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They left their homes with happy hearts,
Bound to the Labrador,
Not knowing as they left their friends,
That they would meet no more.
The pride and beauty of our land,
Who knew not dread or fear,
Not thinking as they sailed away,
That death was drawing near.
Good fortune favored these young men.
While at the Labrador,
While during the fishing season,
As it of times did before,
It made them all light- hearted,
As you may understand,
They left Horse Harbour October seven,
Bound home to Newfoundland.

They were coming on a motor boat,
The " Bullbird" was her name,
the gallant crew of five young men,
Their hearts so full of fame,
They reached along to Seldom,
With hearths and courage brave,
Not thinking as they left that place,
They would meet a watery grave.

They wired home from Seldom,
Saying all the crew was well,
And left that night at eight p.m.;
Which way no one can tell,
They ran out of sight of a vessel,
As you may plainly see,
We don't know if they struck a rock ,
Or were swallowed by the sea.

Twa's in the month of November,
As you may understand,
The news came home from Seldom,
That five young men were gone,
They quickly sent ships to sea,
To search the ocean round,
But no sign of the missing boat,
Could anywhere be found.

My verse is getting ended,
I hope I have done well,
Birth places, and names of those men,
I am now going to tell,
Lo Gosse and Jack Strickland,
From Spaniards Bay did go,
Harold Smith was their commander,
He belong to Bishops cove.

Bill Adams was a smart young man,
with courage brave and true,
And Gilbert Lynch , A noble youth,
That's the five young men of the crew,
They faced death , but a hard one,
with hearths and courage bold,
Bill Adams and Gilbert Lynch,
Both belonged to Island Cove.

And God, who does things for the best,
Their hearts to give relief.
Look down upon their parents,
And help them bare their grief,
And may they see a brighter land,
Most fervently we pray,
And those gallant men, who lost their lives
In Bonavista Bay.

And may God of Heaven,
Look on this earth below,
On those heart-broken parents,
Bowed down with grief and woo.
And comfort them at this time,
Their darling sons they more,
Who left their homes for Labrador
And never did return.

The above tragedy occurred October 28th 1925
Those well written verses were authored by Mark Crane Upper Island cove Newfoundland. In loving memory of those five sons of our " island." It is the wish of the author that this poem serve as a remembrance to the decendant's of is unreadable....

Frances Lynch Collings