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Abraham Martin died in August 1833. He was first married to a Catherine UNKNOWN who died in June 1823 and with whom he had seven children. Abraham then married Julia Stevenson in June 1827 when she was only 18 years of age. They had three children.

Uriah S. Martin, grandson of Abraham Martin, was a son of Samuel Waterman Martin, first child of Abraham Martin and Julia Stevenson. Samuel died at age 37 in Feb 1868 in Leading Tickles, Notre Dame Bay. Mary Ann Martin was nee Bray and was the widow of Uriah Martin, the third child of Abraham and Julia. Uriah died in Leading Tickles, August 1899.
Samuel Congdon was the widower husband of Rachel Rebecca Martin, the second child of Abraham and Julia. Rebecca died about 1875, presumably in Harbour Grace.

John D Martin was of absolutely no relation to this Martin family. John D was the son of Adam J Martin from Downpatrick, County Down, Ireland and Amelia Colton. Adam died in St. Johnís in November 1885 and his wife Amelia died in Heartís Content in January 1907. John David Martin was the manager of the Harbour Grace Boot and Shoe Factory. He was married to Amelia Churchill, daughter of Ezra Churchill and Sarah Ann Moulton. John D and his wife later moved to the USA.

John D was a brother to William Gill Trinear Martin who was married to Susie Munden Soper. The will for William GT Martin is John D was also in business at one stage with his brother Thomas McKenzie L Martin who handled business in Tilt Cove and was married to Alice Clara Cornick.

The will for Adam Martin can be found at

Petition Abraham Martin to Uriah Martin

In the Supreme Court

In re

Abraham Martin



Administration granted on the 11th

day of Novír , 1903 to

Uriah Martin


John H LeMessurier

Colin Campbell

Value of Estate $ 400.00

Vol 5 Folio 439



The petition of Uriah Martin of Leading Tickles, in the Electoral district of Notre Dame, Planter


(I) Abraham Martin, late of Harbour Grace, Planter, deceased, and grandfather of petitioner, died at Harbour Grace in the year 1833,
having previously made and executed his last Will and Testament probate of which was granted to Juliana Martin, the Executrix therein named, on the 10th of December A.D. 1833.

(2) The said Juliana Martin died in July 1893, Intestate.

(3) There are no children of the said Abraham Martin deceased living at the present time, the only next of kin of the said Abraham Martin deceased now living, are Samuel Condon of Harbor Grace, Mary Ann Martin now residing at Leading Tickles, and your petitioner.

(4 ) The said Juliana Martin during her lifetime did not fully administer the Estate and effects of the said Abraham Martin.

(5) Annexed hereto marked "A" is an inventory of the Estate and effects of the late Abraham Martin deceased, remaining unadministered.

(6) The value of the Estate and effects of the said Abraham Martin deceased remaining unadministered is of the probable  value of $400.00.

No Previous application for Letters of Administration cum testamento annexo de bonis non have been previously applied for.

Your Petitioner therefore prays that Letters of Administration cum testament annexo de bonis non of the Estate of the late Abraham Martin, deceased may be granted to him.

AND as in duty bound will ever pray.

St. Johnís, December A.D. 1902 Uriah Martin LS


St. Johnís

To Wit.


I, Uriah Martin, of Leading Tickles, but at present of St. Johnís, the petitioner named in the foregoing petition, make oath and say that the several matters and things therein contained and set forth are correct and true.

Sworn at St. Johnís)

This 11th day of        )                   Uriah Martin LS
December A.D. 1902 )
Before me                )
D. M Browning         )
clerk                       )

                                                                               "A" WJL

                                                                                        In the Supreme Court.

In the matter of the Will and Estate of Abraham Martin, late of Harbor Grace, Planter, deceased,


I, Samuel Condon, of Harbor Grace aforesaid, Shipwright, one of the next of kin of Abraham Martin, late of Harbor Grace, Planter,
deceased, do hereby freely and voluntarily consent to Letters of Administration cum testament annexo de bonis non of the Estate of
Abraham Martin, late of Harbor  Grace aforesaid, Planter, being granted to Uriah Martin, of Leading Tickles, in the Electoral District of
Twillingate, Trader.

Dated at Harbor Grace this day of January A.D. 1902


(the same having first                                                                Samuel Congdon LS
read over and explained).

                                              John D. Martin LS


St. Johnís

To Wit.


I, John D Martin, of Harbor Grace, Manufacturer, make oath and say that I was present and did see Samuel Condon, the person named in
the paper writing hereto annexed mark- ed "A", duly sign same, and that it was first read over and understood by the said
Samuel Condon.


