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Newfoundland will books volume 7 pages 395 & 396 also pages 408 & 409 probate year 1904

Will of John Fletcher Apsey
The last will and codicil of John

Fletcher Apsey of Harbor Grace

Merchant (accountant page 408) deceased.

Harbor Grace 20th July 1904. I John Fletcher Apsey as hereby by this instrument make my last will and Testament writing with my own hand I revoke all other wills and or codicils that may have been made I bequeath to my wife Frederica Apsey all my furniture household effects & apparel as at my death with this exception my son John Fletcher Apsey to have my gold watch after paying my debts burial stone railing expenses out of the general realization of monies also my executors fees and legal expenses I wish my Life Insurance policies about twenty-five hundred dollars to be realized and invested for benefit wife she receiving the interest during her life after her death to be divided equally amongst my five children viz George Apsey. John Fletcher Apsey Arthur Willoby Apsey Margaret Stephen Rogers and Lenora Paterson. Whatever remains out of the general amount from banks and other deposits as above stated I desire four hundred dollars to be paid to the Methodist Church Harbor Grace (having given $100.00 lately makes the total intended). Also to each of my children as named before (5) a sum of five hundred dollars each whatever remaining to be invested in the savings Bank of Harbor Grace and the interest to be held in case of any contingencies of any kind such as sickness or disease to my wife to be for her benefit on her request after which divided equally amongst the five children made this the thirtieth day of July one thousand nine hundred and four. John F. Apsey.

Codicil on same date. I appoint my wife Frederica Apsey and James A. Clift my executress and executor.

John F. Apsey.

I certify the foregoing to be a correct copy of the will and codicil of John F. Apsey

D. M. Browning Registrar

(Listed in the margin next to this will the following)


Nov 24 1904

By the court

Probate granted

On the 24th day of

November AD 1904

to Frederica

Apsey, James

Augustus Clift



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