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Conception Bay North - Harbour Grace

Catholic Benevolent Irish Society elections 1880

The Harbor Grace Standard and Conception Bay Advertiser, Feb. 21, 1880
In consequence of the extreme severity of the weather, many of the members were prevented from attending. It was therefore resolved to postpone the election of officers and adjourn the meeting to Sunday, 15th inst.

Accordingly on Sunday at 8 p.m. the adjourned annual meeting of the Society was opened by the President, a large number of members being present. The business of the year being completed, the officers vacated their seats and the Revd. Richard Walsh was called to the chair. The election of officers for the ensuing year then took place and resulted as follows:

Mr. P. DEVEREUX, re-elected President
Mr. J. INNOTT " Vice President
Mr. J. CALLANAN " 1st Asst. Vice President
Mr. M.J. FLYNN elected 2nd Asst. Vice President
Mr. T. STRAPP re-elected Treasurer
Mr. J. HOGAN " Asst. Treasurer
Mr. D.A. HOGAN " Secretary
Mr. J.J. MURPHY " Asst. Secretary
Mr. R. LAHEY " Chairman Com.Charity
Mr. T. CODY " Chairman Review & Correspondence
Mr. A. THOMEY elected Grand Marshal
Mr. J. HARTE " Asst. Grand Marshal
Committee of Charity: - Messrs. Matthew POWER, James KELLY, Richard MURPHY, Richard LAHEY, Roger SCULLY, William PUMPHREY, Philip COLBERT, James WALSH and Tobias BRENNAN.

Committee of Review & Correspondence: - Messrs. William SHARPE and Patrick WALSH

Band Committee: - Messrs. D.A. FLYNN, J. INNOTT, Philip COLBERT, John HARTE and Thomas STRAPP

On the rev. chairman vacating his seat, Captain Thomas GREEN was called to the second chair and the following resolution, proposed by the President elect and seconded by the Treasurer, was unanimously adopted:

Resolved: That the thanks of the Society are due and hereby given to the Revd Richard Walsh for his readiness in taking the chair and for the efficient and dignified manner in which he discharged the duties thereof.

The rev. gentleman responded in a few appropriate and happy remarks, after which the officers elect took their places. The grant for charity was then voted; and the unanimous adoption of the following resolutions concluded the day's proceedings: -

Resolved - that the Most Revd. H. CARFAGNINI is entitled to the thanks of the Society, which we hereby respectfully tendered, for the interest continually manifested by His Lordship in the welfare of the Society. Resolved: That the thanks of the Society are likewise due and hereby given to Mr. D.A. FLYNN for granting his Secretary's fee of 2 2s. as a donation to the funds.

D. A. FLYNN, Secretary

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