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Newfoundland will books volume 5 pages 36-37 probate year 1886.

Will of Nathaniel Jillard

Last Will and Testament of
Nathaniel Jillard late of
Harbour Grace Merchant

This is the last will and testament of me Nathaniel Jillard of Harbour Grace (at present of St. John's) Merchant. I revoke all wills and testaments heretofore made by me. I devise and bequeath the whole of my estate real and personal of what nature and kind soever and wheresoever situate to my wife Samantha Jillard to have hold possess and enjoy the same for the term of her natural life. Upon the death of my said wife I desire that the whole of my said estate shall go to my brother John P Jillard for his sole and absolute use and benefit forever should he survive her but should my said brother die before my said wife then I desire that upon her death my said estate shall go to my next of kin and be distributed among them in the same manner as an intestate estate. The foregoing bequests and provisions are subject to this proviso or condition that as regards the share or interest which shall upon my death belong or be due or payable to me from or out of the partnership trade and business of the firm of Jillard Brothers my executors shall have power and they are hereby directed in the event of my said brother and surviving partner so requiring it for the purpose of continuing his business and in order not to injure the same to leave the said amount of share or interest as due or payable to me in the said business as a lone to my said brother for such time as he shall require the same for the purpose of sustaining his said business upon good and sufficient security to the satisfaction of my executors he paying interest upon said amount at the rate of four per cent per annum half yearly on the last days of June and December in every year. I appoint my said brother John P. Jillard William H. Thompson of Harbour Grace Chemist and Robert Munn Esquire of Harbour Grace Merchant Executors of this my last will and testament. Dated at St. John's this 17th day of July A.D. 1883 - Nathaniel Jillard -
Signed published and declared by the said Nathaniel Jillard as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us. - Thos. N. Molloy. J.S. Winter

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