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Newfoundland will books volume 3 pages 346-347 probate year 1874)

Will of Thomas Healy


Black Head July 2, 1874. Last will and testament of Thomas Healy. In the name of God Amen. I Thomas Healy do will and bequeath to my son James all my rights and titles to 1st the premises occupied by Mr. Butt, this dwelling house, the large stage, the premises occupied by Mr. Rin also as long as Mr. Thomas Estram whishes to use the Liver House conjointly with James he can do so but in case he ceases to run it his share falls to James.

To my daughter Honorah the sum of £120. 0. 0 currency with the right and title to house room in this dwelling house for life; also right to build on any unoccupied part of my premises.

To my daughter Margaret the old Liver house and the flake attached to Thomas Estram.

To my daughter Mary the stage and flake to the west of Thomas Estram's premises but if left unoccupied by her James becomes owner after 12 months from above date.

To my grandson Thomas Estram Jr. the premises of the late Mrs. Healy situated on St. John's Road.

To my grandson James Estram the garden situated on Shortall's Road.

To my grandsons Henry and James conjointly the garden to the S.West of the house.

To William Estram the ground at the end of Thomas Estram's dwelling house.

Mr. Thomas Estram is to draw the interest of £255. 0. 0 currency for my son James till his death; after which the principal with its accruing interests to be equally divided between the effects of my daughters Margaret and Honorah.

Margaret Estram is to get £50 out of the Water Co.

My daughter Mrs. Cantwell to get £50. 0. 0 also from the Union Bank.

My son James is empowered to let, but to sell any property bequeathed to him.

Signed, Thomas his X mark Healy.

Witnesses, Edward McGarry, John Power. John Murphy X his mark.

Certified correct,
D. M. Browning

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