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Baptisms (Partial-Selected)

St. Bernard's Roman Catholic Parish Register


The following is a list of baptisms extracted from the St. Bernard's Roman Catholic parish registers housed at that local parish. Family names enclosed in square brackets immediately following the extracted given name and/or family name represent an approximation of the standardized form of the name currently in use or accepted among living descendants. Held by the St. Bernard's Parish, Fortune Bay. A duplicate copy also held by the RC Basilica Archives , St. John's, NL Submitted by an anonymous researcher.


14 June 28 Moses of Joe Bernard & Hannah John
Spos. Daniel Bumbo & Fanny Tran_y?

42 Oct 6 Emma of Timothy Long & Mary Bobbet
Spos. John Barzail & Margt Allen


7 April 2 Harriet of Maurice Lewis & Sarah Bernard
Spos. Nicholas Ledore [Jeddore] & Matilda John

10 April 7 Charlotte of Bernard John & Julia John
Spos. Charlotte Brazail [Brazil]

22 Aug 28 John of James of Inks & Susanna Paul
Spos. Joseph Paul & Mary Paul

23 Sept 28 Nancy of Samuel Bumbo [Benoit / Benwa?] & Susan John
Spos. Joseph Paul & Mary Paul

24 Sept 28 Agnes of Nicholas Ledore & Mary Brenoor [Benoit?]
Spos. Joseph Paul & Mary Burke? [or Baske-partly illegible]
Morris Lewis & Madeline John

