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McAlpine's 1898 Directory


It was read, recorded and transcribed by VERA SHORT, September 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
ANDREWS, Francis genl dealer
ANDREWS, WM genl dealer
ANTLE, John Wm genl dealer
BLACKMORE, Barter fisherman
BLACKMORE, David fisherman
BLACKMORE, Thos fisherman
BLACKMORE, Wm fisherman
BUNGEY, Benj fisherman
BUNGEY, Geo fisherman
BUNGEY, Jesse planter
BUNGEY, Kenneth genl dealer
BUNGEY, Samuel fisherman
BUNGEY, Stephen planter
BLACKALL, Rev David epis
BARBOUR, Benj planter
BARBOUR, Geo planter
BARBOUR, Thos planter
BARBOUR, John planter
BARBOUR, Jas planter
BARBOUR, Edw genl dealer
BARBOUR, Saml genl dealer
BARBOUR, Cut(?) fisherman
BARBOUR, Darcus fisherman
BARBOUR, Robt fisherman
BARBOUR, Walter fisherman
BARBOUR, Alpheus planter
COLLINS, Henry fisherman
COLLINS, Wm planter
COLLINS, John Chas planter
CHICKS, Jas planter
DAVIS, Moses teacher
DAVIS, Geo fisherman
GILL, Robt fisherman
GILL, Stanley fisherman
GREEN, Abiezar fisherman
GREEN, Wm fisherman
GREEN, Saml fisherman
GREEN, Daniel planter
GREEN, Chas planter
HALL, Stephen fisherman
HALL, Peter fisherman
HALL, Darius fisherman
HALL, Edwin fisherman
HALL, Jesse fisherman
HALL, Jas fisherman
HALL, Andrew fisherman
HALL, John fisherman
HALL, Saml fisherman
HALL, Eli fisherman
HALL, John fisherman
HUMPHRIES, Geo fisherman
HUMPHRIES, John fisherman
HUMPHRIES, Peter fisherman
HUMPHRIES, Thos fisherman
HEFFERTON, Edw genl dealer
HEFFERTON, Chas fisherman
HEFFERTON, Jas fisherman
HEFFERTON, Jacob fisherman
HEFFERTON, Jos fisherman
KATES, Saml fisherman
KNEE, John fisherman
LACEY, Wm fisherman
MERCER, Bethleham fisherman
NORRIS, Chas fisherman
NORRIS, Geo (Levi) fisherman
NORRIS, John fisherman
NORRIS, Kater fisherman
NORRIS, Geo (Jas) fisherman
PARSONS, Henry fisherman
PARSONS, Jas fisherman
PARSONS, Eli fisherman
PARSONS, Benj (Philip) fisherman
PARSONS, John fisherman
PARSONS, Edgar fisherman
PARSONS, Jas fisherman
PARSONS, Benj (Wm) fisherman
PERRY, John fisherman
PERRY, Saml fisherman
PERRY, Jas fisherman
PERRY, Thos fisherman
PERRY, Benj fisherman
SAINSBURY, John fisherman
SAINSBURY, Thos fisherman
SAINSBURY, Geo (John) fisherman
SAINSBURY, Geo (thos) fisherman
SAINSBURY, Patk fisherman
SAINSBURY, Edw fisherman
TILLER, Chas fisherman
TILLER, Edgar fisherman
TULK, Jas fisherman
TULK, Noah fisherman
TULK, Geo fisherman
TULK, Jos fisherman
TULK, John fisherman
TULK, Robt fisherman
TULK, Martin fisherman
WILLIS, Wm fisherman
WHEY, Jas fisherman
WHEY, Noah fisherman
WHEY, Robt fisherman
WHEY, William fisherman
WHEY, Peter fisherman

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