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Cupids - Will Fanny Dawe, 1852

Will of Fanny Dawe

The Will of Mrs. Fanny Daw of Cubits made this Fourteenth day of June one thousand eight hundred and fifty two. The Room altogether is equally to be divided between the three Brothers and the Dweling House is to be divided between John and Henry, the West end of the House to be for John and the East end for Henry. John and Henry are to help build a House for William as near as they can and are to help him as far as [lareth?] in their power, if not John and Henry are to pay William the sum of Three pounds each toward the building of an House. I further wish that if Heziah remains a widow and should want a home they are to provide for her and help her …and she is to make this House her home as long as she may require it. The Fathers Watch is for William, the bed bedstead and beding I now sleep on is for Henry, the Quilt to be taken off the bed bedstead and bedding up Stairs is for William. Whatever furniture is about the House is to be for the Daughters to be divided amongst themselves and by themselves after my decease. Dated at Cubits this 14th day of June 1852. Fanny her X mark Daw. Witness William Smith, Ann her X mark Daw, Cupids 14 Jun 1852. Execketers John his X mark Daw, Henry his X mark Daw.

I hereby Certify that the execution of the Will of which the foregoing is a true and correct Copy by Fanny Daw the Testator party thereto appears to have been proved on the Twelfth day of February one thousand eight hundred and fifty three before Charles Cozens a Commissioner of Affidavits by the Affidavit endorsers thereon of William Smith the only subscribing Witness thereto and the same is in due course hereby actually Registered by me this day. Given under my hand this Fourteenth day of February one thousand eight hundred and fifty three A.D. 1853.

John Stark, Registrar

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