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Grand Bank Town and Vicinity

The information was transcribed by CHERYL McGREGOR ~ November 2001. While I have tried to be careful, there may be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual document.

The index and document file was rebuilt after many records were destroyed in the great St. John's fire in the 1890's. Some records are missing completely and others are duplicated. The Re-reg. and Orig-reg. notes in the info column refer to this. Look at all the records in a District or Region as many of these landowners had pieces of land in several areas, not just the town you know your family came from.

Sample Portion of Crown Land Grant

The address for copies of the actual Crown Land Grants is:
Department of Gov't Services and Lands
Lands Branch
POB 8700
St. John's, Nfld. A1B 4J6
Tel: (709) 729-3085

In. P# - Index Page; Ac. = Acres; R. = ?; P. = ? (appear to be surveyor codes)
See Table at end of document

Register Date Name Area

P# No. Vol Fol

Ac. R. P. Plan Loc. or Other Info

7751628/4/1849George Hunter117

8681768/12/1850William Pennell324

9712942/27/1851Rev. Ed. Bottereli018

102634610/24/1851John Hickman022

102534710/24/1851John Hickman2035

4102734810/24/1851John Hickman1132

102434910/24/1851Henry Nicolle2334

102335010/24/1851Henry Nicolle0121

10653845/26/1852George Hunter10012

11244513/22/1853Rev. Ed. Botterel2121

11624859/21/1853James Hickman0217

11634869/21/1853James Hickman3330

116949110/20/1853Jonathan Hickman1013

116849210/20/1853Jonathan Hickman2215

117049310/21/1853Jonathan Hickman0238

1224415011/6/1854George Forsey0223

12895333/22/1855Jonathan Snook8322

12865343/23/1855James Hamblin534
New Road

12905373/23/1855Robert Forsey332

146464511/2/1857Henry Nicholl418

1482?64711/2/1857Edward Nicoll031
Re-reg . Vol 63 Fol 105

15056869/30/1858Thos Newman, Thos. N. Hunt, & Thos. H. Newman3326
Re-reg. Vol. 77 Fol 75

15046879/30/1858Thos Newman, Thos. N. Hunt, & Thos. H. Newman1030
Re-reg. Vol. 77 Fol 74

