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Grammar School Prize & Honour List 1878

From the Harbor Grace Standard Dec. 28, 1878

The Annual Examination of the Harbor Grace Grammar School took place on Friday last in the presence of a large assemblage of our leading citizens. On no former occasion in the history of this Institution have we witnessed the presence of so large a number of spectators as at this examination; and this we think, may be regarded as an evidence of the deep and growing interest now felt by the whole community in the cause of Education.

The Grammar School has had a good record in the past; and we are much pleased to find that under its present management it continues to hold its place as one of the most efficient of our educational institution. The old fashioned furniture of former times has been superseded by desks and chairs on the new and improved plan in use in the neighboring Provinces; and the Normal School system of training has been introduced with the usual good results.

The examination commenced about 11 a.m., and for several hours in succession the pupils were subjected to a process of severe questioning upon the various branches studied during the year; and we consider that the admirable manner in which they conducted themselves under this trying ordeal, afforded ample evidence of the thoroughness of the work done, of the conscientious faithfulness of the Teacher, as well as of the attention and diligence of the pupils. We were particularly pleased with the class in History which manifested a very commendable degree of acquaintance with the leading outlines of British History, together with the characteristic features of the different epochs; and we were delighted to find that this branch, which we have always considered as an essential in school training, has been at length supplied.

On the whole, we were very much pleased with the condition of the School, and consider our little town highly favoured in having two such excellent educational institutions as the Grammar School for the training of our more advanced boys, and the Victoria Street School for the training of our girls. We can only say in regard to both - May they continue to prosper. The times may be bad with us - our fisheries may prove a failure - and the majority of our population may continue in straitened circumstances; but so long as we have good school in our midst and our children continue to receive the thorough education that such schools as the above are fitted to impart, we have no fear as to their future in the world.

The following is a statement of the standing of the pupils General Proficiency in all Branches, including Latin and Spanish

* E.Trapnell

LATIN *W. Bennett F. Apsey N. Munn

SPANISH *C. Godden F. Apsey N. Munn C. Hutchings


SENIOR CLASS *C. Godden *A. Strathie *N. Munn *C. Hutchings J. Paterson F. Apsey G. Paterson

JUNIOR CLASS *G. Munn *C. Stevenson *R. Brien *M. Thompson O. Emerson H. Fitzgerald A. Apsey

3RD CLASS *C. Taylor T. Hennessy R. Henderson J. Thomey

PENMANSHIP - SENIOR AND JUNIOR CLASS *J. Badcock *A. Apsey *C. Godden *G. Fox *M. Thompson *F. Apsey 3rd Class - *T. Hennessy

ATTENDANCE -DATES ABSENT C. Godden..................0 *G. Munn.....................0 *C. Stevenson..............0 *N. Davis.....................0 *E. Williams................0 A Strathie...................6 N. Munn.....................8 G. Paterson................8 P. Fallon.....................9 E. Trapnell................12

DEPORTMENT *G. Munn *E. Godden *P. Fitzgerald *A. Stevenson *G. Paterson

The names of pupils are placed in the order of merit. Prize-takers are indicated thus *

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