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Glovertown - Methodist Church Baptism Records, 1883-1892


The United Church in Glovertown burned down in 1946 with all records being burnt. PANL has the only records from 1883 to 1892. The United Church Archives doesn't even have these records. We were very lucky to have PANL copy recorded before it burned.

These records were read, recorded and transcribed by DANNY ROBERTS, September 1999. The records were completed in April 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

1Wednesday, May 16, 1883MGlovertownAboahWellsThomas and Dorcas WellsWednesday, September 19, 1883Glovertown
2Saturday, July 07, 1883MGlovertownLouisBurryLevi and Alice Maud BurryThursday, September 20, 1883Glovertown
3Saturday, September 22, 1883MGlovertownHelikiahRalphHenry William and Edith RalphMonday, September 24, 1883Glovertown
4Monday, October 15, 1883FBloom CoveLucyHeffertonFred and Emeline HeffertonSunday, November 11, 1883Bloom Cove
5Friday, September 07, 1883MBloom CoveElihanHeffertonJohn and Elizabeth HeffertonSunday, November 11, 1883Bloom Cove
6Wednesday, February 07, 1883MBloomCoveEbenzer KennethHeffertonHenry and Mary Ann HeffertonSunday, November 11, 1883Bloom Cove
7Thursday, October 18, 1883MBloom CoveHenryHapgoodElizabeth (Illegimate) HapgoodSunday, November 11, 1883Bloom Cove
8Saturday, March 04, 1882MHappy AdvertureHenry AlbertPowellRobert and Naomi Ann PowellMonday, November 12, 1883Happy Adverture
9Saturday, September 15, 1883MFlat IslandMoses S. WhitewayButtEdwin Augustus and Charlotte ButtSunday, November 18, 1883Flat Island
10Thursday, September 13, 1883FFlat IslandHannah SaintButtJoshua and Elizabeth ButtSunday, November 18, 1883Flat Island
11Tuesday, October 30, 1883MGlovertownAlpheausSparkesJacob and Priscilla SparkesWednesday, December 05, 1883Glovertown
12Saturday, December 01, 1883MHappy AdvertureWilliamHaywardJames and Elizabeth HaywardTuesday, January 01, 1884Happy Adventure
13Wednesday, December 26, 1883FGooseberry IslandIreneHouseWilliam and Eliza HouseSunday, March 09, 1884Gooseberry Island
14Wednesday, November 07, 1883MGooseberry islandCater JamesHouseJob and Harriett HouseSunday, March 09, 1884Gooseberry Island
15Friday, November 23, 1883FGooseberry IslandSarah DoraWellsRobert and Susannah WellsSunday, March 09, 1884Gooseberry Island
16Wednesday, January 23, 1884MGlovertownNabothArnoldJohn and Maria Ann ArnoldFriday, April 04, 1884Glovertown
17Thursday, October 25, 1883FGlovertownSarah JaneDiamondWilliam and Kenia DiamondFriday, April 04, 1884Glovertown
18Friday, July 11, 1884FGooseberry IslandJulia AnnWarrenJames and Jane WarrenSunday, August 10, 1884Gooseberry Island
19Monday, July 21, 1884FGlovertownElizaArnoldThomas and Ellen ArnoldSunday, August 31, 1884Glovertown
20Sunday, June 15, 1884FGlovertownTyphenaArnoldJames and Eliza ArnoldSunday, September 14, 1884Glovertown
21Tuesday, September 02, 1884FGlovertownLouisaBurryLevi and Alice Maud BurryMonday, September 15, 1884Glovertown
22Tuesday, March 18, 1884MGlovertownNathan WillyRoachVictor and Alice RoachMonday, September 15, 1884Glovertown
23Monday, November 10, 1884MGlovertownEzekielSparkesWilliam and Julia SparkesMonday, September 15, 1884Glovertown
