Bow(e) Family Photo

Standing far left: Fanny Rees (nee Bow(e)) (b. 1891 Cupids, CB), of William Bow(e) & Fanny Bow(e) [presumed cousins], wife of Leonard Rees (Rhys). According to local community and oral family history Fanny Bow(e) was known to be either a full-blood or half-breed Indian. The family is known to have a connection to Labrador, having come down on a schooner from there, settling in Cupids or Blackhead. Parish register entries present some confusion for other genealogists as Bowe is sometimes transcribed as Rowe, and vice versa, making a distinction between the Bowe and Rowe familes, both from the same area, somewhat complicated and entangled.

The Bow(e) family may be of mixed French/Irish and Labrador Montagnais, or mixed Montagnais-Inuit ancestry. A distant connection with the NL Mi'kmaw (Ktaqmkukewaw) LeBow family is remotely possible, on the paternal side, although highly unlikely. The same argument may be applied for any conjectured Pi'tawkewaw/Oqwatnukewaw (Beothuk/Red Indian) connection for this family line, where some familes from this group emigrated from Newfoundland to northern Labrador ca, 1826-9.

Sitting with child: Selina Rees (nee Hutchings) (b. 1846 Spaniard's Bay, CB), mother-in-law of Fanny Bowe, mother of Leonard Rees. Selina Hutchings is holding her granddaughter Julia Rees (b. 1915 Lance Cove), of Leonard Rees and Fanny Bow(e)

Photo Taken at Lance Cove ca. 1916-7.

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