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Broderick, Lander, Connell & Murphy Surname Information

(excerpts from the Gert Crosbie Collection)

The information was transcribed by Robert Murphy. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

Elizabeth Broderick of Freshwater married Robert Ash of Carbonear they were married by Reverend Angwin 01/12/ 1853
Jane Broderick wife of William Broderick died 03/05/ 1855
William Broaderick married Mary Byrne daughter of James Byrne 10/08/ 1856
Mary Broderick eldest daughter of Thomas Broderick died age 35 03/---/ 1860
Jeremiah Broderick age 39 died in Harbour Grace as a result of inflammation after getting cold from jumping into the sea to rescue the captain of “Marian Ridley”. He left a widow and a young family 01/29/ 1861
Timothy Broderick married Mary Ann Deady youngest daughter of late martin Deady (Both of this town) by Reverend Scott RC Cathedral 01/10/ 1871
William Broderick late school teacher Jobs Cove died at Lower Island Cove aged 78 09.07/ 1878
Born to the wife of Timothy Broderick a twin (Boy and Girl) 09/09/ 1880
Hannah Broadricks youngest daughter of late Captain Broadricks (both of St. Johns) by Reverend Ladner 04/20/ 1880
Edward Broderick of Glasgow married M.A. Noftall of St. Johns 08/10/ 1884
Edward Broderick (cooper) native of Kilkenny, died at residence Ball Alley, Allandale Rd. age 46 06/28/ 1887
Patrick Broderick of Cottles Island married Catherine Lane of Ragged Harbour, T.B. At RC Cathedral by Reverend Forristall 11/27/ 1888

John Lander died age 80 05/20/ 1876

Robert Connell age 74 married Mary Tracey age 71 (Relict of Patrick) residents of Cats Cove 02/14/ 1840
John Connell high constable Harbour Grace married Margaret Cahill or Mosquito married by Rev. Dalton P.P. 07/30/ 1851
Margaret Connell of Bonavista died age 84 01/01/ 1853
Born to wife of T. Connell a child 02/02/ 1858
Timothy Connell died age 26 11/20/ 1858
Timothy Francis Connell of Harbour Grace married Margaret Bernard Smith eldest daughter of Patrick Smith (pilot) 01/28/ 1856
Catherine Connell youngest daughter f Maurice Connell died Harbour grace age 7 years 07/07/ 1874
Maurice Connell native of Cork died at Harbour Grace age 64 01/17/ 1874
Con Connell son of John Connell died at Fermuse age 8 years 12/30/ 1876
David Connell native of Broad cove northern Shore died age 61 on board schooner Atalantia at Whitebears Labrador 11/01/ 1879
Jeremiah Connell native of mosquito died age 70 07/10/ 1880
John Connell married Bridget Smart (both of Harbour Grace) 01/22/ 1881
Connell Annie daughter of late Maurice & Catherine Connell died age 18 04/01/ 1882

