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Will of Whitman Smith Goodwin

In the Supreme Court

In re




Probate granted to Whitman LeRoy

Goodwin & Robert Warren Goodwin

on the 12th day of August

A.D. 1954

Value of Estate $61,457.45

Vol. 11 - Folio 505

? ? Winter J.

Aug. 11th, 1954



The Petition of Robert Warren Goodwin of

Harbour Grace in the District of Harbour

Grace in the Province of Newfoundland, In-

surance Agent, and Whitman LeRoy Goodwin

of the same place, Dentist,


  1. That your Petitioner`s father, Whitman Smith Goodwin, late of Harbour

Grace aforesaid, Dentist, deceased, died at that place on or about the 7th

day of March, 1954, first having made the paper writing thereto annexed and

marked ``A`` as and for his last Will and Testament.

  1. That under and by virtue of the said Last Will and Testament the said

deceased appointed your Petitioners as the Executors thereof.

  1. That the said deceased left him surviving his Wife, Elsie K. Goodwin and

as sole next of kin, two sons, namely, your Petitioners, and three daughters,

namely, Florence Munn of Toronto, Ontario, Dominion of Canada, Married Woman,

Annie Godden of Harbour Grace aforesaid, Married Woman and Janet Martin of

Harbour Grace aforesaid, Married Woman.

  1. That at the date of his death the said deceased left property within the

jurisdiction of your Honourable Court of the probable value of $61, 457.45

as appears more particularly from the inventory and valuation hereto annexed

and marked ``B``.

  1. That hereto annexed and marked ``A`` is the said paper writing made by the

said deceased as and for his Last Will and Testament.

  1. That hereto annexed and marked ``B`` is a correct and true inventory and

valuation of the Estate of the said deceased at the date of his death as far

as your Petitioner can ascertain at present.

  1. That no Letters of Probate to any Will nor Letter of Administration of

R.J.K. the Estate of the said deceased have been applied for by or granted to any


Your Petitioner’s therefore HUMBLY PRAY that your Honourable Court or

Your Lordship may be pleased to grant to them Letters of Probate of the

said Last Will and Testament of the said late Whitman Smith Goodwin,


And as in duty bound will ever pray etc……

       Dated the 23rd day of July, A.D., 1954.

           R W Goodwin LS

           W. L Goodwin LS


This is the paper writing marked “A” referred to in the foregoing Petition

dated the day of July, 1954.

THIS is the last Will and Testament of me Whitman Smith

Goodwin of Harbour Grace in the Island of Newfoundland


  1. I appoint my sons Robert Warren Goodwin and Whitman LeRoy

Goodwin executors and trustees of and under this my Will.

  1. I give and bequeath my dwelling house, known as “Braehead”,

at Harbour Grace, and the furniture and the household effects

of every description therein contained unto my said trustees

upon trust:

  1. To permit my wife Elsie K. Goodwin to have the

use thereof during her lifetime, she paying the

current outgoings for repairs, taxes and insurance

during her lifetime.

  1. To convey my said dwelling house, after the

death of my said wife, to my said son Robert

Warren Goodwin (for his own use and benefit)

forever and absolutely provided he shall survive

both me and my said wife. If the said Robert

Warren Goodwin shall not survive both me and

my said wife then I declare that the said dwelling

house shall fall into and form part of my

residuary estate.

(c) To divide the said furniture and household

effects of every description, after the death

of my said wife, equally between my three

daughters, viz: Florence Munn wife of Frederick

Munn of Toronto, Ontario, Annie Godden wife of

Arthur Godden of Harbour Grace aforesaid and

Janet Martin wife of Edwin Martin of Saint John’s,

in the Island aforesaid. If any one or more of

my said daughters should not survive both me and

my said wife, then the share of any such daughter shall

go to her children and the receipt of their father for

such share shall be a good and sufficient receipt therefor.

  1. I give and bequeath to my said son Whitman LeRoy Goodwin

absolutely (for his own use and benefit but upon the con-

dition hereinafter mentioned) all my interest in the furniture,

dental instruments and other contents of the Dental offices

used by him and me: also all my interest in all book-debts

due to me (and to him and me) for professional work: and also

all my interest in the joint bank account in the names of

my said son and myself.

The bequest contained in this clause of this my Will is

upon the condition that my said son shall pay and discharge

all debts payable by me (and his and my practice as dentists).

  1. I give and bequeath to each of my said three daughters

Florence Munn, Annie Godden and Janet Martin the sum of

one thousand dollars.

  1. All the rest residue and remainder of my lands, goods,

property, moneys, securities, chattels, estate and effects

of every description I give devise and bequeath to my said

wife absolutely and forever.

