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Conception Bay North - Harbour Grace

Examination of Ship Head School, 1894

The Harbor Grace Standard and Conception Bay Advertiser, January 5, 1894
The Annual Examination of this School, and distribution of prizes, was held on Wednesday Dec. 20th. The schoolroom had been tastily adorned with texts and mottoes. At 11 o'clock quite a number of the parents and friends of the children had assembled. After prayers and the repetition of some texts of Holy Scripture, the classes went through some of their school work. Several classed read, spelled and parsed, worked examples in Arithmetic, and answered to questions in Geography, History, and Useful Knowledge. The Senior Classes worked sums in Compound Proportion, Interest, Fractions, and Square Root. Two girls in the first class did a couple of propositions in 1st book of Euclid correctly. Examination papers in 10 subjects had been set, the results of which were creditable, and an evidence to the parents of what each child had accomplished. The proceedings were enlivened by manual drill, school songs, and a recitation of some length was excellently rendered by a girl of the second class. It is clear that good work is being done by the Teacher and her Assistant, who throw themselves so enthusiastically into their duties.

The examination closed at 1 o'clock. After some remarks the Chairman distributed the Prizes, which have been awarded according to the number of marks earned by each child.

Amongst the visitors was Mr. Carlyle, Emigration Agent for the Dominion of Canada, who addressed the children and expressed his pleasure at being present to witness a proof of their attainments. As an encouragement he very kindly offered a money prize with considerable applause. The Chairman thanked Mr. Carlyle in the name of teachers and scholars when "God save the Queen" brought the proceedings to a close.

It may be fair to add that this School, so well furnished is a credit to the Church of England Board of Education. One scholar has already obtained a certificate of grade, and others are looking forward to another examination to present themselves. Another pupil now holds a second grade certificate and is employed as schoolmistress on the Western Shore. Sixty-four children are at present on the roll, a proof that the school is appreciated in the district.

Prize List:

Class I

Highest marks in Chemistry, Grammar, Newfoundland and General Geography, Spelling and Writing - Alice NEIL

Highest marks in Euclid, Arithmetic, Domestic Economy, English History and Newfoundland History - Minnie BROWN

Class II
James WARREN, 9597 marks
Ettie NICHOLAS 9383 marks
Susie HUNT 9139 marks

Class II, 2nd Division
Louie STEVENSON 9287 marks
May MARTIN 9174 marks
Gertrude WARREN 9084 marks

Class III
Florence BRAY 2769 marks
Robert CROCKER 2678 marks

Class D
Patience BROWN 3282 marks
Robert BRAY 3219 marks
John ALCOCK 2920 marks

Class C
Cassie BRAY 3184 marks
Walter BROWN 3160 marks
Freddie BRAY 3084 marks

Class B
Belle VERGE 2283 marks
John HATCHER 2280 marks
Nellie ROGERS 2219 marks

Class A
Flossie NEILL
Lizzie PIKE

Writing - Sophy HUNT
Composition - Patrick FOLEY
Arithmetic - Eva FRENCH
Sherrif Seymour's Prize for Regularity, Punctuality and
Good Conduct - Belle VERGE

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