24Thursday, June 08, 1882MGlovertownLlewelynSparkesWilliam and Julia SparkesMonday, September 15, 1884Glovertown
25Tuesday, September 02, 1884MFlat IslandWilliam HenryButtMoses and (Susannah) ButtSunday, October 19, 1884Flat Island
26Friday, October 10, 1884MHappy AdvertureHedleyPowellRobert and Naomi PowellTuesday, October 28, 1884Happy Adverture
27Friday, October 10, 1884MGooseberry islandAlpheausHouseEmily Jane House (Illegimate)Sunday, November 16, 1884Gooseberry Island
28Thursday, September 04, 1884MGooseberry IslandErnest JohnPerryHenry and Lucy Ann PerrySunday, November 16, 1884Gooseberry Island
29Sunday, October 26, 1884MFlat islandJohn CharlesPikeRobert and Ann PikeSunday, December 07, 1884Flat Island
30Monday, September 29, 1884MGlovertownRowlandGengeSamuel and Maria GengeMonday, December 15, 1884Glovertown
31Thursday, December 04, 1884MGlovertownGeorgeButtWilliam Garland and Sarah ButtMonday, December 15, 1884Glovertown
32Monday, October 13, 1884FGlovertownMary AnnStroudJohn and Priscilla StroudTuesday, December 30, 1884Glovertown
33Sunday, December 14, 1884FGlovertownEsthelNoseworthyJonahan and Mary Ann NoseworthyMonday, January 12, 1885Glovertown
34Sunday, August 17, 1884FGooseberry IslandRebeccaWellsGeorge and Susannah WellsSunday, February 22, 1885Gooseberry Island
35Friday, November 21, 1884FGooseberry IslandJaneSweetappleJohn and Mary SweetappleSunday, February 22, 1885Gooseberry Island
36Saturday, December 27, 1884FHappy AdvertureJanePowellHenry and Susanna PowellSunday, February 22, 1885Happy Adverture
37Sunday, June 08, 1884MHappy AdvertureRichardPowellJames and Rosanna PowellSaturday, May 02, 1885Happy Adverture
38Tuesday, March 03, 1885MGlovertownJabeyArnoldWilliam and Flora ArnoldSunday, May 17, 1885Glovertown
39Friday, September 04, 1885FDeer IslandMatilda JanePaulGeorge and Mary PaulFriday, October 23, 1885Deer Island
40Wednesday, July 29, 1885MGooseberry IslandNathanWarrenEli and Mary Ann WarrenFriday, October 23, 1885Gooseberry Island
41Friday, February 13, 1885MFlat IslandEliasHouseCharles and Sarah HouseFriday, October 23, 1885Flat Island
42Monday, June 15, 1885FFlat IslandBeatrice MaryButtAugustus and Charlotte ButtSunday, October 25, 1885Flat Island
43Sunday, August 02, 1885MFlat IslandMarkButtJoshua and Elizabeth ButtSunday, October 25, 1885Flat Island
44Sunday, August 02, 1885FFlat IslandEmmaButtJoshua and Elizabeth ButtSunday, October 25, 1885Flat Island
45Monday, July 07, 1879FBarron HarbourLaura JaneCrockerAlexander and Emiline CrockerThursday, November 19, 1885Little Barron Hbr
46Saturday, July 04, 1885FLittle Barron HarbourSarahHeffertonJohn and Elizabeth HeffertonSunday, November 22, 1885Little Barron Hbr
47Wednesday, December 30, 1885MGlovertownSydneyArnoldJohn and Mary Ann ArnoldWednesday, December 30, 1885Glovertown

Glovertown(Stillborn)CrewSolomon Crew
49Tuesday, December 01, 1885FGlovertownDeborahBreffettHippolet and Matilda BreffettTuesday, March 16, 1886Glovertown
50Wednesday, March 03, 1886MTraytownCharlesGrantJohn Alex and Caroline GrantTuesday, March 16, 1886Glovertown
51Thursday, May 27, 1886MGooseberry IslandReuben WayPerryHenry and Lucy PerryThursday, September 30, 1886Gooseberry Island