26 Sept 25 Elizabeth of James Hinks & Susan Paul
Spos. Joseph Paul & Mary Burke [or Baske-partly illegible]


3 Febry 26 John of David Morris & Margt Lewis
Spos. Benjamin Lewis & Margt Morris
Rob B.

6 March 11 Margaret of John Travis? & Susan Paul
Spos. Maurice Lewis & Wm. Lewis
R. Brennan?


10 August 1 Anne of David Morriss (sic.) [Morris] & Margt Lewis
Spos. Benjamin Lewis & Rosanne Lewis

15 Aug 5 Christina of Bernard John & Julia Ann John [nee Julian?]
Spos. Benjamin Lewis & Mary Lewis
Rob B

16 Aug 5 May Ann of Rob Macdonald & Mary Bask
Spos. John Macdonald & Mary Ann Bask


7 Feb 17 Noel of Noel Mitchell & Mary Paul
Spos. Noel Paul & Emma Paul
Rob Bren…

8 Feb 17 Julia of __ Richardson & Emma Paul
Spos. Peter Joe & Mary Paul
Rob B

9 July Maurice of Frank Joe and Caroline John
Spos. Frank Joe & Madeline John
Rob Bren….

10 July17 Alice Trary? [Treany / Leary?] & Jane Brown
Spos. Frank Joe & Madlin Joe
Rob B….

11 July 17 Elizabeth of Frank Joe & Madlin Joe
James Leary & Jane Leary
Rob Bren…

22 July 22 John of Joseph Brazail [Brazil] & Ann Bask
Spos. John Barrington & Esther John [nee Poulet]
Rob Bren…

23 July 22 Daniel of David Morriss & Margt Lewis
Spos. John Mitchell & Margt Bask
Rob Bren…

24 July 22 Joseph of John Macdonald & Nancy Paul
Spos. Bernard John & Fanny Moses?
R. Bren…

46 Nov 16 Matthew of John Burke & Charlotte Brazil
Spos. John Baptiste & Mary Ann Bask
Rob B….


14 July 2 Bapt Harriet of Frank Joe & Madlin Joe
Spos. James Walsh & Wm Leary
Rob Brenn..

15 July 2 Fanny of Noel Paul & Emma Paul
Spos. Nicholas Power & Elizabeth Jane Madore?

26 July 27 John of John Macdonald & Annie Paul
Spos. Ned Pullet & Sarah Lewis
R B….

29 July 27 Bapt Noel of Nicholas Ledore [Jeddore] & Mary Joe
Spos. Daniel Bumbo & Susan Bumbo
Rob B….


27 Aug 13 Lewis John of Lewis John & Esther John [nee Poulet]
Spos. Joe Lewis & Ann Bernard

28 Aug 19 Stephen of John Burke & Charlotte Brazil
Spos. Nicholas Ledore [Jeddore] & Ann Paul
Rob B....


10 June 27 Mary of Ed Pullet & Cartherine Lewis
Spos. Maurice Lewis & Esther John
Rob B….

13 June 30 Peter of Paul Benoit & Louise Joe
Spos. Daniel Bumbo & Susan Bumbo [nee John]

14 June 30 George of Paul Benoit & Susan Susan Joe
Spos. Thos. Macdonald & Ann Macdonald

15 June 30 Paul of Paul Benoit & Louisa Joe
Spos. Noel John & Madeline John
Rob B….

16 June 30 Lawrence of Paul Benoit & Lewisa Joe
Spos, Maurice Lewis & Madlin Lewis

17 June 30 Frank of Paul Benoit & & Lewisa Joe
Spos. Peter Ledore [Jeddore] & Effie White

18 June 30 Mary Ann of Lawrence Benoit & Fanny ___ ? [Strickland presumed]
Spos. Jalome (sic.) [Jerome] Pullet & Fanny Lilly [note Leary? above]
Rob Brennan

19 June 30 Ely __ of Lawrence Benoit & Fanny Strickland
Spos. Noel Ledore [Jeddore] & Charlotte Joe

RB 20 June 30 Effie of Lawrence Benoit & Fanny Strickland
Spos. Noel Lewis & Ann Drew

21 June 30 Benjamin of George Benoit & Nancy Lewis
Spos. Joe Brazil [Brazil] & Esther John
Rob Brennan

22 June 30 George of Paul Benoit & Nancy Lewis
Spos. Paul Benoit & Christine Pullet
Rob ……


58 Nov 11 William of Frank Joe & Madlin Joe
Spos. Maurice Lewis & Sarah Lewis [nee Bernard?]
Robert Brennan

59 Nov 11 John Lewis of Nicholas Ledore [Jeddore] & May Joe
Spos. Lewis John & Susan John [wife of Daniel Bumbo?]
R Brennan

60 Nov 11 Jane of Henry Drew & Hannah Joe
Spos. Peter John & Jane Brazail [Brazil]
R. Brenn…

61 Nov 11 Mary Agnes of John Macdonald & Nancy Paul
Spos. Noel Bernard & Hannah John [wife of Jospeh Bernard?]

62 Nov 11 Susan of Peter Joe & Charlotte John
Spos. Bernard John & Julia John

63 Nov 12 James of Daniel Macdonald & Emma Leg (sic.) [Legge]
Spos. Lewis John & Eleanor Hagarty


32 Sept 24 Ann of Joe Bernard & Ms Bernard [Hannah Ann John]
Spos. Richard Handragan (sic.) & Kate Power

45 Aug 9 Noel of John Burque [perhaps Basque-partly illegible] & Charlotte Brazail [Brazil]
Spos. Joe Paul & Christine Lewis

46 August 2 Madline of Lewis John & Esther Pullett
Spos. Joe Bernard? & Madlin Bumbo

47 August 2 Sarah of Robt Macdonald & Mary Basque
Spos. Bernard John & Mary Hoskins


28 Sept 11 John of Peter John & Ellen Gaine? [or Haine-should be Hall]
Spos. Lewis John & Annie John
Rob Brennan

29 Sept 11 Mary Ann of Paul Benoit & Louise Paul
Spos. Reuben Julian? & Ms. Bernard

24 Sept. 15 Ann of Ned Pullet & Christine Lewis
Spos, Remond Brian & Charlotte Burke


14 July 1 Thomas of John Macdonald & Mary Paul
Spos. Nicholas Ledor [Jeddore] & Madline Lewis
Rob Brennan

15 July 1 Moses of John Burke & Charlotte Brazail
Spos. Benjamin Lewis & Susan Collier

16 July 1 Elizabeth of Lewis John & Esther Pullett
Spos. John Burke & Ellen John


30 Aug 18 William of Edward Poulet & Angela Bernard
Spos. Ed. Poulet & Margaret Morris

33 Aug 24 Nicholas Jedore [Jeddore] & Mary Benois (sic.) [Benoit]
Spos. William Lewis & Lewis Joe

34 Aug 24 Mar Ann of Ann Goold & Benjamin Lewis
Spos. Joseph Bernard & Sarah Lilly (sic.)
V. J. R.

58 Nov. 12 Baptized Bernard of Peter John and Ellen Hann (sic.) [should be Hall]
Spos. Jos. Bernard & Ann Drew
V. J. Reardon


