lillian M. Daughter Single 5

WARREN Jonas Father Widowed 87

3 SWEETAPPLE Albert Head Married 42 Family moved to Glovertown

SWEETAPPLE Charlotte Wife Married 35 Second Marriage for Charlotte. See 1935 Census

SWEETAPPLE Annie Step-Daughter Single 11

SWEETAPPLE Eldon Son Single 6

SWEETAPPLE Pheobe Daughter Single 4

SWEETAPPLE Susanna Mother Widow 72

CARAVAN Isaac Boarder Single 17 U.C. Teacher

4 SWEETAPPLE Benjamin Head Married 49 Family moved to Glovertown

SWEETAPPLE Ellen Wife Married 50

SWEETAPPLE Clarence Son Single 19

SWEETAPPLE Thomas Son Single 15

SWEETAPPLE Susie Daughter Single 10

SWEETAPPLE Gertrude Daughter Single 8

5 HOLLOWAY Philip S Head Married 70

HOLLOWAY Susanna Wife Married 38

HOLLOWAY Lydia Daughter Single 8

HOLLOWAY Elfreda Daughter Single 6

6 WARREN Charles Head Married 60 Family moved to Middle Brook

WARREN Lydia Wife Married 57

WARREN John Son Single 28

WARREN Abraham Son Single 19

WARREN Flossie L. Daughter Single 14

WARREN Susie Daughter Single 12

7 DENTY Joseph Head Married 48 Family moved to Glovertown

DENTY Lizzie Wife Married 43

DENTY Herbert Son Single 21

DENTY Willie R. Son Single 10

DENTY Walter G. Son Single 5

8 SAMSON James Head Married 57

SAMSON Caroline Wife Married 53

SAMSON Pheobe Daughter Single 24

SAMSON Lucy C. Daughter Single 23

SAMSON Gladys Daughter Single 16

SAMSON Emily Daughter Single 12

9 PARSONS Edward Head Married 64

PARSONS Ellen Wife Married 62

PARSONS Maxwell Son Single 40

PARSONS James Son Single 30

PARSONS Annie Daughter Single 28

PARSONS Philip Son Married 35

PARSONS Josephene Daughter - in - law Married 31

10 PARSONS William Head Married 82

PARSONS Lucy Wife Married 79

PARSONS Hubert Head Married 38

PARSONS Flora Wife Married 42

PARSONS Ellen J. Daughter Single 8

PARSONS Sylvester Brother of William Single 54

PARSONS Lewis Nephew of William Single 28

11 BUTT Peter Head Married 65

BUTT Martha Wife Married 62

BUTT Beatrice Daughter Single 30

BUTT Shirley Grand-daughter Single 9

12 PERRY Gerald Head Married 58 Family moved to Glovertown

PERRY Jane Wife Married 53

PERRY Malcolm Son Single 31

PERRY Hilane (Eileen) Daughter Single 18 "Eileen" is my Spelling of the name

PERRY Eva Daughter Single 16

13 PERRY Peter Head Single 50

PERRY Joseph Brother Single 63

PERRY Kenneth Cousin Single 51

14 PERRY Noah Head Widowed 67

PERRY John Son Single 27

PERRY Elias Son Single 23 Twin

PERRY Walter Son Single 23 Twin

15 PERRY Harry Head Married 34 Family moved to Glovertown

PERRY Harriett Wife Married 30

PERRY Harry J. Son Single 9

16 PERRY Thomas Head Married 38 Family moved to Glovertown

PERRY Winnie Wife Married 31

PERRY Raymond Son Single 6

PERRY Effie Daughter Single 4

PERRY Bramwell Son Single 1

PERRY Donald Son Single 2 MO.

PARSONS Raymond Lodger Single 38

17 PARSONS Andrew Head Married 52 Family moved to Hare Bay

PARSONS Elizabeth Wife Married 55

PARSONS Earl C. Son Single 28

PARSONS Dorothy E. Daughter Single 23

PARSONS Andrew R. Son Single 19

18 WELLS Thomas Head Married 34

WELLS Ida Wife Married 32

WELLS Cater Brother Single 41 Name spelled "Kater" in 1935 Census

WELLS Mary J. Mother Widow 68

19 OSBORNE Martin Head Married 49 Second marriage for both Martin and Carry, hence the family has his children, her children from previous marriages, and their childrenborn since 1935.

OSBORNE Carry Wife Married 38

OSBORNE Edward Son Single 24 See Census 1935

OSBORNE Fred Son Single 20 See Census 1935

OSBORNE Wm. Gordon Son Single 17 See Census 1935

JANES Serrel (Cyril) Step-son Single 18 "Cyril" is my spelling of the name

JANES Lewis Step-son Single 19

JANES Wilfred Step-son Single 9

JANES Vera Step-daughter Single 12

OSBORNE Howard Son Single 1

OSBORNE Gerald S Single 3 mo.

20 OSBORNE John Head Married 52

OSBORNE Effie M. Wife Married 39 Second marriage for both John and Effie M.

OSBORNE Tobias Son Single 4

WELLS Douglas Step-son Single 15

WELLS Winnie J. Step-daughter Single 11

WELLS Reta Doris Step-daughter Single 8

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