52Tuesday, April 27, 1886MGooseberry IslandSamuel GordonWarrenJames and Mary Ann WarrenThursday, September 30, 1886Gooseberry Island
53Monday, October 24, 1870FGooseberry IslandSophiaOsborneJohn and Annie OsborneWednesday, February 10, 1886Gooseberry Island
54Sunday, January 10, 1886MGooseberry IslandEdwardOsborneFred and Elizabeth OsborneMonday, October 04, 1886Gooseberry Island
55Monday, July 27, 1885MLittle Barron HbrJohnHeffertonHenry and Mary Ann HeffertonSunday, January 10, 1886Little Barron Hbr
56Sunday, August 16, 1885FLittle Barrow HbrJessie EllenHeffertonFredic and Emiline HeffertonSunday, January 10, 1886Little Barron Hbr
57Monday, July 26, 1886MGlovertownWilliam LodgeDiamondWilliam and Kenzia DiamondMonday, October 25, 1886Glovertown
58Saturday, June 12, 1886FGlovertownLucy JaneSparkesJacob and Prcillia SparkesThursday, October 28, 1886Glovertown
59Sunday, September 26, 1886FHappy AdvertureAmy AnnPowellRobert and Naomi PowellSunday, November 07, 1886Happy Adverture
60Wednesday, November 03, 1886FLittle Barron HbrEmilineCrockerWilliam and Caroline CrockerWednesday, November 10, 1886Little Barron Hbr
61Saturday, September 11, 1886MDeer IslandJamesFelthamJohn and Eliazbeth FelthamMonday, November 29, 1886Deer Island
62Sunday, October 24, 1886FGlovertownIsbelleBreffettRichard and Lydia BreffettSunday, December 19, 1886Glovertown
63Sunday, December 05, 1886MGlovertownHenry HilyardArnoldThomas and Ellen ArnoldTuesday, December 21, 1886Glovertown
64Friday, September 04, 1885FGooseberry islandEliza JaneSweetappleWilliam and Lydia SweetappleTuesday, February 16, 1886Gooseberry Island
65Wednesday, October 27, 1886MGlovertownFrancisNoseworthyJonathan and Mary NoseworthyTuesday, December 21, 1886Glovertown
66Monday, May 19, 1986FGlovertownEmily AnnBurryLevi and Alice Maud BurryWednesday, December 22, 1886Glovertown
67Sunday, September 05, 1886FGlovertownJessie ElizaArnoldJames and Eliza ArnoldWednesday, December 22, 1886Glovertown
68Wednesday, September 08, 1886MFlats IslandEdgarButtMoses and Susannah ButtTuesday, November 23, 1886Glovertown
69Friday, February 18, 1887FFlats IslandJuliaButtAugustus and Charlotte ButtMonday, March 28, 1887Glovertown
70Monday, September 06, 1886MGlovertownAlexanderGengeSamuel and Maria GengeWednesday, April 06, 1887Glovertown
71Sunday, April 17, 1887MGooseberry IslandElezenerJanesAmbose aand Sarah Jane JanesThursday, May 12, 1887Gooseberry Island
72Sunday, August 08, 1886MHappy AdvertureCharlesHaywardJames and Elizabeth HaywardSunday, May 22, 1887Happy Adverture
73Thursday, August 12, 1886MHappy AdvertureFrancisPowellJames and Rosanna PowellMonday, May 23, 1887Happy Adverture
74Friday, May 20, 1887MBloom CoveGilbertHeffertonFrederick and Emiline HeffertonWednesday, August 03, 1887Bloom Cove
75Wednesday, June 29, 1887MGooseberry IslandLlewelynTaylorThomas and Ellen TaylorSunday, August 28, 1887Gooseberry Island
76Monday, June 27, 1887FGooseberry IslandJaneHouseCharles and Sarah HouseSunday, August 28, 1887Gooseberry Island
77Thursday, June 09, 1887MGooseberry IslandGerardPerrySamuel and Horner PerryWednesday, August 31, 1887Gosseberry Island
78Saturday, August 27, 1887MGooseberry IslandJohn CharlesPerryJoseph and Mary PerryFriday, September 02, 1887Gooseberry Island
