Bay Roberts District


Transcribed by CAROL WALSH from original handwritten wills. 
While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors
Will of George Mercer
Bay Roberts December 28th 185?. 

I, the said George Mercer, do of my own will and pleasure will to the said Nathaniel Mercer, son of the said George Mercer all my whole entire property including a small sum of money to the amount of 8 and all other affects, land, fishing craft, stage and everything moveable and unmoveable belonging to me the said George Mercer of Bay Roberts, son of John Mercer of the same place, do of my own will and pleasure will the said Nathaniel Mercer, son of the said George all of the above mentioned articles and property to him and to no person else. Also, it is my will and pleasure that the said Patient Mercer, my wife and mother of the said Nathaniel Mercer must be supported and cherished in her infirmities by the said Nathaniel Mercer, her son, and the heir of my affects and property.

Witness Jonathan (his mark) Mercer Patrick (his mark) Delaney Mark Delaney.

I hereby certify that the Declaration of the Will of which the foregoing is a true and correct copy of George Mercer the Testator party testate was passed before myself on the twenty-eight day of December one thousand eight hundred and fifty three by the affidavit enclosed thereof of Mark Delaney the only subscribing witness thereto and the same is in due course hereby actually registered by me this day. Given under my hand this second day of January one thousand eight hundred and fifty- four A.D. 1854.

No. 3233      John Stark, Registrar

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