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Mosquito (Bristol's Hope) Necrology

Compiled by the late R. Connelly of Harbour Grace.
August 17, 1845: Two young men, sons of William CAKE, Sr., drowned at Chimney Tickle, Labrador.

January 30, 1847: Mr. Roger HANRAHAN, age 80, father of Edward, M.C.A.

March 4, 1848: Mr. Charles PYNN, age 92.

July 26, 1849: Mr. James SIMMONDS, age 40.

November 13, 1850: William PIKE, son of William PIKE, Sr., after a lingering illness, age 26 years.

November 20, 1850: William PIKE, Sr., after a long and painful illness, much regretted by a numerous family, age 60 years.

December 14, 1851: Mr. Roger THOMEY, son of Roger, age 46.

October 3, 1852: Catherine, eldest daughter of Roger HANRAHAN, after a lingering illness, age 20.

November 16, 1852: Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Sheppard PYNN, after a lingering illness, age 80.

June 2, 1853: Catherine, wife of Mr. Roger HANRAHAN, at the age of 40.

September 16, 1854: Mr. Philip MEANER, age 75 years.

March 28, 1857: Ann, relict of the late Samuel GORDON, age 80 years.

March 13, 1865: Mr. John THOMEY, son of Arthur. He died at the ice, and was buried at Harbor Grace on May 19, age 24.

January 2, 1880: John DORAN, age 88, a respected resident of Mosquito for over half a century.

November 16, 1881: Samuel THOMEY, age 35, at Chicago, son of the late Kennedy THOMEY.

July 7, 1883: George PIKE, killed at Chimney Tickle, Labrador, by a falling block from the masthead of the schooner "George McKean", age 17, son of Edward PIKE.

January 23, 1885: Mr. David LAHERTY, a native of County Tipperary, age 74 years.

January 27, 1885: Mr. Jeremiah LYONS, a native of County Kerry, age 70.

February 3, 1885: Mr. John MALONE, a native of County Kilkenny, age 86.

May 17, 1886: Absalom, son of Captain Nicholas PIDDLE (sic), after a tedious illness, age 19 years.

October 11, 1886: John, second son of William and Ellen HANRAHAN, after a short illness, age 25 years.

October 2, 1887: Mr. John CONNERS, age 47 years.

November 7, 1887: Matthew RYAN, a native of County Kilkenny, age 88.

March 23, 1888: John, youngest child of Richard and Catherine POWER, age 3 weeks.

February 27, 1890: Mr. John THOMEY, age 81 years. Not married, he was a popular figure, and he was known as Uncle John.

May 21, 1891: Lizzie BUTLER, of a well-known and respected family, age 27 years

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