79Friday, June 03, 1887MGlovertownRichard WilfredArnoldWilliam and Flora ArnoldFriday, September 16, 1887Glovertown

Deer Island(Stillborn)Feltham ? And ? FelthamFriday, December 02, 1887Deer Island
81Friday, February 24, 1888FFlat IslandSarah AnnButtBartholenow and Louisa ButtThursday, March 29, 1888Flat Island
82Sunday, October 10, 1886MGooseberry IslandGeorgeSweetappleJohn and Mary SweetappleSunday, December 23, 1888Gooseberry Island
83Thursday, December 01, 1887MGooseberry IslandLewisSweetappleElijah and Johanna SweetappleSunday, May 13, 1888Goseberry Island
84Saturday, February 11, 1888MFlat IslandHenry JamesPikeRobert and Ann PikeSunday, May 13, 1888Flat Island
85Saturday, February 11, 1888FGooseberry IslandVirtue AnnePerryHenry and Louise Perry(Lucy Ann)Sunday, February 19, 1888Gooseberry Island
86Saturday, February 11, 1888MBloom CoveWilliam J.HeffertonAlexander and Caroline HeffertonWednesday, August 08, 1888Bloom Cove
87Saturday, February 11, 1888FGlovertownDoreenHawkinsEdward and Margaret HawkinsTuesday, August 21, 1888Glovertown
88Saturday, February 11, 1888MGlovertownAlfredHawkesEdward and Margaret HawkesTuesday, August 21, 1888Glovertown
89Wednesday, June 22, 1887MGlovertownAlexanderButtGarland and S. Hanna ButtTuesday, August 21, 1888Glovertown
90Saturday, May 22, 1886MGlovertownAbiSparkesWilliam and Julia SparkesWednesday, August 22, 1888Glovertown
91Wednesday, May 20, 1885FGlovertownBarbara H.SparkesWilliam and Julia SparkesWednesday, August 22, 1888Glovertown
92Sunday, January 01, 1888FThimble CoveEdith B.ArnoldJames and Eliza ArnoldWednesday, August 22, 1888Timble Cove
93Monday, June 18, 1888FThimble CoveBeatrice Mary(Sparkes)?James and Lucy Ann (Sparkes) ?Wednesday, August 22, 1888Timble Cove
94Thursday, October 11, 1888MThimble CoveWilliamArnoldGeorge and Fanny ArnoldWednesday, August 22, 1888Timble Cove
95Thursday, November 22, 1888MThimble Cove(Pinay ?)/PercyArnoldJohn and Mary Ann ArnoldWednesday, August 22, 1888Timble Cove
96Saturday, July 28, 1888MTraytownJohn A.GrantJohn A. and Caroline GrantFriday, August 24, 1888Traytown
97Wednesday, February 22, 1888FTraytownSarah E.RoachVictor and Alice RoachFriday, August 24, 1888Traytown
98Saturday, May 05, 1888MTraytownWilliam GarlandGengeSamuel and Maria GengeFriday, August 24, 1888Traytown
99Wednesday, August 03, 1887MGlovertownDaniel G(arfield).BurryLevi and Alice Maud BurrySaturday, August 25, 1888Glovertown
100Friday, August 03, 1888MHappy Adverture(Elihu ?)PowellHenry and Susannah PowellSunday, September 02, 1888Happy Adverture
101Friday, June 15, 1888FHappy AdvertureElizabethPowellRobert and Naomi Ann PowellSunday, September 02, 1888Happy Avderture
102Wednesday, October 19, 1887MBroom CoveEdward J.HeffertonJohn and Elizabeth HeffertonWednesday, September 05, 1888Broom Cove
103Wednesday, July 21, 1886FBroom CoveMinie J.HeffertonArthur and Caroline HeffertonFriday, September 07, 1888Broom Cove
104Sunday, June 10, 1888FDeer Island(Robie?) A.GloverJoseph and Susannah GloverTuesday, September 18, 1888Deer Island
105Tuesday, August 14, 1888FDeer IslandLucy J.PaulJonah and Emma PaulTuesday, September 18, 1888Deer Island
106Sunday, October 03, 1886MDog Cove ??JosephBrownRobert and Julia BrownSunday, September 02, 1888<-- ??
