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The index and document file was rebuilt after many records were destroyed in the great St. John's fire in the 1890's. Some records are missing completely and others are duplicated. The Re-reg. and Orig-reg. notes in the info column refer to this. Look at all the records in a District or Region as many of these landowners had pieces of land in several areas, not just the town you know your family came from.

The address to write to for copies of the actual Crown Land Grants is:

Department of Gov't Services and Lands
Lands Branch
POB 8700
St. John's, Nfld. A1B 4J6
Tel: (709) 729-3085

In. P# - Index Page; Ac. = Acres; R. = ?; P. = ? (appear to be surveyor codes)

The information was transcribed by CHERYL McGREGOR ~ November 2001. While I have tried to be careful, there could be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual document. 

Register Date Name Area

P# No. Vol Fol

Ac. R. P. Plan Loc. or Other Info

8671773/19/1850Jonathan Snook5218
re-reg vol 63 fol 42

101934310/15/1851John Forsey2223

101834410/18/1851John Forsey2129

109842610/11/1852Jonathan Snook3012

11254533/26/1853Rev. E. Botterel (Elias Boettle)0234

11604829/16/1853John Spencer1235

11614849/16/1853George Lake, Jr2117

11644879/22/1853George Lake, Jr1015

121641439/14/1854George Lake 2116

121741449/14/1854James W.Lake0229

12885353/23/1854Elias Mager3018

12875363/23/1854John Keating13210

18409219/16/1863Jonathan Snook1304
Three Lots

18419229/16/1863Mary Ann Bennett0112
Three Lots

18539259/26/1863John Lake of George, Sr3335
Three Lots North Side of Barrisway

18549279/26/1863John Lake of George 0326.5
Three Lots North Side of Barrisway

18519299/26/1863Sarah Tuck435
Four lots Fortune Barrisway

18529309/26/1863Jasper Collier, Sr1322.25
Four lots Fortune Barrisway

18429379/16/1863Thomas Rogers, Sr215.5
Four lots

188396311/24/1863Thomas Rogers, Sr120.5
Two Lots

20531011810/8/1864George Lake0125

20751014010/11/1864Elias Mager132.5
re-reg vol 63 Folio 85

2157117512/13/1865Elias Le Messurier2026

218011799/16/1865David Clinch821

2209111171/29/1866James M. Lake500

2210111181/29/1866Thomas Lake2124

2212111191/29/1866William P. Lake0110

2208111201/29/1866John Parcy2320

2211111211/23/1866William Buffett0110

2213111222/2/1866Henry J. Haddon14126

22431284/17/1866Josiah Collier, Jr1334

2331129210/27/1866Joseph G. Haddock2026

2332129310/27/1866Joseph Bedgood0229

2335129711/9/1866Joseph G. Haddock0321

2480121223/1/1867Elias Mager020

2490121303/30/1866Benjamin Kippin1217

2489121313/30/1867John Lake7017

251813306/6/1866George Priddle5112

251913346/6/1866Simeon Witherall2116

250813355/17/1867Benjamin Kippin3227

253213448/16/1867Thomas Bartlett102

253113458/16/1867Daniel Hickey5310

253313468/16/1867John Lake (of George)128

253413488/16/1867George Kippin227

253513544/16/1867James Elford4320

254113558/7/1867Sarah Tuck2018

253913578/16/1867John Bennett3122
re-reg vol 63 F 103

254013664/16/1867James Elford128

25831310110/21/1867Alexander Bethune0039

25701310510/10/1867Edward Bennett (of Thomas)0225

25741311110/10/1867John Collier3126

23087167010/16/1869Philip Lake0023

3491191059/17/1873Thomas Rogers1211

386022906/7/1877John E. Lake & Henry Kendell25216

401324410/1/1878John Lake, Sr39136

4179251310/1/1879William Edward Lake220

4183253310/1/1879James Chilip Snook49337
Road to Grand Bank

4210255512/4/1879Thomas Purchase2232
Road to Lamaline

4229251021/14/1880William Pittman Lake2826

4291251339/14/1880William Gillard0316

42992514812/6/1880Henry Waulser0234
Three Lots

43142516412/29/1880Alvin Chester Tupper0030

43172516512/29/1880Charles Hillier035
Road to Lamaline

4325261412/31/1880George Tulk3016

438226717/7/1881Joseph Griffin Haddock10124

438126967/7/1881William Pittman Lake2112

4383261077/7/1881John Ahier039
Two Lots

44632614212/5/1881John Lake, Sr1311

452327942/21/1882Morgan Snook2019
Two Lots

4571271336/2/1882George Kippin, SR9018
Two Lots

4592271346/8/1882George Kippin, SR1011
Three Lots

4593271736/8/1882Jacob Hewitt, Sr4114
Road to Grand Bank

