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KEY: bach = bachelor; spin = spinster; n/g = not given
Transcribed by Jill Marshall
Jan 4 1860 Carbonear Stephen COOMBES bach, Carbonear Elizabeth HISCOCK spin, Carbonear John Hiscock, Joseph Long, Annie Coombes  
Jan 25 1860 Carbonear William THOMS bach, Carbonear Joanna CLEARY spin, Carbonear George Allen, Naomi A. Nicholl  
Feb 15 1860 Carbonear Frances Joseph LANG bach, Carbonear Dianna YEUDEN (YOUDEN) spin, Carbonear Alfred Long, Cornelia Harvey, Annie Tuffin  
Oct 16 1860 Carbonear Alfred Philip HAM bach, Rio de Janeiro Lavinia Seager AYLES spin, Carbonear John Hayward, Mary Jane Rorke She may be a dau of Robert AYLES & Lavinia PACK
Dec 6 1860 Carbonear Jeremiah THOMS widower, Carbonear Charlotte LAING widow, Carbonear Richard Laing, Elizabeth Marks  
Dec 27 1860 Carbonear Richard COLE bach, Carbonear Mahalah PYE spin, Carbonear Elias Cole, Jane Pye  
Jan 1 1861 Carbonear Reuben WILLIAMS bach, Carbonear Maria Ann JAMES spin, Carbonear Charles James, Harriet Williams  
Jan 8 1861 Carbonear Richard DEAN widower, Carbonear Catherine CHIPMAN spin, Spaniards Bay John White, Fanny Dean  
Apr 20 1861 Carbonear Matthew CLARKE bach, Carbonear Margaret RITTY widow, Carbonear Thomas Roberts, Mary Ann Clarke  
May 27 1861 Carbonear James COLBOURNE bach, Carbonear Susannah STONE spin, Carbonear Charles Colbourne?, Mary Ann Bennett  
June 6 1861 Carbonear Benjamin PYE bach, Carbonear Mary Ann COLLINS spin, Carbonear John Little, Jane Pye  
Nov 7 1861 Carbonear Stephen HOMER bach, Freshwater Dorcas PENNY spin, Carbonear Samuel Ash, Tryphena Joyce  
Nov 21 1861 Carbonear John STANFORD bach, Carbonear Susanna BARRETT widow, Carbonear James Stanford, Mary A. Stone  
Nov 29 1861 Carbonear William MAHANEY bach, Carbonear Martha PENNEY spin, Carbonear James Day, Jane Mahaney Name alt is Mehaney. He is likely William Nicholas Mehaney b 1837 Carbonear, son of William Mehaney & Susannah Horwood.
Nov 16 1862 Carbonear Andrew LAING widower, Carbonear Sarah COLBORNE widow, Carbonear Thomas Colborne, Cela Ann Laing  
Dec 11 1862 Carbonear Charles NEWELL * bach, Freshwater Martha DAVIS spin, Freshwater Francis Davis, Mary Parsons *Newell and Noel are often alternates of same surname in this area
Dec 11 1862 Carbonear John KERNEW (CURNEW) bach, Carbonear Mary PENNY spin, Carbonear Ambrose Young, Susanna Penny  
Jan 1 1863 Carbonear Alexander DONNAM? n/g, late of Wigtownshire, Scotland now of Carbonear Jessie Susannah FORWARD spin, Carbonear E.A. Rorke, Susanna J. Forward  
Jan 11 1863 Carbonear Samuel Robert BALLAM bach, Carbonear Mary BURDEN spin, Carbonear Henry Roberts, Julia Burden  
June 7 1863 Carbonear William WHITE bach, Salmon Cove Mary Jane PEACH spin, Salmon Cove James Peach, Sophia White  
Nov 23 1863 Carbonear John LONG bach, Carbonear Elizabeth WHITE spin, Carbonear John Snooke, William Snooke  
Nov 26 1863 Carbonear Edward SWEETLAND bach, Bears Cove, Harbour Grace Mary Ann STONE spin, Carbonear Joseph Wells, Agnes Stone  
Dec 1 1863 Carbonear Samuel MILLS bach, Carbonear Jane MEHANEY* spin, Carbonear William Mehaney, Elizabeth Mills *likely the dau of Francis Mehaney & Mary Pye, b Feb 26 1847 Carb.
