Bay Roberts District


Transcribed by CAROL WALSH from original handwritten document. 
While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors
Deed of Eli Mercer to William Whealen
Memorial of a Deed bearing date the sixth day of December one thousand eight hundred and fifty three whereby Eli Mercer of Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, Fisherman, for and in consideration of the sum of two pounds currency which is hand paid the receipt where of is acknowledged, did grant and to be assigned and set over unto William Whealen of Brigus, Newfoundland, Planter, “All that piece of land estimated and being at Beachy Cove in Bay Roberts and measuring on the East eighty-four (84) feet, on the South, twenty-eight (28) feet, on the West seventy-three (73) feet, and on the South forty-eight (48) feet to the same more or less according to the present erected marks or stakes bounded on the Eastly by Richard Bagg’s property; on the South by William Whealen’s property; on the West by Thomas Blackler’s property and on the South by the marsh? road or street”. To have and to hold unto the said William Whealen, his executors or administrators and assigns forever. Covenant good right to and for quiet possession. Eli Mercer (his mark) (Seal) Witnesses - John S. Martin.

I hereby certify that the executors of the Deed of which the foregoing is a memorial was acknowledged before me by Eli Mercer the grantor party the ??? on the Tenth day of December one thousand eight hundred and fifty-three and the same is in due course hereby actually registered by me this day. Given under my tenant?? This thirteenth day of December one thousand eight hundred and fifty-three A.D. 1853. No. 3227 John Stark, Registrar

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