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Miscellaneous Marriages of Mosquito (Bristol's Hope)

Compiled by the late R. Connelly of Harbour Grace.
January 20, 1848: By the Rev. Charles Dalton, Henry THOMEY, son of Arthur of Mosquito, to Leonora, youngest daughter of Mr. James FORWARD of Carbonear.

December 2, 1848: By the Rev. John Cummins, Thomas DALEY of Mosquito, to Mary Ann, daughter of the late Mr. Richard KEEFE of the Grove.

January 17, 1949: By the Rev. Charles Dalton, James KEEFE of the Grove, to Miss Margaret Fitzgerald of Mosquito.

February 22, 1851: By the Rev. Mr Shenstone, William SIMMONDS, Jr. of Mosquito, to Miss Patience WARFORD of Hr. Grace.

July 27, 1851: By Rev. Charles Dalton, John CONNELL, High Constable of Harbor Grace, to Miss Margaret CAHILL of Mosquito.

December 7, 1852: y Rev. S. W. Sprague, Jonathan PARSONS of Bear's Cove, to Miss Ann Elizabeth PIKE of Mosquito.

January 16, 1856: At Mosquito by Rev. Charles Dalton, Terence COLLINS of Harbor Grace, to Ann, youngest daughter of Arthur THOMEY, Esq.

November 29, 1877: At the Cathedral, by the Very Rev. D. Falconio, James ROGERS, to Miss Mary CLANCE of Mosquito.

February 14, 1878: At the Cathedral, by the Very Rev. D. Falconio, Thomas FARRELL, to miss Ann HAWE of Mosquito.

May 25, 1879: At the Cathedral, by the Very Rev. D. Falconio, Patrick FOLEY, to Miss Mary CONNORS of Mosquito.

November 12, 1881: At the residence of Captain Thomas Alcock, Edward PIKE of Carbonear, to Miss Leah TAYLOR of Mosquito, by the Rev. John Goodison.

May 4, 1882: At the house of the bride's father (Mr. Benjamin SIMMONDS), by the Rev. John Goodison, Albert S. NEWHOOK, T.N.C., to Miss Lavina SIMMONDS.

January 30, 1888: At the Cathedral, by the Rev. R. M. Walker, Patrick CAHILL of Mosquito, to Miss Mary RYAN, Carbonear Road.

January 21, 1885: At the Cathedral, James CARROLL of Spaniard's Bay, to Miss Mary BUTLER of Mosquito.

November 18, 1888: At St. Patrick's Church, Carbonear, by the Rev. T. Lynch, Curate, Thomas CAHILL of Mosquito, to Mary WALSH of Carbonear.

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