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Conception Bay North - Harbour Grace

Victoria Street School

The Harbor Grace Standard and Conception Bay Advertiser, December 27, 1879
Judging from the large assemblage of spectators - the parents and friends of the pupils - the deep interest always manifested by the community in this highly efficient and popular institution has not in the least abated. At no former examination was the number of pupils in attendance so numerous and the interest evinced by the public more manifest.

Miss ELLIS, the present Teacher, is the fourth that has been installed since the establishment of the School about nine years ago; and judging from this, her first public exhibition of the condition of the School, we fully endorse the statement made at the close of the examination by one of the Directors - namely, that as a successful Teacher "she is second to none of her predecessors." We can only hope that in the interest of the School, Miss ELLIS may have the strength to resist all those influences from without to which her predecessors so weakly succumbed: and that Harbor Grace may, for many years to come, enjoy the benefit of her services.

The following will show the quarterly average of honor marks for the Deportment and Recitation: -


Clara HIPPISLEY,  196.5 - 1st prize
Lizzie KENNEDY,  196 - 2nd prize


Agnes SCULLY, 175 - 1st prize
Etta GREEN, 104 - 2nd prize


Maggie INNOT, 167 - 1st prize
Bell BADCOCK ,  132.5 - 2nd prize


Lily MUNN, 142 - 1st prize
Bertha MARTIN, 140.5 - 2nd prize.

The prize for improvement in Penmanship was awarded to Susie DAVIS. 

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