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Conception Bay North

Harbour Grace Carlton Skating Rink 1892

This building opened January 24, 1885.  It was situated at the junction
of Cochrane Street with Harvey - east of Cochrane, South of Harvey, where
Esso oil now stands.  Its size was 117 feet in length by 53 feet in width.
The property belonged to D.J. Green, Esq.

Following is a list of some of the masqueraders at the Carnival held there
on March 4, 1892.
Miss BADCOCK Spring
Rob BADCOCK Good-night
George STEVENSON Earl of Leicester
Charles BUTLER Prince Henry of Battenburg
Miss Jessie PATTERSON Equestrienne
H.A. MORRISSEY Mrs. Moriarty
Dr. STRAPP King of Diamonds
Miss JONES Queen of Clubs
D. MUNN Esquimaux
R.D. McRAE Snow-shoer
C. L. KENNEDY, jr. Negro
T. McNAB Negro
Miss SPENSE House-maid
Robert MUNN Football Player
W.H. KENNEDY Susannah White
Ida McRAE Red Riding Hood
F. HISCOCK Esquimaux
C. GODDEN Robert Emmett
Miss GODDEN Swedish Peasant
Malcolm COATES King Philip
William COATES Marquis of Blandford
Miss SCULLY Swiss Peasant
Miss WHITE La Zingara
Miss NOEL Musician
Miss RUTHERFORD Lodge of Ye Olden Time
Maggie FITXGERALD Sealer Girl
E.B. THOMPSON French Marquis
Madeline CODY Snowflake
Michael THOMEY Italian Nobleman
Miss A. THOMEY Waiting Maid
Miss McNAB Spanish Musician
Winnie McNAB Little Lodge of Ye Olden Time
Mary HOGAN Rainbow
Miss B. MARTIN Peasant
Miss GOLDER Jockey
L. BROWN George IV
Miss MUNN Equestrienne
Rose MUNN Snow-shoer
Florrie MUNN Winter
Ron MUNN Highlander
Miss KENNEDY Spanish Lady
Miss Belle KENNEDY Highland Lassie
Miss Fanny KENNEDY Flower-girl
Miss CAIRNS Nurse
Miss May CAIRNS Red Riding Hood
Florrie CAIRNS Sailor
John P. KENNEDY Prince of the Yellow Empire
Miss E. MAKINSON Oriental Costume
With apologies for names omitted.

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