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Annual Examination of the Victoria Street School, 1877

The Harbor Grace Standard and Conception Bay Advertiser, December 29, 1877
The Annual Examination of this school took place on Thursday, the 20th inst. At 11 o'clock we found the School Room beautifully decorated for the occasion with mottoes, evergreens & c., and crowded to the door with spectators - among whom were many of our leading citizens, the Trustees, of the School, and the parents and friends of the pupils - all thus manifesting the deep interest they take in the progress of the School, and the hold it has taken on the community. And from that hour until 2 p.m., the interest in the various exercises never flagged. The children were subjected to a most searching examination in the various branches which formed the subjects of instruction during the past term; and the manner in which they stood this testing process was such as reflected the very highest credit upon their painstaking and highly-accomplished Teacher. Miss Ellis has had the charges of the School; for only six months, but during that short period she has fully established herself in the confidence and esteem of the whole community. The deportment of the children was truly admirable; the order they were questioned on the various branches of study was such as we have seldom seen equalled and never excelled. We were particularly delighted with the class in chemistry.

The Victoria Street School is now one of our established and most valued institutions in Harbor Grace. Although under Presbyterian direction and control, there is nothing narrow or sectarian in its management; and accordingly, its benefits are freely availed of by all denominations.

May it long continue to prosper and prove more and more a blessing in our midst!

Honour marks were awarded during the term for daily recitations and good conduct; and at the close of the examination, the following prizes were given by the Chairman, John Munn, Esq., to those of the pupils who had received the highest number of "marks" during the last term, viz: -

1st Class
Sophie SNOW
2nd Class
3rd Class
4th Class
5th Class
Lizzie LAMEY (equal)
6th Class
Katie ANDERSON (equal)
For greatest improvement in writing

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