Transcribed by WAYNE PIKE
Contributed by C. HAYNES from microfilm reels at LDS Center
While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors

The Estate of Joseph George Gillam
Probate year 1831, from the LDS microfilm # 2056192
Re the estate of the late Mr. Joseph George Gillam a/c with James Hippisley Administrator

Febry 11, 1830: 14-9-6
This amount paid for the
funeral expenses of the
late Mr. J. G. Gillam

Feb. 11, 1830: 6-2-0
By amount of cash found in
Writing desk of J. G. Gillam

A--. 24: 39-15-10
This sum received from
Rt. Oke being the Nett? procurer?
for books, wearing apparel
etc, etc in the sale of effects
belonging to the late J. G. Gillam as
sold by public auction.

This sum received from
H. Wm. Danson as appeared
of his a/c was due by him to
the late Mr. J. G. Gillam

A--. 26: 133-18-2
1 set of exchange remitted
Mr. George Gillam of Bristol
(father of the late Mr. J. G. Gillam)
as drawn on Hugh Wm. Danson
Esqr of Bristol by Js Hippisley

This account sworn to by James
Hippisley at Harbour Grace this
third day of February one
thousand eight hundred and
thirty one before me.

John Stark
Clerk and Registrar
Northern Circuit Court

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