159475111/28/1859Joseph Forsey0035

159575211/28/1859Joseph Forsey0222

159675311/28/1859Joseph Forsey019

16287745/31/1860Joseph Blackburn0218
Re-reg. Vol 63 Fol 43

15787789/16/1860Wilson Lorswell

Robert Forsey0033
Re-reg. Vol 55 Fol 24

17448838/18/1862Jonathan Hickman737
Two Lots

19811084/11/1864William Buffett, Sr.0017
Re-reg. Vol 63 Fol 40

19781094/11/1864Aaron Forsey1133

197910104/11/1864Francis Kendell112

197710114/4/1864Joseph Matthews0014.5

198010124/11/1864William Buffett 1037.5

199310134/16/1864William George Evans002.75

199210144/16/1864Wilson Lovell2215

20511011710/8/1864Samuel Tibbo003.5

20521011910/10/1864Morgan Foot0120.5

20681012011/2/1864Ambrose Forward1020

20571012210/10/1864Joseph Bragg Forsey4320

20591012310/13/1864Philip Nicholle0021.5

20641012411/4/1864Rt. Rev. Dr. Feild1138

20581013210/12/1864John Forsey2028

20781013712/7/1864William Bond119

20771013812/7/1864John Butt2032

20801014112/10/1864Robert R. Stoodley4030

2081?1014312/14/1864Henry Riggs2031.5

20941162/28/1865William Lee0338
Re-reg. Vol 63 Fol 41

20951172/27/1865John French1320
Re-reg. Vol 63 Fol 71

210711143/22/1865Benjamin Lovelle6234

210611153/22/1865Charles Williams5118

2152116211/24/1865Emma Hickman308
Re-reg. Vol 79 Fol 183

2151116311/7/1865Joseph Francis114

2150116411/23/1865Joseph J. Squires39216

2155116611/23/1865Jonathan Rose1119

2153117312/12/1865John Forcey1031
Re-reg. Vol 68 Fol 39

2156117412/13/1865Joseph Evans2031

2181?117612/14/1865Benjamin Lawrence426

2179117712/13/1865James Thornhill101

5217811789/14/1865Eleanor Chilcott006
Re-reg. Vol 99 Fol 95

2192118912/15/1865George Osmond0015.25

2190119012/15/1865Thomas Riggs107

2154119212/21/1865Josiah Hiscock2038

219111939/18/1865Samuel Bradley2025

2204111111/25/1866Aaron Grandy2216

2203111121/26/1866Robert Hickman0026

2202111131/24/1866William Riggs0011
Re-reg. Vol 63 Fol 76

2214111241/27/1866George F. Bell0033

2221111322/16/1866Edward Patten323.5
Re-reg. Vol 63 Fol 77

225112215/28/1866Ann Forsey0336
Re-reg. Vol 63 Fol 47

225012225/28/1866Ann Forsey27016

2319128410/13/1866Benjamin Wood2017

2318128510/13/1866John Patten2239

1660129510/9/1860Henry Hickman1230

253713478/16/1867George Squires2132

253613538/16/1867John Patten4328

255113759/5/1867John Grant339

255013769/5/1867John Pardy0023

255213779/5/1867Emma Hickman0217

254913789/5/1867Robert Hickman034

254713878/30/1867Jane Forsey (Wife of Joseph)000.67
(area two-thirds of a Perch)

254813888/30/1867Henry Hickman, Jr.012

254613898/30/1867Henry Trim4034

25691310210/10/1867Ambrose C. Forward0125

25681310410/10/1867Cyrus V. Wood1900

25841310810/21/1867Mark Poor010

262814173/28/1868George Tibbo1031

262914193/27/1868Josiah Hiscock, Jr.1232

282015143/1/1869Charles Patten1119

281915193/1/1869William Tibbo0025

284715835/28/1869Thomas Walsh011.5

300216177/26/1869Edward Evans3220

300016187/23/1869Edward Evans1026

3011162012/14/1868George Rose3124

300116227/24/1869Samuel G. Hickman317

357820417/3/1874Lydia Courtney2118

375121614/21/1876Benjamin Francis135

4035242112/2/1878Lionel T. Chancey, St. John's in trust for George L. Christian & William Logan Christian11312

4045243312/13/1878Edward Nicholle2113

4201255412/4/1879James Rose of Jonathan213

4214259412/16/1879George Manuel Forsey7337
Near road to Fortune

425125962/18/1880Samuel Rose of Jonathan2113

425225972/18/1880Jonathan Tibbo005.25

433926223/29/1881Samuel Kelley Belle0014

434326244/5/1881James Mellis Christian1121
Christmas Road

437826957/7/1881James Hillier Morgan135

437626977/7/1881James Scott021

437926997/7/1881Robert Chilcott Forsey

Grant not registered in full

44482612311/25/1881Richard Keating2014
Road to Fortune

4393261257/7/1881Rev. Thos. Harris & George Simms J.P.032
Four Lots.

4377261327/7/1881Henry Trim, Sr.203

446227112/5/1881John Camp6235

444927411/25/1881Thomas Alexander Hickman1036
Two Lots

448027201/25/1882George Camp?41?
Lanse Paul Cove?
6449227231/25/1882George Ambrose Hickman12216
1 Mile West of Grand Bank