107Sunday, June 10, 1888MDeer IslandJosephGloverJoseph and Susannah GloverTuesday, September 18, 1888Deer Island
108Sunday, October 03, 1886FGooseberry Is.Edith BlancheWarrenJonas and Mary Ann WarrenSunday, November 04, 1888Gooseberry Island
109Sunday, October 03, 1886FGooseberry Is.J. AmeliaWellsJames and Lydia WellsSunday, December 16, 1888Gooseberry Island
110Sunday, October 03, 1886MGooseberry Is.Absolem J.HouseJob and Harriett HouseSunday, January 13, 1889Gooseberry Island
111Sunday, September 09, 1888MGooseberry Is.CharlesHowseAlbert and Priscilla HowseFriday, January 25, 1889Gooseberry Island
112Sunday, September 09, 1888FDeer IslandSarahFelthamJohn and Eliza FelthamSunday, April 14, 1889Deer Island
113Monday, December 17, 1888FDeer Island?LydiaBurtonMary Jane Oram (Illegate)Sunday, April 14, 1889Deer Island ?
114Thursday, February 14, 1889MGlovertown?William(Glen)?Daniel and Eliza (Glen)?Monday, April 22, 1889Glovertown ?
115Friday, February 01, 1889FGlovertown?PriscillaSparkesJacob and Priscilla SparkesMonday, April 22, 1889Glovertown ?
116Thursday, January 17, 1889FGlovertown?Hellena(Gulliksen)?Augustus and Mary (Gulliksen)?Saturday, April 27, 1889Glovertown ?
117Friday, February 01, 1889FGlovertown?Elsie EdwardaBurryLevi and Alice Maud BurrySunday, April 28, 1889Glovertown ?
118Thursday, October 06, 1887FGlovertown?MaryDiamondWilliam and Kenzia DiamondWednesday, October 09, 1889Glovertown ?
119Sunday, October 21, 1888?Flat Island ?(Hesler)?ButtE. Augustus and Charlotte ButtSunday, January 06, 1889Flat Island ?
120Sunday, March 25, 1888FGooseberry Is?ElizabethTaylorLevi and Anna TaylorMonday, November 04, 1889Goosberry Is. ?
121Wednesday, November 28, 1888MLittle Barrow Hbr?Richard(Crocker)William and Caroline (Crocker)Thursday, May 09, 1889Little Barrow Hbr?
122Wednesday, September 01, 1886FLittle Barrow Hbr?SusanHapgoodJohn and Ann HapgoodThursday, May 09, 1889Little Barrow Hbr?
123Wednesday, September 01, 1886?Little Barrow Hbr?( ? )HeffertonHenry and (Mary Ann)? HeffertonThursday, May 09, 1889Little Barrow Hbr?
124Monday, October 15, 1888FHappy Adverture?MaryHaywardJames and Elizabeth HaywardSunday, May 12, 1889Happy Adverture?
?Deer Island ?( ? )FelthamAlsolom and (Sic) ? FelthamThursday, May 02, 1889Deer Island ?
?Deer Island( ? )FelthamAbel and Mary FelthamThursday, May 02, 1889Deer Island
127Thursday, January 24, 1889MGooseberry Is.GeorgeGilbertThomas and Rosanna GilbertWednesday, February 06, 1889Gooseberry Is.
FGooseberry Is.BeatriceHouseGeorge and Amelia Jane HouseThursday, May 02, 1889Gooseberry is.