Bridget Murphy married Michael power Caplin Cove 11/20/ 1828
Michael Murphy of house of James Mcbaine died age 63 at Kings cove lived there 25 years left wife and two children 04/18/, 1831
John Murphy son of late Dennis Murphy died age 28 04/0 3/ 1833
Laurence Murphy died age 39 08/13/ 1834
Michael Murphy died age 77 12/19/, 1839
Peter Murphy died age 60, native of Wexford spent 35 years in NF, 07/31/1841
Catheine Murphy wife of Matthew Murphy died 12/06- 1843
Ellen Murphy and John Walters were married by reverend Blackman 02/15/ 1843
Thomas Murphy married Margaret Tubrid daughter of James Tubrid 09/27/ 1844
Lawrence Murphy died age 53 05/ 24/1845
Catherine Murphy daughter of Capt Murphy St. Johns married John Ryan from Carbonear 01/24/ 1845
Pamela Murphy daughter of Arthur Murphy married George Harris (from Shopshire) 11/16/ 1848
James Murphy married Ann McGrath dau of Thomas McGrath (married .by rev Walsh & Mullock) 09/ 07/ 1850
Catherine Murphy and Patrick Godfrey (both of St. John’s) were married in Boston 11/07/ 1850
Alex A. Murphy (sail maker) married Mary Julia Furlong (both of this town) By R/ Walsh 10/---/ 1850
Honora Murphy 2nd daughter of John Murphy Harbour grace married Patrick Strapp by Reverend Dalton (parish priest) 01/23/ 1851
Denis Murphy married Mary Ann Liddy dau of Patrick Liddy (both of this town) 05/18/ 1852
Edward Murphy married Mary Ann Cantwell 12/26/ 1852
Anne Murphy daughter pf Thomas V. Murphy died age 6years 02/--/ 1853
Elizabeth daughter of Thomas V. Murphy died age 2 years 6 months 01/29/ 1853
Clement Murphy died age 36/63 02/-- / 1855
Eliza Murphy 3rd daughter of late Nicholas Murphy of north shore married David Ryan by Reverend K. Walsh 11/16/1855
John Murphy died age 55 08/29/ 1855
Ellen Murphy age 17 died 02/07/ 1856
Jemima Murphy youngest daughter of Arthur Murphy of St. Johns and W.N. Rankin of Coburg, Canada West were married by Rev. dr. burns at the residence of Daniel Hill 08/27/ 1856
Caroline wife of Michael Murphy Planter died age 51, left a large family 09/09/ 1856
John Murphy Jr. of Harbour Grace married Mary Strapp dau of Patrick Strapp were married in Harbour Main, by rev. O’Keefe 02/07/ 1856
Thomas R. F. Murphy of Placentia Bay married Catherine Josephine McCarthy dau of late P. McCarthy, by rev Walsh 02/07/1856
James Murphy died at Queenstown 10/26/ 1857
Joseph Murphy married Eliza J. Long daughter of John Long, Rev. O’Donnell married them 10/19/ 1857
Michael H. Murphy married Mary Agnes Fogarty only dau of James Fogarty, by rev. Walsh 04/19/ 1858
Jane Murphy 2nd daughter of Edward Murphy Jobs cove married Martin Breen of County Wexfrord by Reverend O’Donnell 11/03/ 1858
John Murphy master of Brig Adamant of Harbour Grace died at Catalina 09/14/ 1858
Mary Murphy married James Glindon (both of this place) by reverend O’Donnell 07/08/ 1858
Agnes Murphy daughter of late Clement Murphy died age 21 05/-- / 1859
Ellen r. Murphy daughter of John Murphy married James Crosby (chief engineer RMS Osparay) at St. Mary’s Cathedral Halifax 11/12/ 1859
Esther Frances Murphy youngest daughter of James Murphy married James Gibbons by reverend O’Donnell 11/21/ 1859
Edward Murphy of Kilkenny died on 20th age 35 funeral from Maurice Finn’s 09/04/ 1860
Elizabeth Murphy and Michael Dawny were married (both of this town) by Reverend O’Donnell 01/30/ 1860
John Murphy native of Lismore Co. Waterford Ireland many years a resident of Keels BB died age 65 left a large family funeral from his home of freshwater Rd. 12/03/ 1860
Michael Murphy died at Halifax age 62 05/23/ 1860
Michael Murphy eldest son of the late John Murphy keels BB age 24 died 06/11/ 1861
Ellen Murphy died age 13, Measles 01/15/ 1861
John Murphy “visitation from God” heart attack 01/07/ 1861
Mary Elizabeth youngest daughter of James Murphy died age 2 years measles 02/12/ 1861
Matthew Murphy native of Wexford died aged 94 lived in this city 69 years left Ireland in 1798. for 30 years trusted employee and storekeeper Hon Patrick Morse 01/08/ 1861
Cornelius Callahan (Captain) son of late capt. Jeremiah Callahan married Margaret relict of late Thomas v. Murphy, eldest daughter of late James Tubrid 02/05/ 1862
Mary Murphy 6th daughtrer of John Murphy Catalina married Capt John Finn, New York at Cathedral by Reverend Phelps 09/20/ 1862