448127241/25/1882Thomas Alex Hickman1800
Road to Fortune

450327412/21/1882Joseph Evans6313

450227422/21/1882Mary Ann Thornhill438

452627432/27/1882Benjamin Matthews834
Two Lots

450727462/21/1882Samuel Harris18016
Road to Fortune

499927501/25/1882John Hiscock2130
Road to Fortune

449827521/25/1882Henry William Lucas0026
Two Lots

449627542/21/1882John Forsey of George4137

452227584/6/1882Charles Patten Forsey34238
Road to Fortune

453327664/6/1882Thomas J. Murphy, St. John's25031
Road to Fortune

455227704/6/1882Henry William Lucas2000
Road to Garnish

455127744/6/1882Albert McGregor400
Road to Garnish

455327844/6/1882George Aaron Buffett12216

455027974/6/1882James Scott6216

4489271001/25/1882Simeon Noel Tibbo0015

462928438/29/1882C. P. Forcey0316

471228604/12/1883George Hiscock301

471128564/12/1883Jonathan Tibbo (of Wilson)500
Re-reg. Vol 77 Fol 110

470728804/12/1883Lydia Courtney1016

4726281216/11/1883Charles Dodman26327

48172813810/27/1883Thomas Tibbo, Sr.805

47612817110/18/1883Simeon N. Tibbo3013

4829301612/24/1883Frank Stoodley4316

486930463/12/1884Thomas Stoodley9016
Road to Fortune

487730503/12/1884Louisa Lovell0334
Three Lots

301392/11/1884Mray Hiscock1713
Road to Fortune

5346321008/9/1886Josiah Hiscock, Sr.009

54093214111/13/1886Thomas Foote36114
Sec. 12 C.L.A. 1884

5321321587/9/1886John Bever537
Two Lots

5411331611/13/1886Charles B. Forsey0136

550435375/17/1887Wilson Rose1338

5674354211/24/1887John Robert Rose1026

550735525/17/1887Charles Pardy1119

591436792/1/1889Joseph Francis003.5
Sec. 12 C.L.A. 1884

6344361538/29/1890Kesia Foot6124
Sec. 12 C.L.A. 1884

6282361708/29/1890George Buffett004
Sec. 12 C.L.A. 1884

6284361738/29/1890William Riggs628
Sec. 12 C.L.A. 1884

6266361818/29/1890John Matthews008.75
Sec. 12 C.L.A. 1884

591537122/1/1889George Butt005
Two Lots Sec. 12 C.L.A. 1884

6232371807/3/1890Richard Keating316
Near Fortune Road. Sec. 12 C.L.A. 1884

62334117/3/1890James Milliton0012
Barrisway Sec. 12 C.L.A. 1884

6278411218/29/1890Samuel Harris007.5
Sec. 12 C.L.A. 1884

6658421756/26/1891John Patten1216
Cove Brook Sec. 12 C.L.A. 1884

679943510/8/1891The Newfoundland Conference14125

69124651/21/1892Thomas Ramsay2022
Two Lots, Deep Water Cove, Sec 12/84

695446572/9/1892Allen Hudson1039
Sec. 12 C.L.A. 1884

7133461114/20/1893Frederick Forsey of John3019
Burnt Hill Brook

7167461144/20/1893William Bonson0316

7159461304/20/1893Michael Handigan5127
Four Lots, Wild Bay Shore

7203461488/3/1893Eli Harris6234
Road to Fortune

7189461818/3/1893Henry H. Matthews1000
Garnish Road

71015252/13/1893John Rose, Sr.932
Main Road, 1.5 Mls East of Grand Bank

716252394/20/1893Kesiah Foote (widow)8119

734753236/9/1894Simeon N. Tibbo3210

771054112/1/1895Robert Rose of George7219
Garnish Road, Sec. 12 C.L.A. 1884

7692541122/1/1895Robert Chillcote Rose120
Sec. 12 C.L.A. 1884
77691541212/1/1895George Simms Evans212
Road to Fortune, Sec. 12 C.L.A. 1884