129Monday, May 20, 1889MGooseberry Is.JohnTaylorThomas and Ellen TaylorSunday, August 04, 1889Gooseberry Island
130Thursday, May 16, 1889FGooseberry Is.EuniceWellsRobert and Susannah WellsSunday, August 04, 1889Gooseberry island
131Thursday, June 20, 1889FBragg IslandAvelineLaneIsreal and Abigail LaneThursday, October 10, 1889Bragg Island
132Tuesday, April 23, 1889MBragg islandDavidGloverJames and Mary GloverThursday, October 10, 1889Bragg island
133Saturday, March 02, 1889MDeer IslandJames E.RogersRichard and Barbara RogersThursday, October 10, 1889Deer Island
134Monday, September 23, 1889FDeer IslandJessieFelthamPeter and Emily FelthamThursday, October 10, 1889Deer island
135Thursday, June 20, 1889FGooseberry Is.ElizabethPerryHenry and Honor PerrySunday, October 13, 1889Gooseberry Island
136Wednesday, August 07, 1889MGooseberry Is.JosephHouseRobert and Louisa HouseWednesday, October 16, 1889Gooseberry Island
137Tuesday, August 27, 1889MGooseberry Is.GilesSaundersJames and Sarah SaundersSaturday, October 19, 1889Gooseberry Island
138Monday, August 19, 1889FGlovertownJosephineBreffettRobert and Elizabeth BreffettFriday, October 25, 1889Glovertown
139Sunday, March 10, 1889FThimble CoveLydiaArnoldJohn and Mary Ann ArnoldTuesday, October 29, 1889Glovertown
140Thursday, August 29, 1889FGlovertownEdnaDaimondWilliam and Kenzia DiamondTuesday, October 29, 1889Glovertown
141Friday, November 01, 1889FBroom CoveLydiaHeffertonJohn and Elizabeth HeffertonFriday, November 01, 1889Broom Cove
142Saturday, March 09, 1889MSalvageFrederickSquireIsaac and Saraah Eliza SquireMonday, November 04, 1889Salvage
143Sunday, October 27, 1889MDog CoveIsaacBrownRobert and Julia W. BrownThursday, November 07, 1889Dog Cove
144Wednesday, August 21, 1889MGooseberry Is.Arthur W.WarrenEli and Mary Ann WarrenMonday, November 11, 1889Gooseberry Is.
145Wednesday, November 13, 1889FFlat IslandAnnaititiaButtBartholowen and Laura ButtFriday, November 22, 1889Flat Island
146Friday, May 28, 1886MGlovertownGordonCrewSolomon and Elizabeth CrewThursday, December 26, 1889Glovertown
147Friday, August 02, 1889MGlovertownNormanCrewSolomon and Elizabeth CrewThursday, December 26, 1889Glovertown
148Wednesday, December 04, 1889MTraytownEdward E.ArnoldThomas and Ellen ArnoldFriday, December 27, 1889Glovertown
149Saturday, December 14, 1889FThimble CoveEmily J.ArnoldJames and Eliza ArnoldTuesday, December 31, 1889Glovertown
150Friday, December 13, 1889FGlovertownClara M.BreffittHipolite and Matilda BreffitTuesday, December 31, 1889Glovertown
151Tuesday, February 04, 1890FDeer IslandScharletTiteJohn and Emily Jane TiteTuesday, February 25, 1890Deers Island
152Thursday, March 20, 1890MBragg IslandKennethFelthamJohn and Eliza. FelthamWednesday, April 30, 1890Bragg Island
153Thursday, March 06, 1890FDeers Is.ElizabethPaulGeorge and Mary PaulSunday, May 04, 1890Deers Island
154Monday, February 03, 1890FTraytownBeatriceRalphH. William and Edith RalphFriday, May 09, 1890Glovertown
155Wednesday, January 29, 1890MTraytownLevi I.WhalenJohn and Deborah WhalenFriday, May 09, 1890Glovertown
156Tuesday, December 31, 1889MTraytownM. SamuelRoachVictor and Alice RoachSaturday, May 10, 1890Glovertown
