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Conception Bay North - Harbour Grace

Prize List Stanley Street School

The Harbor Grace Standard and Conception Bay Advertiser, December 21, 1889

1st Class                   Sarah NICHOLS
                                 Maggie SHEPPARD

2nd Class                    Amelia COLE
                                   Henry HUNT
                                   John HUNT

3rd Class                      Lizzie ANDREWS
                                   Julia NEWHOOK

4th Class  1st part         John ASH
                                    Henry DAVIS
                                    Willie COLE

4th Class 2nd part          Wm PIPPY
                                     Wilhelmina ASH
                                     Susie NICHOLS

5th Class                       Charles HATCHER
                                     Geo BROWN
                                     Giles COURAGE

6th Class                        Jessie COURAGE
                                      Minnie SHEPPARD

Grammar & Geography    Sarah NICHOLS
                                      Maggie SHEPPARD

Arithmetic                       John TARRANT
                                      Sarah NICHOLS

Writing                            Maggie SHEPPARD
                                      Jessie NICHOLS
                                      Bell SHEPPARD 

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