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Methodist Marriages - 1850 - 1879

PANL Volume 108A (Partial Listing)
All of the information contained in Vol 108A is a transcript of the original documents and is known to contain errors and is missing information. The original records held at the various churches contain the original data. Also, it is highly possible that I have also made errors in transcribing these records. If possible, when in doubt, view the photocopied registers at the PANL. Transcribed by MARILYN PILKINGTON, August 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be errors.
MarriageDate Names/Occupation/From Performed By Witnesses
Nov 4, 1850Samuel Collins, Fisherman, Flat Islands [and] Ann Whittle, Flat IslandsJohn S. PeachWilliam Harding and Jane Eliza Collins
Nov 4, 1851Isaac Collins, Fisherman, Flat Islands [and] Mary Ann Kirby, Kirby's Cove, BurinJohn S. PeachAnn Kerby and Henry Collins
Dec 25, 1851Edward Collins, Fisherman, Collins Cove [and] Esther Adams, Great BurinJohn S. PeachJohn Adams and Hanna Hollett
Nov 2, 1852George Brett [and] Mary Ann Collins, Collins CoveJohn S. PeachGeorge Harding and Sarah Kerby
June 10, 1855Samuel Williams, Fisherman, Burin Bay [and] Ruth Collins, Burin BayElias BrettleWilliam Harding and Rebecca Kirby
Nov 22, 1855William Collins, Planter, Collins Cove [and] Elizabeth Churchill, Collins CoveElias BrettleIsaac Collins and Elizabeth Collins
Aug 3, 1857George Vigus, Captain, Burin [and] Elizabeth Collins, BurinJames DoveJohn Kirby and Thomas Collins
Oct 17, 1858George Stayner, Fisherman, Davis Island [and] Susannah Collins, Davis IslandJames DoveRichard Gosling and William H. Collins
Nov 11, 1858John Kerby, Planter, Kerby's Cove [and] Ann May Collins, Collins CoveJames DoveGeorge Harding and Susanna Collins
May 10, 1859George Harding, Smith, Collins Cove [and] Susannah Collins, Collins CoveJames DoveThomas Collins and William Coady
Sept 20, 1859Jonathon Hawkins, Fisherman, Grand Bank [and] Hannah Collins, Collins CoveJohn S. PhinneyEdward Collins and Robert Riggs
Oct 15, 1859Christopher Joice, Fisherman, Flat Islands [and] Tryphena Brown, Burin BayJohn S. PhinneyWilliam Harding and George Joice
Nov 10, 1859William Henry Collins, Fisherman, Collins Cove [and] Mary Hennigan Harding, Collins CoveJohn S. PhinneyWilliam Coady and Isaac Collins
Dec 14, 1859James Clarke, Fisherman, Red Harbour [and] Jane Laughlin, Red HarbourJohn S. PhinneyEdward Collins and William Laughlin
Nov 20, 1860Robert Riggs, Fisherman, Grand Bank [and] Mary Collins, Collins CoveJohn S. PhinneyWilliam Coady and Richard Barfitt
May 21, 1861Cyrenius Mundon, Fisherman, Flat Islands [and] Harriet Collins, Flat IslandsJohn S. PhinneyW.H. Collins and James Kinway
Nov 8, 1861Henry Moulton, Fisherman, Flat Islands [and] Mary Ann Senior, FlatIslands John S. PhinneyJohn Moulton and Samuel Senior
Nov 8, 1861Charles Senior, Fisherman, Flat Islands [and] Mary Ann Butler, Flat IslandsJohn S. PhinneyJohn Collins and Richard Moulton
June 15, 1863William Laughlan, Fisherman, Red Harbour [and] Elizabeth K. Collins, Flat IslandsJonathon PikeWilliam H. Collins and Sophia Laughlin
Nov 13, 1863Richard Goslin, Fisherman, Flat Islands [and] Susan Collins, Flat IslandsL.T. TeedG. Haddock and William Harding
Nov 13, 1863Richard Dibbin, Fisherman, Flat Islands [and] Caroline Collins, Flat IslandsL.T. TeedG. Haddock and William Harding
Oct 3, 1864John Collins, Fisherman, Flat Islands [and] Hannah Butler, Flat IslandsL.T. TeedJonathon Parsons and William Coady
Oct 17, 1864William Joice, Fisherman, Flat Islands [and] Elizabeth Brown, Burin BayL.T. TeedJames Brown and John Moulton
Nov 4, 1864James Bishop, Fisherman, Flat Islands [and] Sarah Senior, Flat IslandsL.T. TeedWilliam Harding and William Senior