4591271746/8/1882Edward Humby3120

4594271766/8/1882Jacob Hewitt, Sr4000 Road to Grand Bank

468028122/9/1883J. E. & G. Lake8119

4746281136/16/1883John Penny136

48692812610/18/1883Charles T. King217

482130912/24/1883George Forsey1229
Two Lots

4822301212/24/1883Nancy Jane Bennett001113Two Lots

4834301912/24/1883Jacob Hewett, Jr0138
Fortune Barrisway

4831302412/24/1883Thomas Purchase, Sr0114
Two Lots

484730352/1/1884Philip Lake6127
Road to Lamaline

486830483/12/1884Edward George Bennett7326
Three Lots

486030613/12/1884Jane Morgan (Widow)0010
Three Lots

489130754/28/1884George Bennett0022

491430935/21/1884John Piercy0211
Four Lots

4915301425/21/1884Thomas Pierce0035
Two Lots

506931525/21/1885Aaron Bennett (of Edward)0012

509631606/9/1885John Hickman Spencer0025

511431687/8/1885Jasper Collier2000
Fortune Barrisway

5095311376/4/1885Arthur W. Lake003
Fortune Barrisway

534732998/9/1886Heber Albert Lake1035
Two Lots

5332311427/9/1886James Burton7130

5325321457/9/1886John Pike7130

5324321627/9/1886Charles William Bennett0210
Three Lots

5581331396/20/1887George Spencer0019
Two Lots at East Arm of Barrisway

56353314110/24/1887William Gillard0015
Fortune Barrisway

55823516/20/1887Pricilla Spencer0029

5749351303/10/1888John Tuck0111
Three Lots

582236167/25/1888Gideon Benson009

534836568/9/1886Benjamin Alexander Brasill2803
Grand Bank Rd Sec 12 C.L.A. 1884

591636832/1/1889Saul Mauger007
Sec 12 C.L.A. 1884

6258361508/29/1890Philip E. Lake0110
Three Lots, Sec 12 C.L.A. 1884

6090378512/18/1889Eleanor Hillier (Widow)008.5
Sec 12 C.L.A. 1884

6908431351/21/1892Walter C. Patten, Grand Bank2126
Sec 12 C.L.A. 1884

68794622/2/1891Robert Snook5116
Two Lots, Sec 12 C.L.A. 1884

6985?46694/26/1892Charles H. Lake0013
Three Lots, Sec 12 C.L.A. 1884

742454714/2/1894Robert Snook1333
Two Lots
37593545012/6/1894Henry Jabez Haddon6011
1 Ml. East of Fortune Barrisway, Sec. 12/34

8205571411/26/1897Gideon Benson0117
Three Lots

82885810910/30/1897George Dixon2125
Road to Grand Bank

844259651/3/1898John Penney1130
Doughball Road

8284602110/30/1897Philip Blagdon, Fortune0334
Rd. 1 ml. East of Fortune Gut

852960934/23/1898John Tuck01

8783618411/23/1899Mary Sousack9217

88386111612/26/1899Jonathan Burton, Sr.3310
Sec. 12 Ch.13 C.S. (2nd. Ser)

8990612026/23/1900Henry J. Haddon500

9354622444/23/1902John Purchase0013

9335622504/23/1902Richard S. Mavin100
East of Fortune

9338622514/23/1902Georgiana W. Lake (of George)0111

9343622754/23/1902Thomas Piercey, Sr5117

953464339/30/1902John S. Bennett0019
Two Lots

943264766/23/1902Simon Noseworthy1000

948264826/28/1902John Wilson Keeping0012

9360641325/2/1902Philip E. Lake0012.75

95506415411/13/1902The NFLD Conference2129
Winter House Brook

97556420010/3/1903Philip G. Lake3134
South of Fortune

97386420710/3/1903James P. Collier0020
Two Lots

10042642782/10/1904John Elford1225
Two Lots

10327642826/4/1904William P. Lake3136

967664A875/16/1903The NFLD Conference3014

960765510/14/1903William G. Lake030
1.25 mls. Inland

997465421/26/1904George T. Lake200

1015365A1903/21/1904Charles E. Collier0310

115996623212/27/1907George F. Forsey139
2.75 mls. 3. E. of Fortune

1017368243/24/1904John Anderson430

10527681083/14/1905George Spencer2310

10543701283/21/1908Philip E. Elford0021
Two Lots

1129974706/7/1907George E. Forsey22325
Sec.4 Ch.6 A.3 Ed. Vii

11587758312/27/1907Ambrose Harvey0015
Two Lots

11580753212/27/1907Philip G. Lake109
La Beach, S. E. of Fortune

1174675543/31/1908Jasper Lake538

12111751894/23/1909Charles B. & Thomas Spencer004

12821791462/13/1912Charles B. & Thomas Spencer127
Two Lots

129998012210/25/1912Charles B. Spencer0031

13681841273/16/1914Thomas D. Thornhill430

132059110011/5/1919John E. Lake18112
Two Lot, Rd to Lamaline

1370792725/13/1914Gideon Benson, Carbonear25039
Sec.4 Ch.6 A.3 Ed. Vii

15171931210/22/1919W. Freeman Lake032
South of Lamaline Rd

1535193903/20/1920Ambrose Harvey0128
Two Lots

FSM 3225/3/1907Est. Charles Fox Bennett5000
Fortune, F. B.

Sample Portion of Map of a Crown Land Grant

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