Johanna Murphy niece of Keryan Fitzpatrick of New Ross Wexford, Ireland died at Halifax 05/13/ 1862
John Murphy married Mary Jane Aspell dau of peter Aspell both of St. Johns 09/23/ 1862
Thomas Rudolph Murphy, (cooper) of firm of John & Thomas Murphy, married Joanna Flora Ryan, 2nd daughter of Thomas Ryan (pilot) at brides fathers home married by rev. O’Donnell 09/16/ 1862
Catherine Murphy 3rd dau of Clamnet Murphy died age 28 09/16/ 1863
Catherine Murphy wife of James Murphy Oderin died age 60 06/20/ 1865
Ellen Murphy relict of late john Murphy died at Harbour Grace aged 66 01/10/ 1865
Murphy Mary wife of John Murphy Rams Island Placentia bay died 05/24/ 1865
Elizabeth Caroline Murphy youngest daughter of Michael Murphy of Harbour Grace married Thomas J. Mitchell son of Timothy Mitchell of St. Johns by Rev Walsh 01/23/ 1866
George Murphy married Anna Maria Curran youngest dau of Michael Curran of Greenspond married there at brides fathers residence by Rev. m. Scanlon 07/12/ 1866
Margaret Murphy daughter of T. Murphy Placentia married Joseph Rex Capt of brig Excelsior married by Rev. Mr. Nowlan 07/13/ 1866
Maurice Murphy married Francis Britt (all of Harbour Grace) 12/12/ 1866
Elizabeth Julia 2nd daughter of E.J. Murphy (joiner) died age 10 years 02/13/ 1867
John Murphy 2nd son of Andrew Murphy (constable) of Oderin married Ellen Hartigan daughter of Lawrence Hartigan of Great Placentia 12/21/ 1867
Mary Ellen Murphy eldest daughter of Capt Joseph Murphy age 7 years 02/08/ 1867
Jane Murphy wife of John Murphy 2nd daughter of late Peter Aspell of St. Johns died Boston 02/25/ 1868
John Murphy died at Boston Mass age 26 08/25/ 1868
Laurence Murphy native of Wexford died at Halifax 04/08/ 1868
Matthew Murphy married Elizabeth Foley 2nd daughter of late Luke Foley 07/14/ 1868
Stephen Murphy son of M. Murphy J.P died at Kings cove age 29 03/21/ 1868
James Murphy married Mary Walsh youngest daughter of late James Walsh of Harbour Main, married there at residence of brides mother by Rev. J. O’Donnell assisted by rev. P O’Donnell 07/04/ 1869
Mary Murphy daughter of James Murphy died age 38 04/22/ 1870
James Murphy Stipendiary magistrate at St. Mary’s died age 59 03/21/ 1871
Jeremiah Murphy formerly of St. johns died at Pictou N.S. left wife and child 08/29/ 1871
Luke Murphy (cooper) died age 64 01/20/ 1872
Michael Murphy J.P. native of New tower, Barry, County Waterford died age 74 came here in 1820 04/27/ 1872
Murphy Catherine age 60 native of St. Johns died Halifax 08/31/ 1873
James Murphy 4th son of late Capt James Murphy of Catalina died age 16 at Bloncoddy Cottage 11/27/ 1873
James G. Murphy married Belinda Ellen warren daughter of late Capt. J. Warren 08/18/ 1873
Jane Murphy relict of late James Murphy married Charles fox both of St. Johns) 08/19/ 1873
John Murphy married Lizzie Kennedy daughter of Late Ed Kennedy (both of St. Johns) at Onida st. Boston, at church of Bunker hill Rev. Father Darvers 01/11/ 1873
Mary Josephine Murphy eldest daughter of Richard Murphy married John T. O’Mara son of late John O’Mara at residence of Brides father by Rev. John Scott and rev. William Fitzpatrick 07/28/ 1874
Alice Esther daughter of James Murphy J.P of St. Mary’s married Michael Whalen 11/26/ 1875
Ann Murphy widow of Richard Murphy died age 75 03/16/ 1875
John P. Murphy of Catalina Married Mary Frances Keough of Bonavista at the R.C. Cathedral by Rev. McGrath 11/30/ 1875
Mary Jane Murphy wife of Edward Murphy (carpenter) native of St. Mary, Co Waterford Ireland died age 50 08/21/ 1875
Patrick Murphy eldest son of Luke Murphy (cooper) of this city died in Philadelphia 01/23/ 1875
Thomas Murphy died at Harbour Grace aged 46/49 10/12/ 1875
Bridget Murphy wife of John Murphy died at Flower Hill age 34 04/18/ 1876
Miss Mary Jane Murphy and Mr. W.H. Carnell were married by Rev Patterson at St. Andrews church ( both were of St. Johns) 01/18/ 1876
Ann Murphy married Walter Walsh married by Rev. Forristall 12/01/ 1877
Ann Murphy wife of Patrick Murphy died at Trinity aged 61 02/10/ 1877
Ellen Walsh 4th daughter of late Luke Murphy (cooper) were married by Rev Forristall on 04/30 1877
Michael Murphy died at Trinity age 54, he lived here for 33 years 1/15/1977