7684541262/1/1895James Belbin, Sr.433
Main Brook, Sec. 12 C.L.A. 1884

Robert Forsey0033
Orig. Reg. Vol 7. Fol 79

768755272/1/1895James W. Belbin, Jr.103
Main Brook, Sec. 12 C.L.A. 1884

7856551115/27/1895John T. Patten15014
Sec. 12 C.L.A. 1884, Two Lots

7956571510/23/1895Charles Lawrence5210
Road to Fortune

800357432/20/1896George B. Hickman035
Two Lots

8175571511/20/1897Mary Hartling in trust for five others1000
S. E. of Grand Bank. Sec. 12 C.L.A. 1884

805158102/25/1896Richard Noseworthy2012
Garnish Road

825158868/18/18897Morgan Parsons0010

85965817210/14/1898Charles Pardy3230

8583601559/15/1898Christopher Stone4128

9003612506/25/1900Thomas Foote5120

910862706/4/1901Lionel B. Clarke1700
Grand Bank Brook

9351622774/23/1902Ann Pardy0130

942064196/23/1902Robert A. Forsey (of Aaron)434
Two Lots

937364575/2/1902George A. Buffett008.5

953664799/30/1902Henry T. D. Haddon0111

97486419910/3/1903John H. Grant600
N. W. of Grand Bank

959164A411/20/1903Robert Rose of George012

962164A424/27/1903Benjamin John Weymouth15337

984764A17410/27/1903Levi Downey3316

978165810/14/1903Ellen Evans400

9793651010/14/1903James Thornhill of George400

1025766464/2/1904Thomas Abbott800

10557681253/21/1905Elias Harris820
Garnish Road

105816924/5/1905Jacob H. Matthews3333
Two Lots

1057769164/5/1905John R. Matthews3110
Two Lots

1067669466/8/1905George A. Buffett0012

10794697712/11/1905William Dicks3033

10995721936/19/1906John R. Riggs of Robert522
Three Lots

12121751964/24/1904Philip Bennett136
1 Mile South of Gut

1200876692/23/1909Mary E. Riggs1023

1201076712/23/1909John Hickman Matthews030

122187712/17/1910George Forward7024

150477749/30/1858Thos. Newman, Thos. Newman Hunt, & Thos. Holdsworth Newman, Hr. Breton F.B.1030
Three Lots. Orig. Reg. Vol 6 Fol 87

150577759/30/1858Thos. Newman & Others as above3326
Three Lots. Orig. Reg. Vol 6 Fol 86

12372782510/15/1910Corbit White800

123377919/5/1910Frederick T. Coxworthy10324

12713799311/20/1911Benjamin Matthews018

21527918311/24/1865Emma Hickman308
Two Lots Orig. reg. Vol. 11 Fol. 62

1286680504/25/1912George C. Harris17216

1295680949/5/1912Benjamin Matthews002

129408279/5/1912Albert Loveless012

13466831838/4/913Robert R. Hatcher211

134928429/30/1913Samuel Harris213

14418884511/18/1916John Brown6214

1513991789/29/1919Edward Riggs515

15327911623/4/1920Robert R. Matthews010

15217933812/19/1919Roy M. Clarke428
Main Brook

15418931287/17/1920Charles Cumden1900
Road to Molliers

15472941711/29/1920Sarah Patten533
Road to Fortune

1606696896/27/1924John Welsh2314

192439766/5/1925Ambrose Foot0210

19367971242/19/1926Charles Butler704
Cross Brook

2178999512/13/1865Eleanor Chilcott006 or 8?
Orig. Reg. Vol. 11 Fol 78?

Sample Portion of Map of a Crown Land Grant

Name in RecordError or AdditionMy Name
Ac. = Acres; R. = ?; P. = ? You say Ac = Acres but don't know what the others are. It is probable that they stand for ROOD and PERCH (or POLE - the 2 terms mean the same thing).
A ROD (sic) was a measure of 16.5 feet.
A PERCH (or POLE) was 1 ROD square, ie 272.25 square feet.
A ROOD was 40 RODS square which is equivalent to 1 FURLONG x 1 ROD or 10,890 square feet.
An ACRE was 160 RODS square which is equivalent to 1 FURLONG x 1 CHAIN or 43,560 square feet.
Brenda Jolley

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