Oct 24, 1865Samuel Senior, Flat Islands [and] Ann Crann, Flat IslandsL.T. TeedJonathon Parsons and William Coady
Oct 19, 1866James Kenway, Fisherman, Flat Islands [and] Mary Ann Butler, Flat IslandsT. HarrisWilliam Harding and Henry Butler
Oct 19, 1866John Moulton, Fisherman, Flat Islands [and] Sophia Paddle, Flat IslandsT. HarrisWilliam Harding and R. Moulton
Oct 30, 1867John Frampton, Fisherman, Flat Islands [and] Eliza Butler, Flat IslandsT. HarrisRichard Moulton and William Harding
Oct 13, 1869William Seviour (Senior?), Flat Islands [and] Sarah Bayley, Flat IslandsJames A. DukeHenry Butler and John Collins
Oct 14, 1869Gabriel Collins, Flat Islands [and] Elizabeth Butler, Flat IslandsJames A. DukeHenry Butler and William Henry Collins
Oct 18, 1870Richard Moulton, Flat Islands [and] Susanna Seniour, Flat IslandsJames A. DukeWilliam Moulton and Joseph Seniour
Oct 25, 1870Henry William Cran, Flat Islands [and] Eleanor Collins, Flat IslandsJames A. DukeWilliam Collins and George Harding
Apr 15, 1871Charles Joyce, Flat Islands [and] Matilda Paddle, Flat IslandsJames A. DukeHenry Joyce and John Padley
Sept 17, 1871John Paddle, Flat Islands [and] Elizabeth Masters, Flat IslandsJames A. DukeSamuel Monks and Henry Isaac Paddle
Sept 29, 1871Joseph Seniour, Flat Islands [and] Susannah Butler, Flat IslandsJames A. DukeJohn Butler and J.R. Parsons
Sept 29, 1871Thomas Seniour, Flat Islands [and] Ann BayleyJames A. DukeWilliam Forbes and William Moulton
Oct 17, 1874Henry Joyce, Fisherman, Flat Islands [and] Emma RodnayG. ForseySamuel Dix and Julia Rodnay
Aug 12, 1876William Masters, Fisherman, Flat Islands [and] Frances Collins, Flat IslandsJoseph PascoeJoseph Collins and Elizabeth Collins
Oct 27, 1877Richard Gosling, Fisherman, Flat Islands [and] Ann Allen, BurinJ. PetersSusanna Collins and Henry Paddle
Oct 26, 1878Samuel Senior, Fisherman, Flat Islands [and] Lydia Murcks, Flat IslandsS. MatthewsJ. Bishop and Charlotte Bishop
Oct 30, 1878Samuel Dicks, Fisherman, Flat Islands [and] Julia Rodway, Baine HarbourS. MatthewsJames Rogerson and William Bros
Oct 30, 1878Jacob Milea (Miller?), Fisherman, Flat Islands [and] Julia Keppen, Flat IslandsS. MatthewsJames Rogerson and William Reeves
Nov 15, 1878James Jervis, Fisherman, Flat Islands [and] Mary J. Crann, Flat IslandsS. MatthewsEmily J. Collins and Isaac Jervis
Sept 7, 1879William Moulton, Fisherman, Burin Bay [and] Elizabeth Joyce, Flat IslandsS. MatthewsSamuel Jarvis and Charlotte Dunford
Oct 27, 1879Henry Collins Moncks, Flat Islands [and] Mary Dowden, Ragged IslandS. MatthewsJohn Moncks and Charlotte Collins
Oct 27, 1879Charles Joyce [and] Lucinda JohnsonS. MatthewsI.F. Winter and J. Bishop
Dec 2, 1879Eli Paddle, age 22 [and] Ann Clark, age 20James WilsonSamuel Paddle and Hannah Maria Senior
Jan 14, 1884John Clarke, age 24 [and] Harriet Senior, age 23, Flat IslandsCharles LenchThomas Clark and Jacariah Smith
May 17, 1886John Diamond, age 28, Flat Islands [and] Mary Gosling, age 19, Flat IslandsM.J. StevensMary Ann Paddley and William Reeves
Nov 16, 1887William Clark, age 28, Chance Cove [and] Sarah Smith Joyce, age 22, Flat Islands

Dec 3, 1890Thomas Gosling, age 26, Flat Islands [and] Susanna Butler, age 19, Flat Islands
John Butler and Jane Gosling
Dec 16, 1890James W. Bishop, age 23, Flat Islands [and] Emma Porter, age 18
Reuben Collins and Amelia Bishop

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
HARDING "George Harding, Smith, Collins" should be "George Harding, Blacksmith, Collins Cove". Wilson Dicks
HARDING "Mary Hennigan Harding, Collins Cove" should be "Mary Hennigar Harding, Collins Cove". Wilson Dicks

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