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Conception Bay North Region ~ Bay Roberts District
Bay Roberts - Will of William Mosdell (1911)
Note: In the will of William Mosdell there is mentioned in 6. Hereto annexed marked "B" is an Inventory..... There was no "B" included with this will.

This will was read, recorded and transcribed by LAURIE NEGRIN, July 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Will of William Mosdell of Bay Roberts, 1911
Registry of Deeds & Companies
Confederation Building, St. John's
Volume 6
Folio 361
In the Supreme Court
In re
William Mosdell late of Bay Roberts, fisherman deceased
Probate granted to Bethlehem Mercer >on the 7th day of February A.D. 1912 Value of Estate $ 500.00
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To the Honourable the Supreme Court or to one of the Honourable the Judges thereof. The Petition of Bethlehem Mercer, of Bay Roberts, Telegraph Operator.

HUMBLEY SHEWETH as follows:-

1. William Mosdell, late of Bay Roberts aforesaid, Fisher- man, died at that place on the 19th day of November, A.D., 1911.

2. The said deceased at the time of his death left him surviving his three sons, Jmaes and William Henry, now residing at Bay Roberts, and Noah now residing in British Columbia, >Canada.

3. Before his death the said deceased made and executed a last Will and Testament which is hereunto annexed marked "A", and in and by the said Will he appointed Your Petitioner and George Pepper, of Bay Roberts, School Teacher, executors thereof.

4. The said George Pepper has refused to act as executor of the said Will and has not performed any of the duties as executor nor intermeddled with the estate in any way.

5. The said deceased at the time of his death was possessed of property within the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court of the probable value of $500.00.

6. Hereto annexed marked "B" is an Inventory of the estate and effects of which the said deceased died possessed. The said Inventory is correct and true to the best of your Petitioner's knowledge, information and belief.

7. No Probate of any Will or Letters of administration of the estate and effects of the said deceased has been granted to or supplied for by any other person.
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Petitioner therefore prays that Letters of Probate of the estate and effects of said deceased may be granted to him. any Your Petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray.

Dated at St. John's this 19th day of December
A.D., 1911.
Solicitors for Petitioner.
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In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Amen.
I, William Mosdell, fisherman, of Bay Roberts Conception Bay, in the Island of Newfoundland declare this to be my last Will and Testament.

I give to my son Henry William Mosdell, the meadow at the back of his dwelling house, >the "back land" which I bought from Jno. Kearley, and one half of the "back cabbage" garden, by the cellar. I give to my son Noah Mosdell, one half of the back Cabbage garden by the cellar. The back meadow lying to the south of Middle Road, the back potato garden lying to the north of Middle Road, and one-half of the land I bought from Jno. Kearley, situated on the south side of Main Road, Bay Roberts.

I give to my son James Samuel Mosdell, the old cabbage garden, all that piece of land lying south of the back cabbage garden from the back of the cellar One-half fothe land which I bought from Jno. Kearley situated on the south side of Main Road, Bay Roberts, the eastern half for Noah and the western half for James Samuel and the meadow lying to the nort of the back cabbage garden The dwelling house I give to my two sons Noah and James Samuel the east part to Noah and the west to James Samuel The shop to Noah and James Samuel All the other out houses to my son James Samuel The cellar to James Samuel. The land I owned at Shearstown, I sold to my son
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son James Samuel Mosdell

The funeral benefits that I am to receive from Victoria Lodge, L.O.U., after my funeral expenses are paie, and a tombstone crested (?) loving memory the remainder to be equally divided between my three granddaughters, Susie Dawe Mosdell, May Mosdell, and Mary Belle Mosdell.
My bedroom stove to be given to (Aunt Mary Cave?)
My watch to Jack Dawe Mosdell
Looking glass, two picture (The King & Burning Mountain?) to William Stirling Mosdell
Round table to Henry William, cart to James
"Susies" be to be given to Wm Stirling with the bedstead and bedding
"Grandmothers" bed for Mary Belle Mosdell
Two Kitchen Chars and two room chairs for Hy William
Everthing not mentioned in this my last will & Testament I give to my son James Samuel Mosdell I have no money to leave it has all been divided among my children before my death
I heaeby appoint Mr Bethlehem Mercer and Mr. Geo Pepper executors of this my last Will and Testament Sined at Bay Roberts this ninth day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and nine.

William Mosdell (signed)
We hereby certify that we the undersigned saw William Mosdell sign his name to this document, his last Will and Testament the 9th day November 1909. John Mercer (signed) William James Mercer (signed)

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