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The Estate of Michael Henesy
Probate year 1830
From the LDS microfilm # 2056192

This deponent James Walsh of Carbonear Fisherman one of the subscribing Witnesses to the within Will of Michael Hennesy maketh oath and saith that he the deponent was present, actually saw Michael Hennesy sign publish and declare the within paper writing to be his last will & testament on the day of the date thereof at which he the said Michael Hennesy was of sound mind and memory.

James Walsh

Sworn at Harbor Grace this 25th April 1829

John Stark

Clerk and Registrar

Northern Circuit Court

Supreme Court of Newfoundland

Harbor Grace

to wit:

We do swear that we believe Michael Henesy late of Carbonear Planter

deceased, died with a Will; and that we will well and truly Administer all and every the Goods of the said deceased, and pay his Debts so far as his Goods will extend; and that we will exhibit a true, full and perfect Inventory of the said Goods of the deceased , and render a true account of our Administration into the Registry of the said Court, within twelve months from the date hereof, or when we shall be thereunto lawfully required; and that the whole of the Goods, Rights, Chattels, Assets, Credits and Effects of the said deceased, which he died possessed of, within the jurisdiction of this Court, do not according to the best of our knowledge, judgment and belief, amount to the value of Four Hundred Pounds sterling.

James Walsh of Carbonear Planter

Michael Keefe (X, his mark) of Carbonear Fisherman

William Burke of Carbonear Planter

Sworn at Harbor Grace

the Twenty first day of

December in the Year of

our Lord One Thousand

Eight Hundred and twenty nine

John Stark

Clerk and Registrar

Northern Circuit Court

Probate granted 15th March 1830

Harbor Grace, 15th Feb’y 1830


Herewith I have the honor to transmit the Will of Michael Henesy with the usual Affidavits in order that Probate may be granted to the Executors. James Walsh cooper, Michael Keefe Fisherman and William Burke Planter all of Carbonear – this will has been proved in consequence of an order of the Honorable the Northern Circuit Court, made in the last term.

I have the honor to be


Your very Humble Servant

John Stark

Clerk and Registrat

Northern Circuit Court

James Blaikie Esq.

I hereby certify in compliance with the provisions of an Act of Parliament made in the Fifth year of the Reign of His Majesty King George the Fourth Chapter sixty seven continued by the 10 Sect : 4 Cap that the execution of the within will by Michael Henesy deceased was proved before me by the oath of James Walsh, a subscribing witness thereto, on the Twenty fifth day of April one Thousand eight hundred and twenty nine; and that in consequence of the united request of the Executor made to me on the Twenty first day of December one thousand eight hundred and twenty nine, a true correct and literal Copy of the said Will has this day actually been Registered by me in the second volume at pages two hundred and seventy five – seventy six – seventy seven and seventy eight of the Registry of Deeds for the Northern District of the Island of Newfoundland.

Given under my hand at the Registrar of Deeds Office Harbor Grace Newfoundland

this Thirtieth day of December in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty nine WLG

John Stark

Registrar of Deeds Northern

District Newfoundland

No. 349

Fee £1:15:0 Real Property valued at £400:0:0 by Executor


No. 349

Michael Henesy

of Carbonear

Will of

? Feb : Pages 275 – 276 – 277 – 278

Harbor Grace 30th Decem. 1829

John Stark, Registrar

Petition granted 15 March 1830

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