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Harbour Grace Surrogate Court

Tuesday, December 10, 1822

Henry Sheppard, of Mint Cove


Jane Collins, of Mint Cove

Right of a fishing room in dispute

District of Conception Bay, Harbour Grace, to Wit:

Thomas Noseworthy and Jonathan Sheppard, both of Spaniardís Bay in the said district, appeared before me this day and maketh oath on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God that they were ordered by the late Charles Garland, Esquire, then Surrogate for the District of Conception Bay about twenty-four years ago for to arbitrate and settle upon a piece of ground about 25 yards from North to South, and sixty yards from the water side (as stated by the said Henry Sheppard) which was then in dispute between the late Timothy Collins & Henry Sheppard, both of the same place, and that according to the said orders, they had then settled between the said parties by striking a fair line and marking out the boundaries of the said place that the said parties were then satisfied. Given under my hand the 10th day of December, 1822.

(Signed) Oliver St. John, Justice of the Peace                       Thomas Noseworthy, by his mark
                                                                                         Jonathan Sheppard, by his mark


These are to certify that in faith of the said Affidavit that I do order and direct Robert Gosse & Michael Farrell of Spaniardís Bay, Constables, to put the said Henry Sheppard in the full possession of the said piece of land, as will be pointed out to them by the said arbitrators, and as also where Mr. John Currie had settled in the month of May last and that the said Jane Collins or her son George nor any other person shall disturb the said Henry Sheppard without first applying to the Surrogate Court.

Given under my hand and seal the 10th of December in Harbour Grace 1822.

(Signed) Oliver St. John, Surrogate (Seal)


Harbour Grace Surrogate Court

Jane Collins

by her attorney Richard Anderson

John Currie

by his attorney Mr. Broom

Action to recover £12.16.0 for trespassing on her premises situate in Mint Cove, Spaniardís Bay, on the 3rd May last. Writ issued the 28th ulto, returned this day.

John Currie, Defendant in the above cause, maketh oath and says that Michael Farrell of Spaniardís Bay is a material witness for him, the said Defendant, and for want of him the said Farrell, he cannot, with justice to himself the said Defendant, enter into the aforesaid election and that it is not to procrastinate the suit he prays further time, but solely the absence of the aforesaid Farrell.

Sworn before me this third day of March, 1823

(Signed) Oliver St. John, Justice of the Peace                               John Currie



[See also Jane Collins of Mint Cove vs. John Currie, March 1823]

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