  1. I declare that where more than one bequest is given

to any person under this my Will, the same are intended

to be and shall be cumulative.

WITNESS my hand at Saint John’s aforesaid

this 15th day of November Anno Domini One thousand nine

hundred and fifty-one.


by the said testator as and

for his last Will and Testa-

ment in the presence of us

who at his request and in his

presence and in the presence

of each other (all present at W. S. Goodwin LS

the same time) have hereunto

subscribed our names as witness-


Edward C. Wood

St. John’s


Nov. 15th. 1951

Catherine Downs?

St. John’s,


Nov. 15th./51

Transcriber's Notes:

The will for Elsie Goodwin, wife of Whitman Goodwin

Elsie Goodwin died in Harbour Grace, 10 December 1958. Her obituary in The Daily News.

The Goodwins have filled a large place in the professional life of Canada. One of them, a Dr. W. L. Goodwin was Professor of Chemistry and Dean of Science in Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, and another, E. P. Goodwin is a prominent Civil Engineer. T. T. Goodwin, the well known Moncton lawyer, is a son of the late Amos Goodwin. Dr. Wilfred Goodwin of Botsford is a son of the late Albert Goodwin. Dr. Whitman Goodwin, a dentist of Harbor Grace, Newfoundland, is a son of the late Robert Goodwin and Dr. Wendell Goodwin, of Pugwash, N.S. is a son of the late Eben Goodwin. Fred S. Goodwin, who occupies the homestead at Shemogue, is a son of the late William Goodwin.   Goodwin Genealogy

GOODWIN, Whitman Smith-Dental Surgeon. Bom July 27th, 1868, at Baie Verte, New Brunswick, son of Robert and Lillian (Taylor) Goodwin. Educated at Baie Verte and Tidnish Public Schools, Philadelphia Dental College. Certificate of Practical Anatomy from Philadelphia School of Anatomy, 1897. Graduated Doctor of Dental Surgery, 1899. Post Graduate of Dr. Haskell's Dental College. Chicago, 1908. Post Graduate of Dr. Paden's School of Anaesthetics, Chicago, 1909. Practised for one year in Baie Verte, N.B.. Came to Newfoundland in 1900 and established practice at Harbor Grace. Married in 1902 to Elsie, daughter of late James and Annie Warren, of Harbor Grace. Children: Two sons and three daughters. Societies: I. O. F., Garretsonian, P.D.C., S.O.E., Masonic. Recreations: Fishing, Shooting, Gardening and motoring. Religion: United Church. Residence: "Braehead," Harvey St., Harbor Grace. Surgery, Victoria Street, Harbor Grace, Nfld. excerpt from Who's Who in and from Newfoundland and Labrador 1930 page 91

This personal note from the year 2004, from a grandson (my first cousin) of Dr. Whitman Smith Goodwin: Dr. Whit bought a train ticket to the end of the line (Carbonear) in 1900. Enroute he met several politicians and businessmen from St. John's (including Sir John Crosbie), who wanted him to go to St. John's. He wouldn't because his ticket was to Carbonear. He stayed there a very short time and moved to Harbour Grace the same year. At that time he was the only resident dentist in Newfoundland. He founded the Newfoundland Dental Association and the United Towns Utilities which was bought out by Nfld. Light and Power in the 1970's. Whitman LeRoy Goodwin, son of Whitman Smith Goodwin practised together with his father and as of 2004 this represents a continuous practice of dentistry by the Goodwin family in the Harbour Grace area for 104 years.

WS Goodwin married Elsie Katherine Warren 8 July 1902 in Harbour Grace. Elsie was born in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia 18 August 1877. Her father James had gone there to learn the carriage trade. James was married to Annie Alcock. Whitman and Elsie had five children.

Robert Warren Goodwin who married Myrtle Matilda Pike from Bristolís Hope.
Florence Alberta Margaret Goodwin who married Frederick Lamont Munn
Annie Frances Newman Goodwin who married Arthur Golder Godden
Elsie Janet Louise Goodwin who married Edwin Arthur Martin. Ed Martin was a son of Ron Martin and Gertrude Warren. Jen and Ed were second cousins.
Jenís grandfather James Warren, and Edís grandfather William Samuel Warren (married to Mary Jane Peddle) were brothers. Ed Martin was my uncle.
Whitman LeRoy Goodwin first married Edythe Patricia Fraser. After Edythe died, he married her sister, E G Alison Fraser. Both of these women were daughters of Donald Gordon Fraser and Mary Dawe of Bay Roberts.

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