Dec 19 1863 Carbonear William WESTCOTT bach, Carbonear Mahala STONE spin, Carbonear James Colborne, Jane Stone  
Dec 26 1863 Carbonear George CHUBB bach, Carbonear Providence PERRY spin, Western Bay Thomas Chubb, Mary Ann Hamilton  
Dec 31 1863 Carbonear Moses EARLE bach, Carbonear Patience MARKS spin, Carbonear William Marks, Sophia Marks  
June 3 1864 Carbonear Henry TRICKETT bach, Spout Cove Theresa NOFTILL spin, Mullys Cove Joseph Kelloway, Julia Noftill Noftall and Noftle are alternates.
June 3 1864 Carbonear Stephen PENNY bach, Carbonear Sarah TAYLOR spin, Carbonear William Ash, Harriett A. Penny  
June 9 1864 Carbonear Duncan LAING bach, Carbonear Susannah WHITE spin, Carbonear Thomas Marks, Harriett White  
June 10 1864 Carbonear George PIKE bach, Freshwater Henrietta PARSONS spin, Freshwater John Clarke, Laura Jane Parsons  
June 12 1864 Carbonear Justinian DOWELL* bach, Bere Regis, Dorset, England Mary Ann KNOLTON (KNOWLTON) spin, Carbonear Henry Rogers, Gertrude Bennett *This couple moved to Moretons Harbour, Notre Dame Bay, and had at least 3 children baptized (1868, 1871, 1873): his occupation was schoolmaster; by 1891, he was a J.P.
Nov 29 1864 Carbonear John EVELY bach, Flat Rock Sarah MOORE spin, Freshwater Stephen Moore, Frances Jane Moore  
Dec 6 1864 Carbonear William WHITE bach, Carbonear Elenora MURPHY spin, Gubbetts? Cove Alfred White, Harriett White  
Dec 6 1864 Carbonear William MARKS bach, Carbonear Lavinia EARLE spin, Carbonear William Earle, Thomas Murray  
Dec 6 1864 Carbonear Hugh Robert PENNY bach, Carbonear Elizabeth MARKS spin, Carbonear Moses Earle, Cicily Sarah Oates  
Dec 24 1864 Carbonear Isaac WINSER (WINSOR) bach, Carbonear Agnes WIDGER spin, Carbonear Thomas Roberts, Ann Colborne  
Jan 6 1865 Carbonear James MORLEY bach, Carbonear Dorcas CLARKE spin, Carbonear Luke Clarke, Martha Clarke  
Jan 12 1865 Carbonear Thomas COLBORNE bach, Carbonear Gertrude BENNETT spin, Carbonear James Bennett, Stephen Bennett  
May 21 1865 Carbonear James Henry DANCEY bach, Harbour Grace Patience SNOW spin, Carbonear George Snow, Isaac Martin  
June 8 1865 Carbonear William LAING widower, Carbonear Mary STANLEY widow, Carbonear John Laing, Ann E. Clarke  
Nov 11 1865 Carbonear George William MOOTRIE bach, Poole, Dorset, England Emma Louisa STONE spin, Carbonear W.C. Hawker, Catherine Young  
Nov 27 1865 Carbonear John BENNETT bach, Belle Isle, Conception Bay Mary Jane KING spin, Carbonear George King, Catherine Squires  
Dec 23 1865 Carbonear William ASH bach, Carbonear Caroline Susanna EVANS spin, Carbonear Joshua Ash, Victoria Churchill  
Dec 31 1865 Carbonear David CHUBB widower, Carbonear Eliza FRAMPTON spin, Carbonear William Frampton, John Staines?  
Jan 12 1866 Carbonear Frederick MEHANEY* bach, Carbonear Ann COLBORNE spin, Carbonear William Swansborough, Catherine Young *May be the son of Francis Mehaney & Mary Pye (b 1838 Carb)
May 29 1866 Carbonear Stephen HOWELL bach, Carbonear Martha CLARKE spin, Carbonear Martin Clarke, Edward Lyte  
June 2 1866 Carbonear George CRANE bach, Harbour Grace Mary Ann ANDREWS spin, Mosquito Simion Wills, Mary Pynn  
June 9 1866 Carbonear David OATES widower, Carbonear Elizabeth MURRAY widow, Carbonear William Swansborough, Jane Stone  
June 12 1866 Carbonear Solomon TAYLOR widower, Carbonear Julia BURTON spin, Carbonear Samuel Bennett, Frederica Rowe  
Nov 25 1866 Carbonear George SNOOKE widower, Carbonear Leonora BIGGS spin, Carbonear John Long, Maria White  
Dec 13 1866 Carbonear William ROSSITTER bach, Carbonear Sarah PERCY spin, Western Bay Moses Fraize, Dorcas Rossitter Rossiter in modern spelling.
