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Conception Bay North - Harbour Grace

Examination of Ship Head School, 1889

The Harbor Grace Standard and Conception Bay Advertiser, December 21, 1889
The first public examination of the pupils of this School was held on Wednesday morning. Quite a number of the parents and friends of the children showed an interest in the proceedings so that every inch of the seating capacity of the building was occupied. The chairman and Mr. A. H. SEYMOUR arrived at 11 o'clock, other members of the Board were unavoidably absent. The examination commenced by the junior class reading, spelling, saying tables and giving definitions in grammar, etc. They were followed by higher classes in other subjects, interspersed by a few recitations and school songs. The first class acquitted themselves very creditably, the spelling of a considerable number of difficult words showing a careful training in this particular. The calisthenics were well done, though instrumental music was much needed as an accompaniment. An organ fund is being raised. This school was opened only in April last, and the results so far have shown much diligence and painstaking on the part of Miss MARTIN. Greater results will no doubt be attained after another year. The school is fitted up admirably with dual desks and comfortable seats, and is well supplied with other requirements. After complimentary remarks from the members of the Board, the distribution of prizes took place. Two handsome books were presented by Mr. Seymour. Six seats remain unoccupied, which by next term will doubtless be filled, an evidence that the school and teacher are greatly appreciated.

The following is the Prize List:

Class 1 Katie ROGERS

Class 2 Alice NEILL
Stanley BRAY

Class 3 Effie COLE
Susie HUNT

Class C Gertrude WARREN
Eliza BRAY

Class B Lily HAWKINS

Class A Marion WALSH

Arithmetic Walter ROGERS

History Alice NEILL

Writing John FRENCH

Drawing Julia HORWOOD

Punctuality Effie COLE

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