157Thursday, November 14, 1889FSquid TickleLydia(Alert) ?Peter and Katherine (Albert)?Friday, May 16, 1890Spuid Tickle
158Sunday, January 19, 1890MHappy AdvertureJohn Y.PowellFred and Susanna PowellSunday, May 18, 1890Happy Adverture
159Sunday, December 22, 1889MBroom CoveEliHeffertonAlexander and Caroline HeffertonFriday, May 23, 1890Broom Cove
160Friday, June 28, 1889MBroom CoveFredricHeffertonFredric and Emily HeffertonFriday, May 23, 1890Broom Cove
161Tuesday, March 11, 1890FFlat IslandJaneButtAugust and Charlotte ButtSunday, May 25, 1890Flat Island
162Saturday, June 28, 1890MGooseberry IslandDariusTaylorLevi and Hannah TaylorSunday, August 24, 1890Gooseberry Island
163Monday, April 21, 1890MGooseberry IslandLewisPerryHenry and Lucia PerrySaturday, August 30, 1890Gooseberry Island
164Monday, June 16, 1890MHappy AdvertureCharles E.PowellRobert and Noami PowellWednesday, September 03, 1890Happy Adverture
165Thursday, September 18, 1890MGooseberry IslandJermiahHowseAlbert and Priscilla HowseMonday, September 22, 1890Gooseberry Island
166Friday, June 20, 1890FRiver HeadEuniceGengeBenjamin and Adleline GeorgeSunday, September 28, 1890River head
167Thursday, June 12, 1890FBraggs IslandJuliaGloverJohn and Mary GloverSunday, October 26, 1890Braggs Island
168Tuesday, August 26, 1890MGooseberry IslandEdwin HowseHowseCharles and Sarah HowesMonday, October 27, 1890Gooseberry Island
169Tuesday, July 22, 1890FCulls HarbourBlancheGengeSamuel and Mary GeorgeWednesday, November 19, 1890Glovertown
170Friday, September 12, 1890FThimble CoveBerthaArnoldWilliam and Flora Jane ArnoldWednesday, November 19, 1890Glovertown
171Friday, September 05, 1890MSquid TickleWalterOldfordDavid and Sarah Ann OldfordWednesday, November 19, 1890Glovertown
172Tuesday, November 25, 1890MGooseberry IslandPeterWarrenJames and Jane WarrenThursday, December 10, 1891Gooseberry Island
173Thursday, November 13, 1890MDeer IslandJohnPaulJoseph and Amy PaulSunday, January 11, 1891Deer Island
174Tuesday, March 10, 1891FThimble CoveElizaSparkesJames and Lucia SparkesMonday, May 04, 1891Glovertown
175Saturday, January 31, 1891FGlovertownAermay ? (Sic)WellsFrancis and Ann WellsMonday, May 04, 1891Glovertown
176Saturday, March 07, 1891FTraytownTheresaWyattWilliam and Martha WyattMonday, May 04, 1891Glovertown
177Friday, February 13, 1891MSquird TickleFrancisVivianArthur and Lucia VivianWednesday, May 06, 1891Glovertown
178Friday, October 31, 1890MGooseberry IslandArchibaldHowseGeorge and Amelia HowseTuesday, May 12, 1891Gooseberry Island
179Sunday, February 01, 1891MDeer IslandLlewelynFelthamElijah and Julia FelthamSaturday, June 06, 1891Deer Island
180Thursday, March 05, 1891FGooseberry IslandMary A.SweetappleElijah and Hannah SweetappleSaturday, June 06, 1891Gooseberry Island
181Sunday, September 14, 1890FHappy AdvertureClaraPowellJames and Rosanna PowellSaturday, June 06, 1891Happy Adverture
182Saturday, February 28, 1891MDeer IslandEdgarPaulAlfred and Rachel PaulTuesday, July 14, 1891Deer Island
183Tuesday, April 14, 1891FDeer IslandCarolineFethamPeter and emily FelthamWednesday, July 15, 1891Deer Island
184Saturday, September 14, 1889FLabradorMaryRupellJames and Eliza E. RupellWednesday, September 16, 1891Labrador