Dec 14 1860 Carbonear William MAHANEY* bach, Carbonear Emma SNOW spin, Carbonear George Snow, Julia Snow *son of Francis Mehaney & Mary Pye (b Sep 25 1840 Carb)
Dec 18 1866 Carbonear Alfred LONG bach, Carbonear Sarah NEAL spin, Carbonear John Long, Sarah Lyte  
Dec 20 1866 Carbonear John HERALD bach, Harbour Grace Sarah PILLEY* spin, Carbonear Frederick V Pelley, Maria Snelgrove *alternate of Pelley.
Dec 20 1866 Carbonear Joseph HOPKINS bach, Hearts Content Susanna WELLS spin, Harbour Grace James H. Moore, Frances Row(e)  
Dec 27 1866 Carbonear Henry ROWE bach, Carbonear Sarah HERALD spin, Carbonear John Lyte, Julia Herald  
Apr 11 1867 Carbonear George Henry BUSSEY bach, Port de Grave Cora Elizabeth CORBIN spin, Carbonear James Antle, Mary Ann Bussey NOTE: children born to George Hampton & Cora Elizabeth.
May 29 1867 Carbonear Moses GILLESPIE bach, Carbonear Elizabeth CLARKE spin, Carbonear Joseph Marshall, Caroline Burgess  
Nov 24 1867 Carbonear Joseph HEDGES bach, Carbonear Harriett Ann WHITE spin, Carbonear James Thomas, Ann Hedges  
Dec 7 1867 Carbonear Andrew COLBORNE bach, Carbonear Jane STONE spin, Carbonear James Colborne, Margaret Winser (Winsor)  
Dec 8 1867 Carbonear William Frederick EARLE bach, Carbonear Anna Maria FRENCH spin, Carbonear William Marks, Dorcas Earle  
Jan 2 1868 Carbonear John LYTE bach, Carbonear Elizabeth EFFORD spin, Port de Grave W.C. Hawker, Sarah Lyte  
Jan 19 1868 Carbonear William WATTS bach, Carbonear Elizabeth ROYAL* spin, Carbonear John Watts, Jane Saunders *likely alternate of RYALL
June 6 1868 Carbonear Moses PYE bach, Carbonear Mary Ann SUTTON spin, Carbonear William Snooke, Susan M. Young  
June 3 1869 Carbonear James BENNETT bach, Carbonear Sarah LYTE spin, Carbonear William H. Mundy, Mary Ann Bennett  
May 1 1869 Carbonear Henry ROGERS bach, Carbonear Elizabeth BENNETT spin, Carbonear James Bennett, Mary Ann Bennett  
June 14 1869 Carbonear John Arshell WESTCOTT bach, Carbonear Mary Ann BENNETT spin, Carbonear Samuel Westcott, Catherine Tyre  
Nov 21 1869 Carbonear Archibald Frederick LAING bach, Carbonear Sarah Jane BUTT spin, Carbonear John Laing, Mary Ann Clarke  
Dec 4 1869 Carbonear Stephen EMBERLEY bach, Bay de Verde Deborah HODDER spin, Irelands Eye, Trinity Bay William Emberley, Henry Hiscock  
Dec 30 1869 Carbonear John COLE bach, Carbonear Julia Ann PENNY spin, Carbonear Elizabeth Pike, John Snooke  
Jan 3 1870 Carbonear William SNOOKE bach, Carbonear Jane HOWELL spin, Carbonear John Snooke, Eliza Sheppard  
Feb 16 1870 Carbonear Moses BROWN bach, Harbour Grace Julia TAYLOR spin, Carbonear Tobias Taylor, Rebecca Brown  
June 7 1870 Carbonear Elijah PYE bach, Carbonear Maria Ann CLARKE spin, Carbonear James Sutton, Elizabeth Clarke  