Sworn at Harbor Grace
this 12th day of                                      John D. Martin LS

WJL   January A. D. 1902

                             Before me

                                                                W J Lynch LS
                                                                Commissioner S.C

                                                                     Estate of
                                                                 Abraham Martin 
                                                                late of Harbor Grace

                                                          Probate granted 10 Dec 1833
                                                                         Julia Martin

£ 250

                   Vol 2 Folio 120


You shall Swear that you believe this to be a true last Will and Testament of Abraham Martin late of Harbor Grace Planter and that you
saw the Testator subscribe to and acknowledge the same

               So help you God,

                                                                                    By the Court
                                                                                    Julianna Martin LS

You shall swear that you will pay all the Debts and Legacies of the Deceased, so far as the Goods shall extend and the Law shall bind you ; and that you will exhibit a true, full, and perfect Inventory of all and every the Goods, Rights and Credits of the Deceased, together with a just and true account, into the Registry of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland, when you shall be lawfully called thereto: And you shall further swear that the whole of the Goods, Rights, Chattels, Assets, Credits and Effects of the said Abraham Martin deceased, and of which he died possessed, do not, according to the best of your knowledge, judgement and belief, amount to the value of Two hundred and fifty pounds sterling.

                            So help you God.

                             Julianna Martin LS                    Sworn before me at Harbor Grace
                                                                            this 20th day of October 1833

                                                                            J Wm?? St. John? LS
                                                                             Clerk and Registrar
                                                                              Northern Circuit Court

This is the last will and testament of me Abraham Martin of  Harbour Grace in the Island  of Newfoundland Planter-

In the first place I give and  bequeath to my dearly beloved Wife  Julia Martin all my Household  Furniture and all other my moveable 
Property of every description whatever  to and for her own separate use  and disposal - I also give and bequeath  my Dwelling House and
the Dwelling  Houses in possession of Mr. John  Traverse together with all Out Houses buildings Lands and appur- tenances whatever
which I am  or may be possessed of at the  time of my death to my beloved  Wife Julia Martin except the  Land and Waterside Premises
opposite the House occupied by  John Traverse on the South side  of the Main Street of Harbor  Grace which I give and bequeath
to  to my son Absalom_ It is also  my Will and desire that all the  Houses and Lands in possession  of my said Wife Julia at the time  of her death under this my Will  shall revert to her my Children by her  male and female in equal  proportions. _ And lastly I do nominate
and appoint  my said Wife Julia Executrix  to this my last Will and  testament _ In witness whereof  I have hereunto set my hand
and Seal to this my last Will  and testament the Seventeeth  day of August One thousand eight  hundred and thirty three. _
Before executing this my

Signed Will I give and bequeath my  Watch to my son Absalom. _

                                                                         Abraham his X mark Martin

Signed Sealed published and
declared by the said Abraham
Martin as and for his last 
Will and testament in the 
presence of us who in his
presence and in the presence
of each other at his request
have subscribed our names
as Witnesses hereto. _

Alfred Mayne LS
John Trapnell LS

The deponent Alfred Mayne of Harbor Grace Barrister at Law maketh oath and saith that he this Deponent was present and actually saw
Abraham Martin put his mark to and seal and publish The written paper writing as and for his last Will And Testament on the day of the
date thereof At which time the said Abraham Martin was of sound mind and disposing memory and perfect understanding

Sworn at Harbor Grace
This 20th day of October                                            Alfred Mayne LS

1833 before
              J?? St. John?

Clerk and Registrar
Northern Circuit Court

I hereby certify in compliance with the provision of an Act of  Parliament 5 Geo: 4 ??? contained by the 10 Geo cap 17 contained
by the 2 and 3 Will 4 Cap 7 of that the execution of the within Will by the Testator was proved before me by the Oath of Alfred Mayne one of the ???ing witnesses on the Twenty eigth day of October one thousand eight hundred and thirty three; and that a true and correct Copy thereof has this day actually been registered by me in the Fourth Volume at pages 201 and 202 of the Registry of Deeds for the Northern District of the Island of Newfoundland

Given under my hand at the Registry of Deeds Office Harbor Grace this Twenty Ninth day of November One thousand eight hundred and thirty three

               John?? St. John?
               Registrar of Deeds Northern
             District Newfoundland

At the bottom of the page two items

Dated 17th Aug 1833                             No. 1035
The Will of Abraham                              Abraham Martin
Martin of Harbor                                   Will of
Grace Planter _                                    4 Vol: Pages 201-202
                                                          Harbor Grace 29th Nov 1833
                                                         John?? St. John


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