185Wednesday, July 29, 1891FLabradorAnnie E.NewmanJen and Emily NewmanThursday, September 17, 1891Labrador
186Wednesday, October 29, 1890MLabradorGeorgePennyJohn and Eliza W. PennyThursday, September 17, 1891Labrador
187Tuesday, July 07, 1891FLabradorMaryLangerThomas and Lucy LangerThursday, September 17, 1891Labrador
188Wednesday, September 02, 1891MFlat IslandSolomonButtAugustus and Charlotte ButtSunday, October 18, 1891Flat Island
189Monday, June 02, 1890MDeer IslandAlfredFelthamSamuel and Jane FelthamSunday, November 01, 1891Deer Island
190Monday, October 19, 1891MDeer IslandDanielFelthamSamuel and Jane FelthamSunday, November 01, 1891Deer Island
191Saturday, October 10, 1891FDeer IslandPriscillaFelthamAbel and Mary FelthamSunday, November 01, 1891Deer Island
192Monday, August 03, 1891FGooseberry IslandEstherOsbourneGeorge and Sophia OsburneTuesday, November 10, 1891Glovertown
193Wednesday, November 04, 1891FGooseberry IslandLuciaWellsEdward & Roberta Wells(Rebecca)Tuesday, November 10, 1891Glovertown
194Monday, June 15, 1891MThimble CoveEliArnoldGeorge and Fanny ArnoldTuesday, November 10, 1891Glovertown
195Monday, June 22, 1891MThimble CoveJohnSparkesThomas and Ellen SparkesTuesday, November 10, 1891Glovertown
196Sunday, October 11, 1891MThimble CoveEdgar L.ArnoldJames and Eliza ArnoldTuesday, November 10, 1891Glovertown
197Sunday, June 21, 1891MThimble CoveGeorgeSparkesJacob and Priscilla SparkesTuesday, November 10, 1891Glovertown
198Saturday, July 18, 1891MBuffett CoveEdgarBreffittRobert and Elizabeth BreffittSaturday, November 14, 1891Glovertown
199Sunday, August 30, 1891FGlovertownMaggieDiamondWilliam and Kenzia DiamondSunday, November 15, 1891Glovertown
200Friday, September 04, 1891MHappy AdvertureWilliamPowellFredrick and Susanna PowellThursday, November 19, 1891Happy Adverture
201Friday, February 27, 1891MBarrow HarbourAlfredCrockerWilliam and Caroline CrockerFriday, November 20, 1891Barrow Harbour
202Saturday, October 17, 1891FBarrow HarbourElizabethCrockerRichard and Susanna CrockerFriday, November 20, 1891Barrow Harbour
203Sunday, May 31, 1891FBroom CoveLeahHeffertonHenry and Mary Ann HeffertonMonday, November 23, 1891Broom Cove
204Wednesday, August 26, 1891FBragg IslandBerthaFelthamJohn and Eliza FelthamFriday, December 11, 1891Bragg Island
205Thursday, February 12, 1891FBragg IslandEdithLaneIsreal and Abigail LaneFriday, December 11, 1891Bragg Island
206Sunday, October 04, 1891FGooseberry IslandJessie J.SaundersJames and Sarah SaundersSaturday, December 19, 1891Gooseberry Island
207Wednesday, April 08, 1891FAlexander BayLouisaSteadAlbert and Frances SteadTuesday, January 05, 1892Glovertown
208Tuesday, August 05, 1890FAlexander BayRochelleHawkinsEdward and margaret HawkinsTuesday, January 05, 1892Glovertown
209Thursday, October 29, 1891FCulls HarbourAgnesRoachVictor J. and Alice RoachFriday, January 08, 1892Glovertown
210Friday, November 20, 1891MCulls HarbourWilliamWhelanJohn and Deborah WhelanThursday, January 08, 1891Glovertown
211Wednesday, September 30, 1891MGooseberry islandGeorgeHouseRobert and Louisa HouseTuesday, January 26, 1892Gooseberry Island

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