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Harbor Grace - Matrimonial 1845 - 1891

Just a score from the hundreds of "Happy Events" in the 19th Century, of HARBOR GRACE. They were all compiled by the late R. Connelly of Harbour Grace, and on file at the Harbour Grace War Memorial Library.
Married on Thursday, Oct. 2, at St. Luke's Church, Port de Grave, by the Rev. Johnstone Vicars, Rector, John Irving RODDICK, Esq., Master of the Grammar School, Harbor Grace, to Emma Jane, eldest Daughter of Thomas MARTIN, Esq., Merchant of Port de Grave.

Married on Thursday, May 16, by the Rev. W.E. Shenstone, W.M., Captain James BROWN of the Brig "Margaret Ridley", to Louisa eldest daughter of Mr. John TRAPNELL, Harbor Grace.

Married on Tuesday, May 21, by the Rev. W.E. Shenstone, W.M., Mr. Nathaniel DAVIS of Caplin Cove, to Rachel, eldest daughter of Mr. Stretton PARSONS of Bear's Cove.

Married on Thursday. May 30, by the Rev. John Chapman, Captain John MUNN of the Brig "Clutha", to Elizabeth, daughter of Capt. George BROWN of the Brig "Haidee", Harbor Grace.

Married on Tuesday, May 28, by the Rev. George Schofield, the Rev. Alexander ROSS, Minister of the Free Church of Harbor Grace, to Maria S., daughter of the late John ROSS, Esq. of Halifax, N.S.

1856 Married on Tuesday. October 14, by the Rev. J.S. Phinney, Captain George BROWN, keeper of the Beacon, on the Point of Beach, to Fanny, relict of the late Mr. William TAYLOR of Lynemouth, Devon.

Married at St. Paul's Church on Tuesday, November 24, by the Rev. Bertram Jones, Mr. Alfred WEBBER, to Miss Jane Maria CHIPPET, both of Harbor Grace.

Married on Thursday, January 24, in the Wesleyan Church, by the Rev. C. Lockhart, Mr. Edgar DAVIS, to Amelia, eldest daughter of Mr. Charles PARSONS.

Married on Thursday, December 10, at the St. Paul's Church, by the Rev. Bertram JONES, Dr. William FRASER of Bay of Roberts, to Theresa, daughter of Captain Samuel GORDON of Harbor Grace.

Married on Tuesday, June 6, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Dalton, assisted by the Rev. John Vereker, Robert J. KENT, Esq., Barrister-at law, to Ellen, Eldest daughter of John DONNELLY, Esq., Harbor Grace.

Married at the Episcopal residence, on June 29, by the Very Rev. D. Falconio, O.S.F., Mr. Issac PUMPHREY, to Alice, eldest daughter of Captain William HENNESSEY.

Married at the Cathedral, on Monday, August 11, by the Very Rev. D. Falconio, Mr. Patrick HOULAHAN, Light-house keeper on Hr. Grace Island, to Ann, youngest daughter of Captain P. HUNT, Bryant's Cove.

Married on Tuesday, November 27, by the Rev. A. Ross, Mr. G? McKAIN, to Marion, daughter of Captain Mark ALCOCK.

Married on Thursday, November 10, at the residence of Hugh Youdall, Esq., by the Rev. John Goodison, Mr. John STEVENSON, to Miss Susannah WISEMAN, both of Harbor Grace.

Married on Sunday, June 17, at St. Paul's Church, by the Rev. J.M. Noel, assisted by the Rev. N. Lemoine, Frank H. ARCHIBALD, late of Goldenville, Gaysboro County, N.S., to Marian May, eldest daughter of the late Captain Henry DAVIS of Harbor Grace.

Married on Wednesday, July 27, at the Cathedral, by the Rt. Rev. Dr. MacDonald, Mr. Thomas HANRAHAN, teacher at the Academy, to Miss Anastasia LYNCH of Riverhead.

Married at the Palace on April 28, by the Rev. John March, Joseph STAPLETON, fourth son of Mr. Michael Stapleton, to Annie, youngest daughter of the late Richard CLEARY, Harbor Grace.

Married at St. Paul's Church on Thursday, July 24, by the Rev. Frank Smart, Judge Bennett giving the bride away, William A. OKE, to Miss Sophia Hilda SNOW, the late talented Teacher at the High School here.The party then proceeded to the house of the bride's mother, to partake of a wedding breakfast, after which, accompanied by a few friends, they drove to the Railway Station, to take the train to the Junction, there to spend a couple of days, returning by train on Saturday at 11 p.m.

Married at St. Paul's Church on Wednesday, Nov. 11, Mr. Albert ROGERS, to Miss Mary Ann BROWN. After the ceremony at the Church, the party drove to the residence of Mr. Wm. Brown, father of the bride, to partake of supper. The usual festivities were then indulged in until 11 p.m., when the happy pair left for their home. The British Band, of which Mr. Rogers is a member, was present for the event, which added much to the enjoyment.

On June 2, Rev. Mr. SMART of Bay de Verde and Miss Mary C. NOEL, eldest daughter of the esteemed Rector of St. Paul's, Harbor Grace, were united in Hymen's silken banns at St. Paul's here, by the father of the bride, assisted by Revs. W.C. Shears and J.J. White.

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