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Conception Bay North Region ~ Harbour Grace District
Harbour Grace - Will of John Neil (1871)
This will was read, recorded and transcribed by SUE O'NEILL,2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

Will of John Neil
Registry of Deeds & Companies
Confederation Building, St. John's

I, John NEIL of Spaniardís Bay in the District of Hr. Grace do hereby make and ordain this my last Will and Testament.

The whole of my estate consisting of land, dwelling house, cut-houses, household and personal effects I give and bequeath to my wife Elizabeth NEIL. The said land is bounded on the south by the waters of the harbor, on the north by the main line of Road to Hr. Grace, on the East by Boadyís estate, and on the West by Humphrery NEILís estate.

After my death my wife the said Elizabeth NEIL may sell or dispose of any part on the whole of the said property for her support.

In witness Whereof I hereunto set my hand on this the 31st day of May in the year 1932.

X his mark

Jesse GOSSE (of B)

*Letter attached to will

To the Honourable the Supreme Court or to one of the Honourable Judges thereof.

The Petition of William NEIL of Spaniardís Bay, Farmer humbly sheweth: -

That John NEIL of Spaniardís Bay, died at Spaniardís Bay aforesaid, on or about the 20th day of January A.D. 1933 having made and executed as his last will and testament the paper writing hereto annexed marked ďAĒ which has been duly proven on the affidavit of Jesse GOSSE of Bart here to annexed marked ďBĒ

That in his said last will and Testament the said John NEIL deceased appointed no Executor.

That he left surviving him as his next of kin his widow Elizabeth NEIL (since deceased) and an adopted son Your Petitioner.

That at the time of his death the said John NEIL was possessed of property within the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court of the value of Four Hundred Dollars ($400.00). Hereto annexed marked ďCĒ is an inventory of the Estate of the said John NEIL, deceased, so far as Your Petitioner can ascertain.

That no Probate or Administration to the Estate of the said John NEIL, deceased has heretofore been applied for or granted.

Your Petitioner therefore prays that letters of Administration C.T.A. be granted to Nathaniel GOSSE of Spaniardís Bay or such other person as the Court shall appoint.

And as in Duty bound Your Petitioner will every Pray.

William NEIL

Dated at Spaniardís Bay this 24th day of May A.D. 1933

OATH OF ADMINISTRATOR With the Will Annexed.

In re John NEIL deceased
Administration granted to Nathaniel GOSSE on the 31st day of May 1933
Value of Estate $400.00
Sureties Josiah SHEPPARD and Isaac SHEPPARD.

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