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Bonavista Bay Region ~ Bonavista North District

Pool's Island - Anglican Cemetery (Partial List)

Note: This is not a complete listing.

The inscriptions were read, recorded and transcribed by MAX and MAGGIE HARMON July 2000. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Mary MacDonald JanesMay 14, 1886February 20, 1977

Dwight Janes19621988
Husband of Anita

Charles Hoyles
November 2, 194277
Mary Jane Hoyles
November 18, 194979

Jesse HoylesJune 11, 1899October 24, 1983
Husband of Evelyn
Evelyn Blanche HoylesAugust 27, 1902October 29, 1979
Wife of Jesse

Emma Pearl HoylesJuly 18, 1910September 18, 1973
Wife of Fredrick

William J JanesOctober 28, 1901January 31, 1979

Frances JanesFebruary 6, 1905July 13, 1986

Robert Janes19381974

Walter Wilburforce Janes
July 3, 195830Husband of Minnie Janes

Joseph P StarksAugust 11, 1892December 23, 1973
Married to (see next)
Sarah Ann JanesSeptember 13, 1889June 23, 196879

Benjamin Job SpurrellFebruary 16, 1882March 19, 1962

Betsy SpurrellDecember 19, 1881July 23, 1956
Wife of Benjamin Spurrell

Alexander Hoyles
July 12, 196765Y 6MHusband of Hestor Ann Hoyles
Hestor Ann Hoyles
February 1, 196055Wife of Alexander Hoyles

Susan Spurrell
January 15, 193384Wife of James Spurrell
Caroline Spurrell
March 4, 193651Daughter of Susan & James Spurrell

George Janes
October 16, 197772
Pauline Janes
October 21, 197465

Mary Spurrell
May 8, 194570Mother
Samuel Spurrell
May 27, 195784Father
May Ella Spurrell
January 31, 196063Sister

Frank R Spurrell19121992
Bertha Spurrell19131997

Arthur JanesOctober 21, 1908September 16, 1979

Greta May Janes19121993

Nelson JanesJuly 22, 1903May 26, 1966

Pearl JanesJun 1910June 22, 1975

Louisa Janes
September 5, 194572

Mary Jane Janes18791966

Cecil Janes1919Blank (alive)

Minnie E Janes19191987

Willis W Spurrell19171996
Served WW2 Merchant Navy
Bessy L Spurrell1922Blank (alive)

Obediah Hoyles
March 30, 191822Killed in action in France - (on monument at church)

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