June 11 1870 Carbonear James SUTTON bach, Carbonear Eliza Sheppard spin, Spaniards Bay William C. Mundy, Jane Snooke  
June 13 1870 Carbonear Thomas HOWELL bach, Carbonear Lavinia GILLETT spin, Carbonear William Howell, Pamela Ann Howell  
Nov 24 1870 Carbonear Eli STANFORD bach, Carbonear Elizabeth ROSE spin, Western Bay Henry Wells, Agnes Stone  
Nov 27 1870 Carbonear Henry WELLS bach, Mosquito Agnes STONE spin, Carbonear Edward Sweetland, Mary Stanford  
Jan 22 1871 Carbonear William NEALE bach, Carbonear Emma BUTT spin, Carbonear Richard Andrews, Sarah Long  
Jan 29 1871 Carbonear Samuel POWER bach, Carbonear Eliza Ann WILLIAMS spin, Carbonear John Williams, Emma Power  
Jan 9 1871 Carbonear Palemon (?Philemon) CLARKE bach, Carbonear Rowena GILLESPIE spin, Carbonear Edward Chipman, Elizabeth Clarke  
Dec 12 1871 Carbonear William LONG widower, Carbonear Elizabeth ASH widow, Carbonear John Long, Sarah Jane Hunt  
Jan 1 1872 Carbonear Charles GEORGE bach, Hearts Content Mahala CLARKE spin, Carbonear William Butt, Catherine Tyre  
Jan 12 1872 Carbonear Francis LAING bach, Carbonear Cicily Sarah OATES spin, Carbonear Charles Oates, Jane Laing  
Feb 28 1872 Carbonear Richard TAYLOR bach, Carbonear Anna Maria MEHANEY spin, Carbonear Francis Mahaney, Mary Ann Long If aka Maria Ann, may be the dau of Francis Mehaney & Mary Pye.
May 27 1872 Carbonear James FLIGHT bach, Broad Cove CB Jane PAGE spin, Broad Cove CB John Murray, William Moore  
May 30 1872 Carbonear John GOULDEN bach, Freshwater Frances PENNY spin, Freshwater Joseph Penny, Eliza Penny  
June 1 1872 Carbonear Mark JAMES bach, Carbonear Melina TAYLOR spin, Carbonear Abel Taylor, Delphina A. Pike  
Dec 5 1872 Carbonear George Augustus GARLAND bach, St Johns Jane Maria MARKS spin, Carbonear Moses Earle, Patience Earle  
Dec 25 1872 Carbonear James THOMS bach, Carbonear Mary Ann ROSSITTER spin, Carbonear William Rossitter, Cicily Rossitter  
May 28 1873 Carbonear Charles SMALLBRIDGE bach, Carbonear Catharine MURRAY spin, Carbonear John Laing, Jane Butt  
Nov 22 1873 Carbonear Charles FRAMPTON bach, Carbonear Elizabeth NORTHCOTTE spin, Carbonear E.B. Chipman, Mary Mahaney  
Dec 3 1873 Carbonear Clement JANES bach, Carbonear Susanna POOR (POWER) spin, Carbonear David Poor (Power), Sarah Murray  
Dec 11 1873 Carbonear Joshua ANTLE bach, Carbonear Louisa FRAMPTON spin, Carbonear Elias Cole, Victoria Case  
Dec 21 1873 Carbonear George SNOW bach, Carbonear Jane THOMS spin, Carbonear James Thomas, Mary Ann Thomas  
May 30 1874 Carbonear Francis MEHANEY bach, Carbonear Eliza BURKE spin, Carbonear Albert Horwood, Susanna Mehaney Francis Mehaney was born 1851 Carbonear, and died 1920, buried Hillcrest Cemetery, Lunenberg NS; he was the son of Francis Mehaney & Mary Pye (per Amalie Tuffin/Bill Taylor).
