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McAlpine's 1898 Directory

Cat Harbour

The information was transcribed by SUE O'NEILL ~ February 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
BUTT Wm sr. fisherman
BUTT Wm jr. fisherman
BUTT Wm fisherman
BUTT Leonard fisherman
BUTT Joseph fisherman
BURRY James genl dealer
GRAY Robert fisherman
GRAY John jr. fisherman
GRAY John sr. fisherman
GRAY Stephen fisherman
GRAY John C. fisherman
GOODGER James jr. fisherman
GIBBONS Edwin fisherman
GIBBONS George fisherman
GOODYEAR Benjamin fisherman
GOODYEAR Wm fisherman
GOODGER Uriah fisherman
GOODGER Alex fisherman
GOODGER Edward fisherman
GOODGER Willis fisherman
GOODGER Joshua fisherman
GOODGER Henry fisherman
GOODGER Ed fisherman
GOODGER Esau fisherman
GOODGER Wm fisherman
GOODGER Abraham fisherman
GOODGER Samuel fisherman
GOODGER John C. fisherman
GOODGER Louis fisherman
GOODGER Edgar fisherman
GOODGER Matthew fisherman
GOODGER Kenneth fisherman
GOODGER Martin fisherman
GOODGER Geo fisherman
GOODGER Stephen fisherman
GIBBONS Wm fisherman
GIBBONS Edgar fisherman
GIBBONS Matthew fisherman
GIBBONS Stephen fisherman
GIBBONS Martin fisherman
GIBBONS Kenneth fisherman
HATCHER John C fisherman
HATCHER Stephen fisherman
HOWELL Wesley fisherman
MILLINEY Pleamon fisherman
MILLINEY Ezra fisherman
MILLINEY Israel fisherman
NORMAN Geo fisherman
PARSONS John jr. fisherman
PARSONS Jonathan fisherman
PARSONS Ed fisherman
PARSONS Jonathan sr.. fisherman
PARSONS Geo fisherman
PARSONS Wm fisherman
PARSONS Chas fisherman
PARSONS Jas fisherman
PARSONS Jas jr.. fisherman
PARSONS Simon fisherman
PARSONS Saml fisherman
PARSONS Chas sr. fisherman
ROBINS Henry fisherman
ROBINS John fisherman
ROBINS James fisherman
SHEPPARD Chas sr. fisherman
SHEPPARD Wm fisherman
SHEPPARD Chas jr. fisherman
WEST Wm fisherman
WHELAN Geo fisherman
WRIGHT Chas fisherman
WRIGHT Jonas fisherman

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