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Burin Peninsula Region ~ Grand Bank District

Methodist Marriages 1887 - 1891

Garnish Parish

PANL: vol 105, Film: 2133920, Registering Official: R.C. Hopkins
All of the information contained in Vol 105 is a transcript of the original documents and is known to contain errors and is missing information. The original records held at the various churches contain the original data.

Also, it is highly possible that I have also made errors in transcribing these records. If possible, when in doubt, view the photocopied registers at the PANL.

Please note that the baptism date is the date when the original entry was made. Often, the year was only entered on the first record. I carried it down, but if I was unsure (you will see that some of the records seem to be out of order), then I left the year off.

Sta=Status: B-Bachelor, S-Spinster, W-Widow.

If there is a question mark next to or part of the name - that means I could not determine what that word or letter was.

If you see a name with a line through it and another name beside it or in parenthesis then this info appears to be corrections or additions made to the records at a later date by unknown person. I included both the original and corrected info as I saw it in the records so that the viewer could determine for themselves what the correct info was.

Transcribed by CHERYL McGREGOR, August 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be errors.

Mar.Date Marriage Place Groom/BrideName Age Sta Occupation Rel Residence at Marriage Minister Witnesses
9/28/1887GarnishJames Moulton24B FishermanS.A.GarnishW. J. BartlettGeorge Anstey

Mary A. Grandy37WHousewifeS.A.Garnish
Elizabeth West
10/27/1887GarnishJames J. Rogers18BFishermanMethGrand BeachW. J. BartlettJohn Follett

Susan Mullins18S DomesticMethGrand Beach
Ann Hollett
1/18/1888GarnishSamuel Banfield22BFishermanMethGarnishW. J. BartlettCharles Grandy

Adelaide Anstey22SDomesticMethGarnish
Sarah Day
4/2/1888GarnishCharles A. Grandy21BFishermanMethGarnishW. J. BartlettJohn Anstey

Esther Grandy18SDomesticMethGarnish
Sarah Day
4/4/1888Grand BeachJoseph R. Follett25BFishermanMethGrand BeachW. J. BartlettJohn Hiscock

Elizabeth Rogers43WDomesticMethGrand Beach
James Follett
5/4/1888GarnishWm. J. Grandy22BFishermanMethGarnishW. J. BartlettWilson Grandy

Esther Grandy21SDomesticMethGarnish
Hannah Banfield
11/10/1888GarnishJoseph Marshall22BFishermanMethGarnishJohn LewisJohn Anstey

Hannah J. Banfield22SDomesticMethGarnish
Sarah Banfield
7/31/1889Grand BeachEdward Follett
WFishermanMethGrand BeachJohn LewisJohn Hiscock

Susie Gillard
WTeacherMethGrand Beach
William Follett
10/12/1889Grand BeachWilliam Follett29BFishermanMethGrand BeachJohn LewisJoseph Follett

Bethana Keeping21SDomesticMethSagona
Catherine Follett
12/1/1891GarnishJames Henry Grandy23BFishermanMethGarnishWm. SeeleyJoseph Cluett

Jane Grandy21SDomesticMethGarnish
Ann Maria Grandy

Name in RecordDescription of ErrorMy Name

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