Sep 21 1874 Carbonear George WELSH widower, Carbonear Jane BUTT widower, Western Bay John Day, Elizabeth Tucker  
Nov 1 1874 Carbonear Stephen BENNETT bach, Carbonear Hannah DOREY spin, Labrador John Long, Julia Bennett  
Dec 12 1874 Carbonear Thomas TRICKETT bach, Spout Cove Julia SNOW widow, Salmon Cove Eli Kelloway, Caroline Summers  
Dec 22 1874 Carbonear Jeremiah COLBORNE bach, Carbonear Sarah PYE spin, Carbonear Alfred Long, Maria Pye  
Jan 4 1875 Carbonear Mark PIKE bach, Carbonear Emily FORWARD spin, Carbonear Cephas Pike, Julia Bennett  
Mar 1 1875 Carbonear William Hayward TAYLOR bach, Carbonear Catherine TYER spin, Carbonear W.C. Hawker, Jane Ann Tyre He is believed to be the same William Hayward Taylor b Oct 18 1841 Carb, son of Joseph Taylor & widow Elizabeth Powell (poss nee Warren?).
June 1 1875 Carbonear Samuel WESTCOTT bach, Carbonear Louisa BISHOP spin, Carbonear Robert Pearce, Cyril Bishop  
June 10 1875 Carbonear John WATTS bach, Carbonear Naomi BURKE spin, Carbonear Henry Burke, Elizabeth Clarke  
June 12 1875 Carbonear Henry DEAN bach, Carbonear Sarah SQUIB spin, Carbonear Charles Dean, Emily Dean  
Oct 3 1875 Carbonear Israel TUCKER bach, Carbonear Alice JAMES spin, Carbonear Ambrose Tucker, John Long  
Dec 10 1875 Carbonear Cyril BISHOP bach, Carbonear Asineth (Asenath) HOWELL spin, Carbonear Samuel Westcott, Margaret Howell  
Dec 23 1875 Carbonear William GODDEN bach, Harbour Grace Emma FORWARD spin, Carbonear John Godden, Blanche Forward  
Dec 24 1875 Carbonear Charles OATES bach, Carbonear Jane LAING spin, Carbonear John Marks, Sarah Jane Butt  
Mar 2 1876 Carbonear Thomas MURRAY bach, Carbonear Lavinia PIDDLE (PEDDLE) spin, Mosquito John Murray, Fanny Marks  
June 14 1876 Carbonear John LAING bach, Carbonear Elizabeth CLARKE spin, Carbonear Andrew Laing, Jane Oates  
June 8 1876 Carbonear Cephas PIKE bach, Carbonear Jane Ann TYERS spin, Carbonear William Best, Laura Horwood  
July 6 1876 Carbonear George ABBOTT widower, Hr Grace Mary Jane SIMPSON widow, Hr Grace Tobias Webber, Ann E. Parsons  
Dec 12 1876 Carbonear George ANTLE bach, Carbonear Mary SLADE widow, Marshalls Folly Michael King, Julia Slade  
Jan 10 1877 Carbonear Nathaniel FORWARD bach, Carbonear Jane SAUNDERS spin, Carbonear George Crocker, Mark Forward  
Feb 23 1877 Carbonear George PARSONS bach, Carbonear Emma COLLINS spin, Carbonear Lionel Clarke, Patience Lambert  
Apr 10 1877 Carbonear Joseph THOMS bach, Carbonear Sarah ROSE spin, Western Bay Charles Oates, Caroline Marshall  
May 24 1877 Carbonear Edward Best CHIPMAN bach, Carbonear Elizabeth PIKE spin, Carbonear John McNeil, Mary Chipman  
June 3 1877 Carbonear James CLARKE bach, Carbonear Mary Ann PERRY spin, Carbonear Robert Clarke, Sarah Perry  
Aug 26 1877 Carbonear John TIZZARD bach, Brixham, Devon, England Ursula FORWARD spin, Carbonear E.B. Chipman, Janet Forward  
Nov 28 1877 Carbonear Charles CAKE bach, Carbonear Fanny JANEs spin, Carbonear Clement Janes, Paulina Bennett  
Dec 2 1877 Carbonear Charles SNOW bach, Carbonear Catherine MARSHALL spin, Carbonear George Snow, Jane Snow Catherine Marshall was b 1853 Chateau Bay, Labrador, of Joseph & Catherine Marshall of Carbonear: she resided 1921 at St Johns, widowed, with her half brother Samuel Clarke Marshall (son of Joseph Marshall & 2nd wife Louisa Clarke).
