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Crocker's Cove - Memorial of Bargain and Sale, 1828



Memorial of an Indenture bearing date the Tenth day of June in the year One thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight (1828), whereby THOMAS BAKER of Harbor Grace in the Island of Newfoundland, shipwright, Executor to the Estate of the late MARTHA BUTT of Crocker's Cove, for and in consideration of the sum of twenty two pounds ten shillings cash dollars at five shillings each - thirty six pounds five shillings of which is paid at the sealing and delivery of the said Indenture, the receipt whereof is acknowledged the remaining sum of thirty six pounds five shillings to be paid on or before the thirty first day of December following, did bargain, sell, assign and make over unto FELIX McCARTHY of Crocker's Cove, Planter, all that part of a fishing room and plantation lying and being situate at Crocker's Cove aforesaid extending from north to south, two hundred and three yards from high water mark and forty two yards from east to west bounded on the east by premises in the occupancy of the late ROBERT PENNY (deceased), on the west by premises in the occupancy of ROBERT COOMBS, on the north by premises in the occupancy of CALAGHAN McCARTHY, and on the south by the sea. To have and to hold the said bargained premises unto the sale FELIX McCARTHY, his heirs and assigns forever.

The execution of the said Indenture under the hand and seal of THOMAS BAKER is witnessed by ROBERT PARSONS - JOS (transcriber's note: Joseph) SIMMS, JANE SIMMS - ROBERT PARSONS and MATTHEW STEVENSON, Notary Public.

I hereby certify that the execution of the Instrument of which this page contains a memorial was acknowledged before me by THOMAS BAKER, party thereto on the eleventh day of June at six minutes after eleven o'clock in the forenoon in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty eight (1828), and the same is hereby actually registered by me this day.

Given under my hand at the Registrar of Deeds Office, Harbor Grace, Newfoundland, this twenty sixth day of July in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty eight 1828.

Signed Wm. Stark, Registrar

Delivered to Felix McCarthy this 1st December, 1828 JS

Transcriber's Note: Punctuation has been added to aid in reading.

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