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From the LDS microfilm LDS microfilm # 2056588

Petition of Michael Dwyer & Francis Rumsey - Estate of Henry Thistle
To The Honorable Henry John Bonlton(?) Chief Justice and the Honorables the Assistant Judges Supreme Court of Newfoundland

The Petition of Michael Dwyer and Francis Rumsey of Mullys Cove North Shore Conception Bay

Humbly Sheweth

That Henry Thistle late of Mullys Cove aforesaid was lost in the schooner Joseph on a sealing voyage in April last past leaving no Father Mother or Sons him surviving but leaving Four Daughters viz Mary married to Michael Dwyer and Eliza married to Francis Rumsey your lordships Petitioners, also Diana married to George Pippy residing near the Roman Catholic Chapel at Saint John’s and Jane married to Francis King residing at Broad Cove north Shore of Conception Bay. That the said deceased Henry Thistle left a House and some landed property which requires the care(?) of Administration and Diana Pippy and her husband as well as Jane King and her husband having fully and firstly consented that Administration should be granted to your Petitioners. They most humbly and respectfully pray that Administration to the Estate of the Intestate may be committed to them.

And as is duty bound we’ll ever pray.

Michael Dwyer

Sworn at Harbor Grace

This 13th day of May Francis (his mark) Rumsey

AD 1837


John Stark


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