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Conception Bay North - Harbour Grace

Sunk Vessel Casualty List, 1871

The Harbor Grace Standard and Conception Bay Advertiser, May 31, 1871
We noticed a few days since the loss of Mr. William MARCH'S vessel at the mouth of Conception Bay on the night of Saturday or Sunday last, and refer to the sad event again for the purpose of giving a list of the unfortunate people who went down in her, with which we have been kindly furnished by the Rev. Mr. Ladner, Wesleyan Missionary at Old Perlican, whose congregation has been so suddenly and sadly thinned by this dreadful catastrophe. The names of the lost are as follows, and number 23 in all, not 42, as previously reported:

William DAY leaves wife and two children
John DAY, son of above leaves wife and three children
Simeon DAY, ditto leaves wife and one child
Wm FROWD leaves wife, three children and aged mother
James BARRETT leaves wife and two children
Nathan BARRETT leaves wife, no children
James BARRETT (of John) leaves wife and six children
Joshua BARRETT leaves wife
Nehemiah BARRETT leaves wife
John BARRETT father of above, leaves wife and three children
Eleazar MARCH leaves wife and four children
Mary Ann BURT , sister of Eleazer MARCH leaves husband and eight children
Wm COX leaves wife and five children
Cecilia COX daughter of above
James MARCH leaves wife and three children
James MARCH (of Andrew) a young man unmarried
John REID unmarried
Eli STRONG leaves wife and two children
Joseph BUTTON leaves wife and four children
George CHIRLEY leaves wife and six children
George STRONG unmarried and belonging to Bay de Verds
John SULLIVAN leaves wife and five children
John McCARTHY unmarried

Among the above are the father two sons and a father and three sons who have breathed out their lives together. William COX, his father, his daughter, his brother-in-law and his son-in-law and Eleazer MARCH, his sister and brother - all passed into Eternity at the same time. The settlement of Old Perlican in a settlement of almost despairing mourners - of lamentation and weeping.

To add to their affliction the families of the drowned are left destitute of the necessaries of life, and though it is not in the power of those who sympathize with them to lessen their grief or dry their tears, it is within their power to prevent these stricken people from suffering the pains of hunger and want, and we hope and believe that the kindly natured and benevolent people of St. John's and Conception Bay, who never hesitate to give when the poor cry out for help, will in this instance see that the necessities of these sorrowing people are provided for. An application will, we understand, be made to the Government for assistance, which no doubt will be freely given, but private aid will be needed to supplement the Government bounty and we are sure it will be at once forthcoming. The calamity is a heavy one -let us all endeavour to mitigate it so far as lies within our power.

[NOTE]. The name of the vessel isn't given in this news story. 

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