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Transcribed by Marilyn Pilkington.  While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.


THIS INDENTURE made this 31st day of December, One Thousand, Eight Hundred and Seventeen, between John Warford of Bears Cove in Harbour Grace, Planter, on the one part, and Alexander Campbell, Agent and representative of the house of William Danson of Harbour Grace, Merchant, on the other part. Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum Two Hundred and Thirty Pounds Sterling, currency of Great Britain in various forms and at different periods advanced by the said Alexander Campbell, the principal whereof the said John Warford doth hereby acknowledge and is therefore with perfectly content and satisfied [with] the merchandise sold, assigned, transferred, and set over, and by these presents do bargain, sell, assign, transfer and set over unto Alexander Campbell aforesaid, his heirs and assigns, all that certain Fishing Room and plantation situated in Bears Cove aforesaid having therein a Stage, a Dwelling House, and Flakes, bounded on the south by the sea, on the north by the woods, on the east by Jabez Warford, and on the west by Jordan Henderson, together with a fishing skiff and all gear, craft, as well as all appurtenances thereto belonging. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD unto the said William Danson or to Alexander Campbell, their heirs and assigns, the above bargained premises and every part and parcel thereof forever. He, the said John Warford, do declare that he has good right and title in and for himself to his possession of the above bargained premises in manner and form aforesaid and that he will for himself, his executors and assigns defend the said Alexander Campbell in the peaceable possession thereof against the lawful lot or hindrance of any person or persons whatsoever. And the said Alexander Campbell for William Danson doth hereby promise and bind himself that if the said John Wharford shall and will well and truly pay or cause to be paid on the last day of October, which shall be in the year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighteen the sum of Forty Pounds Sterling in Good Bills of Exchange, Fish or Oil, and the like sum of Forty pounds each and every year, as it shall come due on the same day of October, until the whole original debt of Two Hundred and Thirty Pounds is liquidated and finally discharged, there and in that case this Document shall be of no more effect than if it had never existed but it is agreed by the parties that if any defalcation should take place in the payment of either of the above sums or either of the above stated periods, it shall and may be lawful for the said Alexander Campbell on the part of William Danson, his heirs and assigns, to enter, occupy and possess the above bargained premises is as full and ample a manner as he, the said John Wharford, could or might occupy, possess, or enjoy the same.

Signed, sealed and delivered in Harbour Grace the day and date first written.


In the presence of                                               John Wharford

Richard Connell                                                  William Danson
Alfred Mayne                                                      Alexander Campbell



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