Dec 4 1877 Carbonear John TRICKETT widower, Spout Cove Mary KELLOWAY widow, Salmon Cove John Long, E.B. Chipman  
Dec 30 1877 Carbonear Mark FORWARD bach, Carbonear Mary Ann DAVIS spin, Carbonear John Forward, Jane Forward  
Mar 3 1878 Carbonear John MARKS bach, Carbonear Caroline MARSHALL spin, Carbonear Ambrose Marshall, Dorah King  
Apr 11 1878 Carbonear William Henry CHIPMAN bach, Carbonear Mary Ann WALSH spin, Harbour Grace Edmund Taylor, Mary Chipman  
May 25 1878 Carbonear David CLARKE bach, Carbonear Kezia COOMBES spin, Carbonear Alfred Butt, Catherine Clarke  
June 2 1878 Carbonear John HERALD widower, Carbonear Susan Maria YOUNG spin, Carbonear James Young, Laura Young  
June 2 1878 Carbonear Jonathan MARSHALL bach, Carbonear Leonora THOMAS/THOMES? spin, Carbonear George Marshall, Mary Jane Wedon?  
June 4 1878 Carbonear Samuel SLADE bach, Marshalls Folly Theresa TRICKETT spin, Spout Cove William Trickett, Julia Slade  
Dec 1 1878 Carbonear John MURRAY bach, Carbonear Patricia EARLE spin, Carbonear George Earle, Amelia Snook  
Dec 10 1878 Carbonear George FORWARD bach, Carbonear Mary MARKS spin, Carbonear John Marks, Sarah F.G. Donnan  
Dec 25 1878 Carbonear Ananias ANTLE bach, Carbonear Ann SLADE spin, Carbonear Silas Powell, Hannah Slade  
Jan 6 1880 Carbonear George ROSSITER bach, Carbonear Mary PENNY spin, Carbonear John Toms, Dorcas Bridle  
Apr 28 1880 Carbonear Samuel BUTT bach, Carbonear Isabella PYNN n/g, Carbonear James Pynn, Barbara Butt  
Apr 29 1880 Carbonear John PENNY bach, Western Bay Eliza KENNEL* spin, Western Bay John Ward, Diana Kennel *Kennel likely a variant of Kendall.
May 26 1880 Carbonear Andrew LAING bach, Carbonear Harriett CURL? spin, Carbonear James Brine, Victoria Lang  
Dec 9 1880 Carbonear Joshua PENNY bach, Flat Head Mary Grace COX spin, Flat Head Mark Parsons, George A. Moulton  
Jan 5 1881 Carbonear James ROSSITER bach, Carbonear Dorcas BRIDLE spin, Carbonear Augustus Bridle, Amelia Saunders  
May 10 1881 Carbonear Edward BUDDEN bach, Perrys Cove Diana FLIGHT spin, Broad Cove John Budden, Jane Parsons  
Nov 15 1881 Carbonear Joseph PRIDDLE bach, Carbonear Ann KNOWLTON spin, Carbonear Silas Widger, Paulina Bennett  
Nov 28 1881 Carbonear Charles SQUIBB bach, Carbonear Elizabeth SNOOK spin, Carbonear William Snook, Amelia Snook  
Nov 30 1881 Carbonear Ambrose TOMS bach, Carbonear Jane PRIDDLE spin, Carbonear John Thoms, Tryphena Marshall  
Dec 22 1881 Carbonear Edward MARSHALL bach, Carbonear Dora KING spin, Western Bay George Marshall, Julia Marshall Edward Marshall was likely b 1856 Spear Hr, Labrador; his father's name was illegible on the baptism record, but believed to be the son of Cleophas Marshall & Alice Priddle.
Dec 29 1881 Carbonear Levi HERALD bach, Carbonear Sarah Ann SOPER spin, Carbonear Silas Soper, Mary Ann Soper  
May 13 1882 Carbonear Henry FORWARD bach, Carbonear Elizabeth DEAN spin, Carbonear John Tizzard, Cicily Dean  
May 25 1882 Carbonear Marmaduke Forward bach, Carbonear Mary Elizabeth McBAY spin, Carbonear Ernest Forward, Phoebe McBay  
May 31 1882 Carbonear William BEST bach, Carbonear Harriett PIKE spin, Carbonear Stephen Pike, Laura Horwood  
June 10 1882* Carbonear Mark SIMMONDS bach, Harbour Grace Martha ALCOCK spin, Harbour Grace George A. Moulton, Catherine Moulton *this marriage is repeated at the end of the Marriage section of Volume 46.
