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Newfoundland will books volume 7 pages 439 & 440 probate year 1905

Will of Henry B. Dawe
In re the Estate of

Henry B. Dawe deceased.

The last will and testament of Henry B. Dawe of Ships Cove, Port de Grave in the Island of Newfoundland Planter.

I Henry B. Dawe being of sound mind and memory do give and bequeath to my nephew John B. Dawe my land situated by upper part of the aforesaid John B. Dawe property known as cottage property to have and to hold without any interference from my heirs & assigns.

I hereby bequeath to my wife Mary Dawe and my daughter Ann Dawe the remaining part of property claimed possessed and owned by me including my house and all appertaining thereto to have and to hold for their support during the term of their natural life to be given to William Bartlett Dawe now living with me and his son (should he have any) after their (my wife and daughter Annís decease with proviso that the aforesaid William B Dawe do support and maintain my wife Mary Dawe and my daughter Ann Dawe but should he cease to provide for support and maintain my wife Mary Dawe and my daughter Ann Dawe during their natural life, they my wife and daughter shall give the aforesaid property to whom they choose for their support. Should aforesaid William B. Dawe support and maintain my aforesaid wife and daughter as long as they live and he William B. Dawe die bearing no son I do give and bequeath all the aforesaid property to my youngest Grandson Henry Andrews (son of Mary Andrews) should he die before arriving at the age of manhood aforesaid property is hereby bequeathed to my oldest grandson Robert H. Andrews oldest son of my daughter Mary Andrews, should Ann Dawe wife of William B Dawe survive or outlive her husband William B. Dawe, she shall be allowed to live and work upon aforesaid property as long as she remains unmarried but in no wise shall she bring any one to live upon or claim any part of the property, neither shall she when leaving take away anything that she did not bring or which now belongs to me.

I do hereby appoint my nephews William Dawe Lash and Samuel Dawe Lash to be my executors.

In witness whereof I Henry B. Dawe do now sign my hand this 12th day of March one thousand nine hundred and three

Henry B. Dawe.

Witness. R.H. Andrews William Dawe Samuel Dawe

I certify the foregoing to be a correct copy of the last will and testament of Henry B. Dawe deceased

D. M. Browning


(Listed in the margin next to this will the following)


Feb. 5, 1904(?)

Chief Justice

Probate granted

on the 14th day

of February

A.D. 1905 to

William Dawe

Samuel Dawe

Estate sworn

at $400.00

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