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Newfoundland will books volume 9 pages 181-183 probate year 1910

Will of George Moores


By the Grace of God. Amen I George Soper of Newfoundland living on the South Side of Carbonear, Newfoundland. This 4th day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and two. Declare this to be my last will and testament, and that I have good right, and full power to do with what I possess such as Lands, Dwelling houses, floating craft, and fishing utensils, being engaged in the fishery business all my life.

I give and devise to my oldest son Wm Henry, all my part of the floating craft, fishing traps, seines, and all the fishing gear, both here and on the Labrador, Cape Charles, together with the Labrador Room, and other buildings, connected with the firm here at Carbonear to him his heirs executors, and administrators their use and behoof forever,

My real personal property. I bequeath as follows, my dwelling house, and front cabbage garden, flower garden to the west, to my grand son George E Soper, who will come in possession of the same at the age of twenty one years, and to hold the same forever. Until that time, the said property to be held by Wm. Henry who is to receive all interest in the same until that time.

I give and devise to my oldest Daughter Sarah Ann the store, together with one fourth part of the Land, known as Wells place. I give and devise to my Daughter Aseneth the field opposite dwelling house, South of Railway track. I also give and bequeath, to my oldest son Wm Henry all the land north, and south of his own dwelling house including the land nearest the water, other then land already mentioned also stable and cabbage garden, and the potato garden, East of dwelling house, I do now nominate and appoint my oldest son Wm. Henry, to be the sole executor, of this my last will and testament, whereof I the testator have hereunto set my hand this fourth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and two. George Soper.

Signed, published, and declared, by the said George Soper, to be his last will and testament in the presence of us, wThis is the Last will and Testament of me George Moores of Northern Bay in the District of Bay de Verde made this 20th Day of June 1910 and by this I annul all other wills and Testament made by me. Being of sound mind and understanding but weak in body and failing in health I desire to set my house in order and dispose of my possessions in worldly goods in the following manner.

1st To my wife Ellen Moores I give and bequeath as her own of my personal property the sum of Five hundred dollars now in Bank Also as long as she is my widow and holds her present name the two meadows purchased by me from the Harris Estate on the "Bank" her young cow & calf one old sheep & Two lambs with the use of all the out houses for her cattle without any dispute or hindrance from any person or persons holding them with her The use of the organ the rocker connected with the best room suite the dining room and the spare bedroom with their furnishings for her use as long as she lives in the house and holds the title of widow George Moores. She is also to hold possession of the shop & goods until all the Bills of the business coming due are paid after which if there is any balance of goods or money left on hand my son James Moores and my wife Ellen Moores are to share and share alike between them. In addition to the above bequests to my wife Ellen she is to have the use of half the front cabbage garden and the potatoe ground enough to sow half barrel seed potatoes as long as she needs to use it.

To My daughter Beatrice now abroad if she should return or require to use it a room furnished in the house with a bed and bedding The organ is to be Beatrices after the decease of my wife Ellen or in case she should leave the house on Mary again Also to my daughter Beatrice as her own of my personal property I bequeath in money Four hundred dollars to be paid her by my executors as soon as convenient after my decease.

I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary Puddister as an heirloom one of the chairs of my best room suite and Three hundred dollars in money as soon as the affairs of my Estate are wound up To my four grand children Claton & Harold & Robert & Stavanna Puddister I bequeath the sum total of Seventy-five dollars to be placed on interest for them and to be equally divided among them with all it interest when they shall have each come to the full age of Twenty one years and if one or more die the survivors are to share & share alike of what it may amt. to.

To my only son James Moores his heirs or assigns I give and bequeath all my lands whatever or wheresoever situated that I hold and own in my own right likewise all my part of my fathers Estate when it is divided and settled between my brothers excepting the bequests herein contained to my wife and other children with my dwelling house & furniture out-houses Fishing property the Shooner Sea Belle and all her belongings cattle horse carriage sleigh & all my tools and implements for working them: with the proviso that my wife Ellen Moores is to retain the use of the shop if she need it to do a little business and James is not to do anything to hinder her in earning a living but to help her as far as possible and to make her as comfortable while she is living on the property as he would do for his own Mother failing to do this I give my wife Ellen permission to sell her bequests outside of the bare rooms in the dwelling house She is also to have the use of the horse carriage & sleigh when ever she needs them for her own use I also bequeath to my son James Moores of my personal property the sum of Four hundred dollars now invested in interest in the Lower Island Cove Methodist Church for him to withdraw it or leave it there on interest according as he desires to do with it

This is my last will and Testament and I do not alow any misconstruction or errors contained herein to alter the bequests or the spirit of this my will and I appoint Allan G. Hudson Executor to this my last will and Testament to act with my son James Moores. Signed x George Moores (LS) Signed in our presence who in his presence and in the presence of each other and at the same time subscribe our names as witnesses x George Jacobs x William Jacobs -

Certified correct,
D. M. Browning

(Listed in the margin next to this will the following)
Fifa Dec. 30/10 Emerson J Probate Dec. 30/10 granted to James Moores and Allan G Hudson Estate sworn at $4,965.00

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