Sep 26 1882 Carbonear Samuel BEST bach, Carbonear Mary A. BEST spin, Carbonear Richard Tuffin, Robert Duffy, Nicholas Powell* This marriage is entry is repeated; the 2nd version has the 3rd witness as given here.
Dec 8 1882 Carbonear William CLARKE bach, Carbonear Asineth (Asenath) SNOOK spin, Carbonear John Watts, Martha Watts  
Dec 26 1882 Carbonear Josiah SAUNDERS bach, Carbonear Jane CLARKE spin, Carbonear William H. Clarke, Mary Jane Crocker  
May 24 1883 Carbonear James FORWARD widower, Carbonear Mary Jane CROCKER spin, Carbonear M.J. Hawker, Louisa Winsor  
Aug 19 1883 Carbonear Samuel BENNETT bach, Carbonear Laura DAY spin, Carbonear James Bennett, Paulina Bennett  
Dec 1 1883 Carbonear John BABB bach, Carbonear Mary PIKE spin, Brigus John Tucker, William Babb  
Dec 26 1883 Carbonear William FRAMPTON bach, Victoria Village Providence DEAN spin, Victoria Village John Antle, Jane Chubb  
May 25 1884 Carbonear John Thomas SAUNDERS bach, Carbonear Sarah LAING spin, Carbonear Philip Saunders, Martha Crocker  
May 27 1884 Carbonear Christopher BOORNE bach, fish, Labrador Mary Ann CLARKE spin, Carbonear William Pike, Elizabeth Laing  
Aug 6 1884 Carbonear Manoah James HAWKER bach, Carbonear Louisa WINSOR spin, Carbonear William T. Guy, Bertha T. Peach  
Nov 21 1884 Carbonear Samuel CLARK bach, fish, Hearts Desire Anne WHITE spin, Victoria John Clark, Edith Clarke  
Dec 3 1884 Carbonear George Thomas YOUNG bach, fish, Carbonear Elizabeth DEAN spin, Flat Rock James Dean, Sarah Young  
Dec 6 1884 Carbonear John BUDDEN bach, fish, Salmon Cove Valley Sarah TRICKETT spin, Spout Cove Thomas Trickett, Elizabeth Trickett  
Apr 26 1885 Carbonear George CLARKE bach, fish, Carbonear Hannah Jane TAYLOR spin, Carbonear Josiah Saunders, Jane Saunders  
May 27 1885 Carbonear James SQUIBB bach, fish, Carbonear Susanna BRIDLE spin, Carbonear John Squibb, Lizzie Rowe  
Dec 19 1885 Carbonear John PYE bach, fish, Carbonear Flora REED spin, Carbonear James Sutton, Margaret Winsor  
Dec 21 1885 Carbonear William SQUIBB n/g, fish, Carbonear Elizabeth ROSE spin, Carbonear Reuben Squibb, Thomas Lawrence  
Feb 10 1886 Carbonear James CHUBB bach, fish, Carbonear Julia ASH spin, Carbonear Joshua Ash, Ann Ash  
June 17 1886 Carbonear Thomas ROSE widower, fish, Marshalls Folly Lucretia CLARK widow, Carbonear Martin Butt, George A. Moulton  
Dec 2 1886 Carbonear John Chs. SLADE bach, fish, Victoria Village Susanna SOMERS spin, Victoria Village Reuben Hiscock, Martha Clarke  
Dec 10 1886 Carbonear Alfred LOCKE bach, Carbonear Mary Louisa PEARCE spin, Carbonear James Pearce, Alice Pearce  
May 1 1887 Carbonear William BUDDEN bach, fish, Perrys Cove Elizabeth TRICKETT spin, Spout Cove Thomas Trickett, Rachel Swaine  
June 8 1887 Carbonear William BENNETT bach, fish, Carbonear Elizabeth SPURDLE spin, Harbour Grace George Neal, Louisa Parsons  
Oct 20 1887 Carbonear James ROSSITER widower, fish, Carbonear Caroline POWER spin, Carbonear Joseph Rossiter, Margaret Earle  
Nov 15 1887 Carbonear Alonzo PEARCY bach, Brigus Elizabeth LAING spin, Carbonear John Laing, Harriett Laing  
