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Conception Bay North

Brigus - Will Of George Bartlett, 1853

Registry of Deeds
Confederation Bldg., St. John’s, NF
Northern District, Vol. 14, Pages 35

The Will of George Bartlett

The last Will and Testament of George Bartlett of Brigus Conception Bay in the Island of Newfoundland Planter made this Twenty first day of February in the year of our Lord on thousand eight hundred and fifty three. Firstly I give and bequeath to my Wife Olivia Bartlett my House and Lands wheresoever they may be and also my waterside premises (with the exception hereinafter named) Who for her own use and under her sole control as long as she shall live and at her decease to become the property of my Son William Bartlett. Secondly I give and bequeath to my Wife Olivia Bartlett my large Boat and all other Boats and Craft [say?] Nets Seines and every thing belonging to the Fishery. Thirdly I give and bequeath to my Wife Oliva Bartlett all my Household Furniture to be for her sole use as long as she lives and at her decease to be my Son William Bartletts. Fourthly I give and bequeath to my Daughter Mary sufficient ground on which to build a House with a Kitchen Garden attached to be given her in such situation as shall be chosen by my Executors. Fifthly In the event of my Son William Bartlett departing this life before my Wife Olivia Bartlett then the House and Lands with the waterside premises before named are to become hers absolutely. Sixthly Should my Wife Olivia Bartlett be in [necessitons?] circumstances and my Son William Bartlett not be able or not willing to make her comfortable that then with the consent of my Executors she be allowed to dispose of a part of said Lands and waterside premises say not more than one half in order to her maintenance. Lastly I hereby nominate and appoint Mr. John Bartlett and Mr. John Leamon to be my Executors to this my last Will and Testament and to dispose of my part of my effects to carry the foregoing into effect. The [erason?] “and” and interlineation “and Testament” made before signature.

George [his X mark] Bartlett {seal}

Signed Sealed and delivered on the day of the date before written in presence of us…

Abraham Bartlett
Moses Roberts

I hereby certify that the execution of the Will [illegible word] the foregoing is a true and correct Copy by George Bartlett the Testator appears [Wrare?] been proved on the Sixth day of June one thousand eight hundred and fifty three by the Affidavit endorsed thereon of Moses Roberts one of the [illegible word] Witnesses thereto sworn before Charles Dozens a Commissioner of Affidavits the same was deposited on my office on the Fourteenth day of June in this same year and is hereby in due course actually Registered by me this day. Given under my hand this Twenty First day of June one thousand eight hundred and fifty three A. D. 1853.

John [Stark?], Registrar

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