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William F. Rowe
The Petition of William F. Rowe of Carbonear 

1. William E. Rowe, a son of petitioner has been detained in the Lunatic Asylum as a lunatic since 1905, and petitioner is informed by the Medical Superintendent of said asylum that there is no immediate prospect of the recovery of said William E. Rowe. 

2. The said William E. Rowe is thirty six years of age and is unmarried. 

3. The said William E. Rowe is possessed of property of the probable value of $1300.00, consisting of money deposited by him in the banks of Boston and Chelsea in the state of Massachusetts, USA and of interest which has accrued thereon. 

Petitioner therefore prays that he may be appointed guardian of the estate of said William E. Rowe. 

Dated at Carbonear this first day of December, 1911.
(Signed) William F. Rowe

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