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McAlpine's 1898 Directory

Musgrave Harbour

The information was transcribed by SUE O'NEILL ~ February 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
ABBOTT John fisherman
ABBOTT Daniel fisherman
ABBOT Jabez jr. fisherman
BRADLEY John fisherman
BRADLEY Adam fisherman
BRADLEY Levi fisherman
BURT Robert jr. fisherman
BURT Robert sr. fisherman
BURT Wm sr fisherman
BURT Wm jr fisherman
BURT Joseph fisherman
BURT Samson fisherman
BURT Hugh fisherman
BURT Nicholas fisherman
BUTLER Job fisherman
COLIN? Joshua [film was smudged] fisherman
CRUMMY Joseph fisherman
CANNINGS Wm fisherman
CANNINGS Noah fisherman
DAY Titus fisherman
DAY Wm fisherman
EASTON Thomas fisherman
EASTON John fisherman
EASTON Samson fisherman
EASTON George fisherman
ESKELL George fisherman
ELLIOT Albert fisherman
ELLIOTT Reuben fisherman
FLING Benjamin fisherman
FLING John fisherman
FLING Wm fisherman
FLING James jr. fisherman
FLING Andrew fisherman
FLING Uriah fisherman
FLING James sr. fisherman
FLING James jr. fisherman
FLING Darius fisherman
GILLINGHAM Newman fisherman
GOODGER John fisherman
GOODGER Mark fisherman
GOODGER Nicholas fisherman
GOODGER James fisherman
GOODGER John sr. fisherman
GOODGER John jr. fisherman
GUY Moses fisherman
GUY Horatio fisherman
GUY Arthur fisherman
GUY Jacob fisherman
GUY John fisherman
GUY Simon jr. fisherman
GUY Josiah fisherman
GUY Simon sr. fisherman
GUY Wm fisherman
HAYWARD Joseph fisherman
HAYWARD Richard fisherman
HALLETT Albert fisherman
HANN James fisherman
HICKS Andrew fisherman
MOWLAND Isaac fisherman
MOWLAND Wm fisherman
MOWLAND Josiah fisherman
MOWLAND Wm sr. fisherman
RUSSELL Eli fisherman
RUSSELL Jesse fisherman
RUSSELL Mark fisherman
RUSSELL John fisherman
SMITH Abendah fisherman
STEELE Moses fisherman
STEELE Mark fisherman
STEELE Willis fisherman
STEELE Samson fisherman
STEELE John fisherman
TAYLOR Rev Edw Methodist
WHEELER John B. J.P. Post master
WEST Martin fisherman
WHITEWAY Wm sr. fisherman
WHITEWAY Wm jr. fisherman
WHITEWAY Noah fisherman
WHITEWAY John fisherman
WHITEWAY Geo fisherman
WHITEWAY Moses fisherman
WHITEWAY Chas fisherman
WHITEWAY Mark fisherman
WHITEWAY John R. fisherman
WHITEWAY Geo jr. fisherman
WHITEWAY John sr. fisherman
WHITEWAY Levi fisherman
WHITEWAY Peter fisherman
WHITEWAY Cornelius fisherman
WHITEWAY Jas Isaac fisherman
WHITEWAY Francis fisherman
WHITEWAY John fisherman
WHITEWAY Moses fisherman
WHITEWAY Joseph fisherman

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Fogo / Twillingate District