Sept. 3rd At Bay de Nord Baptized (sub. cond.) John; born Nov. 19, 1873 of George Benoit and Ann Lewis
Sponsors: Richard White & Mary Jedore
M. W. Howley

18 At Bay de Nord Septmber 3rd 1874 Baptized (sub. cond.) Mary born 30 November 1873 of David Morris & Margaret Lewis
Sponsors: Thomas Hull (sic.) [Hall?] & Ann Benoit
M. W. Howley

19 Sept. 5th at Ship Cove Baptized (sub. cond.) Ann of Robert Macdonald & Mary Basque
Sponsors: Matthew Colliers (sic.) & Rosannah Colliers (sic.)
M. W. Howley

20 Sept. 6th at Conn Baptized (sub. cond.) William of (born 7th March 1874) of Henry Drew & Johanna Joe
Sponsors: Maurice Lewis
M. W. Howley

21 Sept 6 at Conn Baptized (sub. cond.)
William of John Macdonald and Anastasia Paul
Sponsors: John Matthew & Mary Benoit (born 26 July)
M. W. Howley

22 September 6th 1874 at Conn Baptized Moyses of Edward Pullet & Christina Lewis
(born Sept. 5) Sponsors: Benjamin Lewis & Anastasia Lewis
M. W. Howley


20 June 9th Madaline of Joe Bernard (of Conn River) and Ann John
Spos: Peter John & Joseph Snook
V. J. Reardon

21 June 9th Peter of Nicholas Jedore & Mary Benoit
Spos: Bernard John & Sarah Hoskins
V. J. R.

22 June 9th Peter of Peter Strait (sic.) [Stride] & Mary Lewis
Spos. Noel Lewis & Anny John
V. J. R.

44 Nov 4 Baptized at Conn Louis of Peter John & Ellen Hall
Sponsors: Noel Louis [Lewis] & Harriet Louis [Lewis]
M. W. Howley


37 Sept. 28 Baptized at Conn (River)
John of Edward Pullet & Christine Lewis (child born 10th Sept.)
Sponsors: Edward Pullet & Hannah Drew
J. Walsh

45 Nov. 3 Baptized at Conn River Mary Jane of Benjamin Lewis and Ann Gould _
Sponsors: Louis John & Margaret Morris


12 Aug 2 Baptized at Hr. Breton
Stephen of Joseph Bernard & Ann John (Indians Bay Despair)
Sponsors: Reuben Lewis & Charlotte Jo (sic.) [Joe] (for Mary Ann Basque)


Oct 17th Baptized (at Conn River) William of Peter John and Ellen Hall
Spos. Edward Pullet and Catherine John [perhaps Catherine Banfield / Mansfield of Southern Harbour, PB]

Oct 17th Thomas of Bernard John & Esther Matthews
Conne Sps. Joseph Jedeau (sic.) [Jeddore] & Agnes Strait [Stride]


1882 May 3rd Abraham of Samuel Colliers & __ House
Ship Cove Sps. Edward Pullet & Mary Ledour [Jeddore]

1882 Baptized at Bay de Nord Noel of Edward Pullet & Christina Lewis
July 22nd Sps. Silas Hull (sic.) [Hall?] & Harriet Grant (sic.) [Crant?]

1882 At Conn River Michael of Louis John & Catherine Mansfield
Oct. 6th Sps. John Colliers & Bridget Fowler
J. Whelan


Sept. 19th Baptized at Conne River John (Baptist) of Benjamin Lewis & Ann Bernard
Sps. Maurice Lewis & Bridget Matthews