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Carbonear - Land Transfer of Jonathan Taylor, 1833

The following information is a deed transferring property from JONATHAN TAYLOR to his nephew, GEORGE BEST, in Carbonear in 1833.
Ron Neuman
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Memorial of a Deed bearing date the Third day of May, one thousand eight hundred and thirty three, whereby Jonathan Taylor of Carbonear in the Island of Newfoundland, for and in consideration of the good will and affection which he has and bears towards his nephew, George Best, did give and grant for himself and his heirs whose names are thereunto annexed and hereinafter mentioned unto the said George Best -

"All and singular his right and title and then right and title to a plot of ground situated to the west of his Dwelling House measuring Thirty two feet East from the premises of Mary Taylor and Forty five feet north from the pathway leading from his Dwelling House to the said Mary Taylors, now held in possession by virtue of the said Jonathan Taylors Fathers will by his sister Ann Best, but at whose decease it devolves to him, the said Jonathan Taylor,

"To have and to hold the said premises to him, the said George Best and his heirs from thenceforth, excepting the said George Best should died without and issue, then in that case to devolve again to the said Jonathan Taylor and his heirs.

Which instrument under the hand and seal of the said "Jonathan Taylor Senr." and also of "Richard Taylor", "Jonathan Taylor Junr.", "George Taylor", "Mark Taylor", "Stephen Taylor", and "Abel Taylor" is witnessed by Samuel Rumson and Joseph Taylor.

I certify that the execution of the Instrument of which this page contains a Memorial was acknowledged before me by Jonathan Taylor Senior, party thereto, on the Twentieth day of May at eleven o'clock in the forenoon in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty three and the same is hereby actually registered by me this day.

Given under my hand at the Registrar of Deeds Office, Harbour Grace, this Eighteenth day of June, one thousand eight hundred and thirty three.

Signed by John Stark, Registrar

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