Dec 16 1887 Carbonear Micah HEDGE bach, Carbonear Emma Jane ASH spin, Carbonear Herbert T. Pike, Laura Bridle  
Dec 22 1887 Carbonear Ernest PIKE bach, Carbonear Mary TOMS spin, Carbonear Stephen Pike, Henry Toms  
Feb 5 1888 Carbonear Albert TRICKETT bach, Spout Cove Hannah BUDDEN spin, Perrys Cove Joseph Parsons, Ann Budden  
May 5 1888 Carbonear George NEAL bach, Carbonear Mary Jane HOWELL spin, Carbonear George S. Saunders, Martha Snooks  
May 15 1888 Carbonear Robert BROWN bach, Hr Grace Mary GORDON spin, Hr Grace James L. Gordon, Lizzie Gordon  
Aug 9 1888 Carbonear James CUNNINGHAM bach, Hearts Content Margaret Anna FOOTE spin, Carbonear Mabel Foote, John Foote  
Aug 18 1888 Carbonear Frederick R. FARNHAM n/g, Hearts Content Sarah E. SNOW n/g, Harbour Grace Ambrose Barrett, Jane Snow  
Nov 22 1888 Carbonear Robert CLARKE bach, Carbonear Margaret JANES spin, Carbonear Willis Howell, Sisley (Cicely) Pike  
Nov 29 1888 Carbonear James GARLAND bach, Carbonear Georgina EARLE spin, Carbonear Moses Earle, William Earle  
Jan 11 1889 Carbonear Nicholas MAHANEY bach, Carbonear Mary Ann SNOOK spin, Carbonear George Ernest Saunders, Elizabeth A. Clarke  
Jan 11 1889 Carbonear George Thomas YOUNG bach, Carbonear Margaret POWELL spin, Freshwater Silas Moors, Adeline Parsons  
Feb 1 1889 Carbonear George COLE bach, Carbonear Eliza WALSH spin, Carbonear George Crocker, Martha Cole  
Apr 4 1889 Carbonear Thomas TRICKETT bach, Spout Cove Rachel SWAINE spin, Perrys Cove Martin Trickett, Mary Jane Swaine  
Nov 15 1889 Carbonear Justinian Perchard SQUIBB bach, Carbonear Susanna PERCY spin, Greens Hr T? B. James Squibb, Jessie Squibb  
Nov 21 1889 Carbonear Joseph Trickett bach, Carbonear Olive UMBERSON spin, Harbour Grace Joseph Butt, Tobias Slade  
Nov 24 1889 Carbonear William B. WALTERs bach, Harbour Grace Marian TAYLOR spin, Mosquito Thomas Snow, Mary Walters Per Beryl Tindal, Marion was the dau of Augustus Taylor & Louisa Peddle.
Jan 11 1890 Carbonear Jesse ASH bach, Carbonear Janet ASH spin, Carbonear Philip Sanders, Mary Winsor  
Mar 26 1890 Carbonear Charles GARLAND bach, Carbonear Frances Maria THOMS spin, Carbonear John C. Thoms, Eliza Legge  
Apr 11 1890 Carbonear John MILLS bach, Carbonear Bennett PENNEY spin, Carbonear Catherine L. Penney, ''Ahorah?'' Penney  
Apr 18 1890 Carbonear William TUCKERSON bach, Norway Mary Jane PIKE spin, Carbonear W.C. Hawker, James MacPherson  
May 9 1890 Carbonear George CROCKER bach, Carbonear Mary Ann TOMS spin, Carbonear Joseph Thoms, Elizabeth Thoms  
Sep 11 1890 Carbonear Leander PIKE bach, Carbonear Elizabeth Ada MORTIMOR spin, Carbonear Walter Maddock, Clara Mortimor  
Dec 9 1890 Spout Cove Elijah TRICKETT bach, Spout Cove Emma KING spin, Perrys Cove Martin Trickett, Jessie Kelloway  
Feb 5 1891 Carbonear James BENNETT widower, blacksmith, Carb. Margaret Susannah MAHONEY spin, Carbonear Robert Taylor, Susanna Taylor  
Apr 2 1891 Carbonear George Edward PRIDDLE bach, fish, Carbonear Isabella HORWOOD spin, Carbonear Jacob Marshall, William Horwood  

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