Thomas Murphy native of St. Johns died at East Pubnico age 87 06/19/ 1877
Ann Murphy at Trinity, relict of late Thomas Murphy, native of Co Wexford died age 75, here 50 yrs. 03/05/ 1878
Catherine Murphy married William Martin at cathedral By Falconio 06/08/ 1878
Catherine Murphy wife of Patrick Murphy died age 54 12/31/ 1878
Ellen Murphy only daughter of martin Murphy riverhead died rews Riverhead 04/23/ 1878
Hester Youngest daughter of James and Bridget Murphy died age 18 at her mothers residence South Side 07/30/ 1878
James Murphy a native of this town age 30 died at residence 30 kings Rd. 12/02/ 1878
Jeremiah Murphy married Mary Gallivan 2nd daughter of William Gallivan (both of this city) 06/04/ 1878
Catherine Murphy married William Martin at cathedral by Reverend Falconio 06/08/ 1878
John Murphy (cooper) died age 48 left wife 5 small children 11/12/ 1878
John Murphy of St. Johns married Catherine Sparkes of Hr. Grace 11/04/ 1878
Katie only daughter of Thomas Murphy died age 20 01/29/ 1878
Patrick Murphy age 80 native of St. Johns died age 80 at Halifax 04/06/ 1878
Thomas Murphy son of John & Mary Murphy of Newport corner Hants County age 24 12/05/ 1878
Elizabeth Murphy daughter of Patrick and Sarah Murphy of Salmonear died age 9 12/30/ 1879
Elizabeth Murphy of Water Street near Patrick St. St. johns died age 76 01/28/ 1879
Born to the wife of M. Murphy (shoemaker) a son 08/12/ 1879
Ellen daughter of Patrick and Sarah Murphy died at Salmonear age 1 12/30/ 1879
Elizabeth Murphy a native of kilkenny died age 76 at residence on Bulley Street 12/09/ 1879
Ellen Mary Murphy only daughter of late Capt. John Murphy married Capt d. Pumphry at cathedral Harbour grace 11/07/ 1879
James Murphy of New Gower Street native of Craig, Co Kilkenny age 86 here 67 years died 04/08/ 1879
John Murphy 2nd son of late Thomas Murphy and nephew of P. Murphy Trinity died age 46 at Trinity, worked in St. johns for a number of years 07/30/ 1879
Laurence son of Dennis and Ann Murphy died age 8 years, at Salmonear 12/30/ 1879
Laurence son of Patrick and Sarah Murphy of Salmonear died age 14 12/30/ 1879
Michael Murphy son of Dennis & Ann Murphy died age 12 at Salmonear 12/30/ 1879
Owen Murphy married Catherine Fitzgerald at Cathedral Harbour Grace by Falcianio 12/15/ 1879
Mary Ann Murphy daughter of Patrick & Sarah Murphy died at Salmonear age 4 years 12/30/ 1879
Mary Joseph Murphy married Patrick Mead at Little Placentia (both of Placentia) 12/14/ 1879
Philip Murphy native of St. Johns died Halifax age 39 left wife and 7 children 05/17/ 1879
Richard Murphy age 21native of Ballynagael co Wexford Ireland died at Residence Patrick St 01/21/ 1879
William Murphy son of late James Murphy strip Magistrate of St. Mary’s married Isabel Byrne daughter of late Thomas Byrne (surveyor) at residence of James Warren by Rev. T. Ryan 02/11/ 1879
Anastasia Murphy eldest daughter of Sylvester Murphy Employee of Grieve and Company South Side married William Barnes chief officer of Brig Petunia at Petty harbour by Rev Walsh 10/27/ 1880
Catherine Frances Murphy 2nd daughter of late Richard Murphy married Francis St. John at residence of brides mother married by Rev John St. John, brother of the groom and Rev Fitzpatrick (GNTS) 10/26/ 1880
Dennis Murphy son of Patrick and Sarah Murphy died age 6 years 01/10/ 1880
Gertrude Ann Murphy daughter of the late Dr. Murphy of Fredericton married J. E. Collins at St. dunstan Fredericton 07/23/ 1880
Honora wife of Richard Murphy native of Tipperary died age 82 at White hills 11/03/ 1880
James Murphy married Marie Antoinette Murphy eldest daughter of late Capt James Murphy of Catalina 01/10/ 1880
John Murphy son of john and Mary Murphy age 2 died 01/06/ 1880
Martin Murphy son of John and Mary Murphy died at Salmonear age 8 years 01/06/ 1880
Martin Murphy (shoemaker) died at residence New Gower Street age 25 04/13/ 1880
Patrick Murphy 3rd son of James and Bridget Murphy died age 21 at South Side 11/02/ 1880
Patrick Murphy native of Kilkenny died at Water Street 10/12/ 1880
Thomas J. Murphy of Catalina married Josie A. Ashman 5th daughter of Thomas Ashman of this town (HG) 05/25/ 1880
Thomas Murphy son of Denis and Sarah Murphy died at Salmonear 01/06/ 1880

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